Monday, July 30, 2007

Blue Monday Morning!! >_<

Oh NO!!!
My car's wiper came off!!!!
Morning wanna go to work, got into the car, start my baby car.. It's a bloody raining day...turn on my wiper to wipe off the water on my wind shield. Suddenly, i heard "Park!!", then "Jik...".. I look at my screen, what's wrong??!! Oh My God! My left side wiper was came off!! The wiper stick scratched my wind screen!! WTF!?
Faster came out to check, *wet myself in the rain* faster picked up the wiper...
Don't really want to bother much, wanna continous my journey to work.
Really spoilt my mood in the morning!!
The rain was pouring down like cats and dogs while on the way to office. @#$@%^&^%&%!!!
Thanks god, my driving side which the right wiper still functioning, otherwise i doubt how i gonna to drive in heavy rain!!??
*sob sob* who can help me to fix it back ah??? HELP!!!!!

- __ - ''


Chyn^^ said...

Wat happen with ur wiper? better fast fast go to change it, later heavy rain again very cham de lo :P

jo said...

chyn, i've too many things need to sort it out, dun worry, wiper already solved. more serious one is come..
wish me good luck yeah!