Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Welcome to Malaysia!

La..La ..La...! Happily tapping toes...singing song... Why? why?
Finally we met up in Malaysia!! James, Welcome to Malaysia!!

Guess what? I never dream of my friend, James who is from a 'far far away' and come to Malaysia to pursuit his study. It's a surprise (thrilled), life is full of surprises! One of my buddy friend is leaving here, yet another buddy friend is coming here and step into my life.Let me tell you, get to know James is a blissfulness experience, he is a very kind, thoughtful, friendly and sweet friend, a person you should keep in your friend list. James is born in Mauritius and he is a Hong Kong native, hahaha..bit complicated???!! Yeah, i do have a few of friends who having a
complicated background yet with a simple life and good personality.

I met up James & Elaine (a sweet pretty girl) for dim sum, finally we manage to see each other after knowing each other for about 2 years in blog sphere. Amazing thing always happening! Elaine is a great & helpful person, she is helping James to settle down his stuff in uni and make him feel at home. I hardly to find a friend like her to assist a friend from A-Z and running around for a friend! Thanks girl! you are the best!

This is James!
Elaine & James
James & myself
Jo & Elaine


Elaine said...

Why are you thanking me?? I was helping James but I haven't helped you with anything yet!

Elaine said...

Oh yeah and it was a blast meeting you! Definitely plan on doing that again some time. Plus thanks for introducing us to that fantastic restaurant.

Jo said...

elaine,may b one day i might need ur help tho..hehee..
nobody know yeah.that's what a fren for to help each other if we could do it within our ability n not cross our limitation. ^_^
sure, we can go somewhere else next time :)