Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paint some colour on your face

My company training department organized this grooming make up class for all of us.
The trainers are from Mary Kay. They briefly introduced their products to us. Checking on our skin condition and let's try out the product range.
Firstly, the trainer requested us to remove all our make up. hm..personally i bit reluctant to do so, because they don't provide individual make up kit (brushes, sponge, etc), we need to share among with others and public kit. As i know i have very delicate and sensitive skin, i don't fancy sharing public make up kit. I will easily get discomfort rashes on my skin later on.
We started off put some cleanser on our face, trainer showed us how to wash and massage our face. Then applied freshener and moisturizer.
They introduced their oil free liquid foundation with SPF 29++, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick and lip gloss. According to the trainer , their make up all under mineral range.
The make up class lasted about 2.5 hours. Everyone happily received some useful tips and information after the class.

the class setup...a form, a pencil, a hair clip,
a disposable facial cloth, a standing mirror, some cotton pads and a bowl of water

the guinea pig of the day.. =_=''

Showing you how to draw your eye brow

The trainers from Mary Kay & me

some skin care products

Busy body ... :p

the eye shadow

I won this little goodies, eye lotion

the liquid foundation, lipstick, lip gloss and perfume

now u get what i mean? sharing public brushes?? i am not so fancy into it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


My first time to attend Photokaki gathering at Kajang. Wow! such a big group of strangers.
I felt bit left out while everyone was busy talking about different topic and using their jargon.
My verdict on the satay : uncooked meat, taste so-so, nothing special to shout about.
However, i was very happy to meet up those BIG SHOT from the forum and make some new friends. Of coz, i got a free goodie from Tigadee. ^_^

*Photo credited to Photokaki forum*