Friday, July 06, 2007

Are you lesbian?

Lately got few people approached me and asked : "are you lesbian?"

I've received numerous email from ladies..some they are lesbian, some are normal girl who love man! I just no clue why am i attracting lesbian come along? GOSH! I don't know why people will think of and perceive that i might like girls as lesbian. HELLO! that's very personal preference!!
I do love hang out with girls but won't take them as my bf/gf as life partner tho. .. -___-

Herewith an email msg from a girl..

how bout u? u got bf? guess u r not les, right?

oh... i mean, i hope can hear more about u, which hopefully u wont tell me bout anything that's already in your profile... hahaha

in simple, would like to know something which are not in your profile.. haha
I will be delighted to make new friends, regardless boy or girl, straight, gay or lesbian.
But mind you, i am an ordinary girl who down to earth and do love MAN!! I am not LESBIAN!

p/s: yeah man, Mav i know you always like to tease me that i'm attracting to lesbian. pls stop it loh..otherwise i hardly to get a boyfriend loh... *evil grin*

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