Sunday, July 01, 2007

Princess Hour

YES!! It's princess's hour! just for Baby Jee!! :P
We've been talking about this gathering for months, finally we manage to meet up! thanks baby jee came all the way from Brunei / Sarawak (Thanks for her afford leh!)
It's a glorified meet up session together for a dinner and some chit chat.
She really can shop loh...Salute her!! can shop non-stop!! hahahaa.... beat me flat!! INDEED! She is very pretty girl yet a shopping queen too! ^_^ mind you, you must agree with me with that fact that she is gorgeous and pretty loh.... coz Mav said so ... :P
Lu Jee, Hope will see you again !! hugs!
3 of us @ 'fuin hei dei' cafe, Time Square
(L-R) Maverick, Lu Jee & Jo

this macho uncle is Jee's lovely papa, TQ uncle for the lovely dinner oh..

Mav wanna to show off his yummy food coz i was hungry still waiting for my food
Lu Jee was so 'focus' on his spaghetti, indulged herself oh...
This is the stewpiak black pepper udon with prawn which make me waited for 30 min!!
Pretty Jee & Funny Mav
Pretty Jee & Tired Jo
My drink, cucumber with peach, It's awesome!
Hey, Mav, don't look at me like this, dun kill me ok??
This is Jee's cute phone & her drink of the day
We dine in @ Food & Tea Cafe, Time Square
Cantonese seafood noodle, Mav enjoyed it very much!
Surprise surprise gift from Mav, special just for Lu Jee
Look, Lu Jee was so happy with her portrait
What allured her attention away?
Busy talking...listening
Princess's hour~shopping spree~
Which one better?

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