Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Silver surfer

I went to Cineleisure with Irene to catch Fantastic Four, i got the free ticket which courtesy from Benghan! Thanks alot, BH!!

Before that very charm loh, friend last minute FFK me, then asked around no one want to go with me, then i just talked about it to Irene loh, then invited her if she is free to come along. She was delighted and willing to tag along woh...hurray! at least i won't be alone loh.

Before the movie to be commenced, outside the cinema got some activities were going on hosted by FACES. The MC was so CUTE loh...ehehehehe...bit too dark for me to snap his photo tho...

Wow! I got VIP seat woh...top row comfy couple seat, wahlao! what a great honour man!! The movie was great! anyway, i didnt manage watch part 1, so part 2 to me just half hanging feeling, Irene ought to explain to me briefly the story line. hahaha..
I like the silver surfer, very macho, kinda touch oh...he willing to sacrifice himself to rescue others. Whole movie nothing to shout about, just purely lots of special effect loh. ^_^

Silver surfer, so Macho!
The Hero, Benghan who provided movie tix to me
The cute MC
Inside the cinema

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Johnny Ong said...

i got free tickets too, won 5 of them from a competition....but hav to collect it on my own....