Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pink ribbon

Meatball has tagged me to do this spread around the words of Pink ribbon which create awareness of breast cancer which kills one-tenth as many woman as heart disease, the #1 killer of women. Before October gonna to end, i gonna to do this post coz October is also internationally known as Breast Cancer Month.

The Pink Ribbon is the symbol of support for the many women who have been affected by breast cancer globally. The Pink Ribbon is the official trademark of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
The aim of Pink Ribbon International is to create a supportive community worldwide and to inform patients, specialist, families and friends about Pink Ribbon and Breast Cancer.
How to participate and help others to raise the pink ribbon's fund?
You can look for those retail shops participate in Pink Ribbon Day by selling the Pink Ribbon merchandise , buying pink & making a donation.
The funds you raise through Pink Ribbon Day will enable The Cancer Council to:

* Fund breast cancer research.
* Help those affected by breast cancer right now, by offering support services to
help them and their family through their cancer diagnosis and treatment.
* Educate women to be 'breast aware'.

With your help, together we can change the lives of women affected by breast cancer.

Dear all, please kindly do breast elf examination on monthly basis. If you are menstruating, BSE should be performed between the 7th and 10th day after the start of your period.

Warning signs to look for during examination:-
  • Lump in the breast or armpit
  • Abnormal changes in shape or size of breast
  • Abnormal dimpling or puckering of the skin of the breast
  • Nipples become pulled in
  • Bleeding or unuusal discharge from the nipples

If you discover one of the above mentioned, kindly consult your doctor immediately.
Mind you, the breast cancer won't identify you are female or male, regardless your nationality, your race, your gender and your status. Nowadays, female and male to diagnose breast cancer chances are increasing.

Wish you all always stay in pink of health!

Tantalizing Clay pots sensation

Just done the clay ports sensation food tasting, munching the food around the table and busy snapping photos for collection. After satisfied my taste bud, the tongue start to do another task, criticizing and comments about the food. Muahahhaa...don't get me wrong, that's part of the purpose to do the tasting and for improvement. ^_^
My tummy is bloated!!

creamy pasta soup
fried rice
Szechuan vege steamed rice

shitake mushroom & broccoli with oyster sauce
Cream cheese chicken rice
seafood porridge
fish head curry
oxtail soup

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday shopping spree

Sunny sunday afternoon was sleeping at home, suddenly phone keep ringing non stop, oh yeah! i almost forgotten i've got an appointment with Irene to One Utama. She told me wanna catch a movie and shopping over there.Dragged myself up shower and get ready to fetch her. Reached the mall, spent times to hunt for a car parking lot, end up found one at the highest level. Rushed to the cinema, non of the movie is excite and fascinate me at all, we didn't catch a movie since we were late and had another dinner appointment at kl town later on.-_-''
I saw there was an event going on at the new wing, had a peep.... wow! World game master competition, noticed that besides guys, still found many girls participated in the game master competition too. Fu-yoh! Hard core gamers!
Oh yeah...while we did our window shopping, i spotted HOJ beautiful crystal bracelet was on sales! oh my god! i want it! stepped in tried a few, picked one simple design that i love it. Before we leave, i saw Island Shop was on sales too! I couldn't help myself not to buy! *beat my itchy hand* I bought 2 simple top with unbelievable price!! LOL! simply love 'em!

World game master competition
Do you see those pc there? pls help me to count how many pc?
My wrist is kinda small / skinny
*mind you that skeleton kind*,
have to remove one of the crystal out from the bracelet -_-''
My new crystal bracelet
Nice tops from Island Shop

Let's go party, babe!

Yayy! After stop clubbing for ages, Elaine manage to tickle my nerve go party with her!! Thanks babe!
We went to The Loft at Asian Heritage Road, that day another event was going on the Maison, i bet everyone knew it, Mix FM party!! We just stepped in there for while, dropped a hello greeting to Mikel over there! After that, we back to The Loft. Wow! We saw smoking hot sexy chic was dancing on the bar top who allured most of the attention! music plays on...body shaking...groove it...move it...dance...dance...
The place became chaotic after 12am, packed like 'sardin fish' in the can. We found a couple was pretty drunk on the dance floor, hugging each other, the lady was clinging on the boy and keep jumping..should i put as 'humping'? hahahaha... can't stop myself laughing at them.
It's was an absolutely FUN night gal outing! Sweat all out with non-stop dancing on the floor. ^_^

The bar next to The Loft
The Loft
Wow! dancer on bar top...:P
It's me!!
Ops..! she was so drunk!
Elaine & 'the boy'....sorry dude i can't recall your name :P

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Catch up with Irene

Irene with tomyam gong soup

Phat thai
water chestnut and jackfruit

The sunway pyramid new wing 's ceiling

my new pillows!

One fine sunny sunday, was hang out with Irene, a friend i know for over 5 years. We went to Sunway Pyramid for late lunch at Actually Thai which is delighted one. Simply love their tomyam soup!! Hot spicy & tasty!! After that we walked around in the mall with bloated stomach, wander till to the new wing. I kinda lost in the mall. Nothing much in the new wing yet, many shops still under renovation, the only completed that draw my attention is Jaya Jusco. I was so happy stepped in, end up out with 2 100% cotton pillows with quilt cover. hehehe!!
I brought the pillows into the cinema, we watched a hilarious movie, I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry which make me laugh my lung out! Thanks to Irene who sponsors me a free movie ticket. What a lovely catch up with her. ^-^

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Simply pleasure

A few days ago, one magazine sent 2 noobs pop in to do some review and photo shoot. I never hesitate to shoot a few for my own collection. Too bad i was in a hurry, didn't manage taste the food. But i bet the food gonna be tasteless , why? because the food only meant for display. LOL!
seafood capponata
pan fried herbs crusted cod fish
tiramisu cake

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do you want this routine?

Everyday go to office to practice the same routine? Do you expecting some changes on your job of nature?
If you work in France, Wednesday all teachers will be having day off, the street will full of students and teachers wander around. Majority shops closed before 6pm.
In Mauritius, majority shops closed before 3pm. If you in Italian, you will have daily tea break time and napping break time.
If you are government officer in M'sia, most of the time you will have morning tea break , lunch break, afternoon tea break and prayer break time, just wondering balance of how many hours for work?
Perhaps we just stick on Doraemon's style? LOL!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Too good to say No?!

I love to scoop a spoonful of strawberry yoghurt while i become a potato coach at home. Simply indulgence!
Yoghurt is a healthy snack which is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk.
I manage to finish 1 tub of 500g yoghurt in 2 days time! hehehehe....


I've got tagged by Adnerd to do this meme since one month ago, now i just feel want to do it. *evil grin*

Here goes:

Instructions :
Remove the first Blog and add your own blog last!

1. Keeyit
2. Something is Happening
3. Magicland
4. Abnerd
5. Jochoo

Q1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Just done my secondary school, was cracking head to pick which college??

Q2. What were you doing 1 Year ago?
Eating, cooking, sleeping, working, entertaining

Q3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
Pringles, Wanwan rice cracker, Strawberry yoghurt, Chocolates, Apples

Q4. What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?
I only can remember the chorus part.

Q5. 5 things you would do if you are a Millionare?
Eating, shopping, traveling, partying and counting money! LOL

Q6. 5 Bad habits?
Procastination, noisy, moody, lazy, bitchy

Q7. 5 things you like to do?
Reading, eating, cooking, shopping, sleeping

Q8. 5 Favourite Toys?
Soft toys, laptop , camera, phone, car

Q9. 5 things you would never wear?
Belly ring, toe ring, condom, man's undies, ugly hideous outfit

Q10. 5 things you hate to do?
Do dishes (washing), entertaining dumb ass & rude people, collecting 'shit' (solve last minute unexpected event), patronizing lousy outlet & eating lousy food, attending any funeral.

Lastly, tagging others.

1. Meatball
2. 38 kia
3. Elaine
4. X
5. Jason Siah
6. Max
7. Gracie
8. Veorence

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Raya mood

These few days, very quiet in office. Everyone still in Raya mood i suppose.. ^_^
The road heading to work still kinda smooth, less traffic! YAYY! how i wish everyday the road is so clear and smooth!? hahahaha..
Kinda bored in office, procrastinating mode is on, lazy to push myself to do my reports.
I was busy munching Raya cookies in my office, my colleagues gave me 2 boxes of cookies. Delightful!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007