Sunday, December 31, 2006

BBQ @ New Year Eve!!

2006 comes to a near end, it was sucky for some of us and great for the rest, however let's start to welcome 2007 with new hope & attitude...

The 2006 year is almost gone but it has also made us strong. The path was long but we walked it with a song. There were fears and tears but we also had reasons for cheers.

Before 2006 comes to the end, bunch of us decided spent the quality time 'last moment' together for a BBQ gathering at Tony's place. A big thanz to him for 'sponsor' his place to our event.
The BBQ was absolutely fun!! Benghan, Andrew & Shaz gave a helping hand to light on the fire, as you know how tough is that to get fire on charcoal? Stacy & Jack gave a big hand to lay out all the food on the table. As for Tony & Jason were busy fried mee hoon in the kitchen for all of us. Tell you what, the mee hoon was awesome! :p Sammie & Sylvia were happily eating and chating together, Mikel came bit later to join us. We had cocktail sausage, chicken meat ball, mee hoon, teriyaki chicken, honey chicken fillet, soy sauce chicken wing, yoghurt spicy lamb shoulder, black pepper beef, rew wine beef, black pepper lamb shoulder, potato salad,lemon fish john dory and some yummy wantan snack & mango salad from chicken rice shop (courtesy from Jack). Something went wrong with the chicken wing, after we BBQ, the chicken wing looks so good, but taste like chewing gum, the meat texture totally out, we can't bite it! Lesson i've learned, never buy chicken wing from Giant, the chicken wing was not fresh, might grab the 'cock' meat instead of 'hen' meat. The meat was so tough like rubber! Thanks god that rest of the meat i bought from carefour. :p Bit sad that can't taste the chicken wing, what a waste!!? Sorry buddies, we should try it next time. :p
After BBQ session, some of them left to countdown at One Utama & Sg wang. Wish them happy jamming yeah! ^o^
Few of us clear up the place, rest at cozy living room, sipping our drinks, tried out korea's snack which brought by Sylvia, we countdown and greet each other, of coz had a great time chating together till next day 5 am.
Phew! Exhausted , tired...but its definately worth it... i was happy...happy... happy!! that everyone of them enjoy the moment together!!

Our yummy food!!
BBQ gonna be in action!!
Sylvia, me & Jason
My buddy in crime, Stacy & me! Tired look...
Cute & funny Korea's snack...finally i tried out the jelly bean
BBQ!!! sausage, fish fillet, meat ball!!
Cute cookies...
Jelly Bean frm Korea

A new Start
A new Chapter
A new Beginning

Forget the Bad
Cherish the Good

New day + New aim + New achievement + New determination + New dream + New idea + New thinking + New ambition + New Life = Success New Year 2007!

May the old 2006 year take with it your troubles & worries away and the new year 2007 udher in greater happiness prosperity success into your life!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2007!! May this year bring luck, health, happiness & wealth!

* Thanks Stacy for the lovely pic!!

Friday, December 29, 2006


Today we had State of Hotel Address by GM plus monthly TGIF for staff.
While i was sitting there almost doze off of listening to GM blablabla for company business performance review and some others presentation, bit boring. I even saw my FC fall asleep on his chair, hahahaha!
We all wish to hear something excited but very disappointed didn't annouce anything to thrill my mood!
Anyway, we just wanna GM cut short his presentation and speech, faster let dinner to be served. Crave for yummy food!! LOL :P
black pepper minute beef
roti jala
calamari...breaded squid
assam laksa..yummy!
Gratinated cauliflower

fish fillet with lemon butter sauce
Turkey ratatoille
Ginger bread man
bread butter pudding
xmas yule log cake
white xmas cake
mango pudding

Little Luxurious Goodies....~Pamper me~

Nice packaging from Bodyshop
Rose perfume, candles, shower gel & body lotion
Nice packaging frm Sk II
My SK II range, hope can make my skin feel good & even better
(replenish basic stock & add on a few new products into my daily skin care range)
Ella Bache sample (travel kit) Cleansing milk, toner, rose scrub & face mask
Courtesy from Constance
Paul & Joe primer foundation, still testing it out for better result on make up

2006 is going to end, let's welcoming new year 2007. A brand new page of my life...moving on..for a better version? i doubt it. Nevertheless, i still pamper myself with goodies. :P
These all nice goodies gonna 'accompany' me for 2007....

Greetings from UK!

Omg! omg!! another surprise greetings from my friend, Eugene all the way from UK.
Overwhelmed with all sweet greetings d....^o^ Thanks alot, my friend!!
It was a belated xmas card which i just received last night. :p

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Come and try Monin Syrup drinks! Slurp!~~

This afternoon one of the lovely supplier came to demostrate some cocktails & mocktails by using Monin syrup.

Monin is the largest and best-known producer of premium flavorings for beverage and culinary applications, now enjoyed in over 85 countries around the world. Founded in 1912 and still operated by the Monin family, the company offers a wide variety of flavors for on-premise operators

The Assistant Brand Manager, Ben showed us how to prepare classic cocktail & mocktail with monin syrup. He used to a bar tender, of coz we can see FOC performance at the bar.
We have tried Lady Love, High Society, Rose Tea Martini, Gold Tea Martini, Summer Senses & Southern Spices. Personally, i prefer high society with pinkish presentation, nice taste with a hint of peach taste with gin.

Lady Love
40ml Vodka
10ml Monin Lavender Syrup
10ml Monin Mojito Mint Syrup
Lemon Twist
Method: Shake

Rose Tea Martini

50ml Japanese sochu
15ml Monin Rose syrup
5ml Monin Watermelon Syrup
15ml English breakfast tea
Lemon rind
Method: Stir, served chill

Gold Tea Martini
40ml Japanese Sochu
15ml Monin green apple syrup
15ml English breakfast tea
Method: Stir, served chill

High Society
30ml Gin
10m Campari
15ml Monin Peach syrup
60ml Grapefruit juice
Method: Shake, served with ice cube together
Option: can top up with soda water

Summer Senses
10ml Monin coconut syrup
10ml Monin green banana syrup
70ml Pineapple juice
10ml fresh cream
Method: Shake, served with ice cube together
Remarks: taste like pina colada

Southern spices
1/2 stalk lemongrass, crushed
15ml Monin lychee syrup
5ml Monin passion fruit syrup
60ml Pineapple juice
1 slice lime wedge
Top up with ginger ale
Method: shake, served with star anise & cinnamon stick


I came across about PPP. Wondering what's that?
PPP is payperpost, you blog you get pay. That mean you earn $$ when u are blogging.
I discovered it thru TheAngel & Kimberlycun blog. Thus, i would like to check it out what's that all about and give a try. Interesting right?
Just sign up for free, need 48 hours to get approval (if not mistaken). You will get pay via Paypal.

What are you waiting for? Go ...go ...go...Never ever be late...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Greeting from HongKong!!

Oh My God!! I've got an envelope all the way from Hong Kong....Warmest greeting from Jae !! Aww... What a lovely one!! He such a sweet gem!! *hug hug*
I love the card so much, the teddy bear looks so cute!! Thanks Jae!! Your thought do count alot to me!! Small little gesture do count yeah...

Xmas tree again...@ Mid Valley

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ding! Ding! Ding!~~ My Xmas Celebration

ho..ho..ho...Jingle pau, jingle pau, jingle cha siew pau, lin yoong pau, tau sa pau..siew mai..loh mai kai..Hey! Merry Xmas!

I had a blissful christmas celebration with bunch of frenz together.
I went simple lunch with Maverick together, then heading to KLCC with Tony to meet up Shaz, Jack, Mikel, Albert, Hou Wai, Damien , June & her friends for Xmas Eve's dinner. We had small gathering @ California Kitchen ,the dinner was lovely and met up some new friends. Big Thanks to Shaz "da big boss" to organize the lovely dinner and a xmas pressie for me. ^o^
After dinner we went to Starhill Gallery for 'people seeing' and camwhore session till 2am. I love the white xmas tree in Starhill and man made bubble snow. I was so thrilled to see it, happy like a kid to touch the bubble snow. :p
Just can't imagine whole bintang street looks like rubbish street with lots of trash around, OMG...noobs just scatter litter after 12am count down. So scary! Yuck!!
Before bid farewell, met up Scott & Penny for awhile. Voila! My Xmas eve celebration end up by 2am!
Woke up in the late afternoon, just remembered i got invited to Lynne's house for xmas day's lunch, wah! Feel so 'han fook' and happy, brought 1 pkt soya bean & fruit vinegar drink to her place. Had a short chat with her mum and get ready for lunch time. Look! What did Lynne has prepared? Seaweed prawn tempura, papaya snow fungus soup, braised duck (low nyap), curry chicken, minced meat wrapped with beancurd skin 'lo bak', fried mixed vegetables (pea shoot) & peach jelly. The lunch was delicious , i was filled with all yummy food and lying on sofa for 2 hours can't move my ass. LOL
Before i make a move, Lynne gave me a cute teddy bear as my xmas gift!! (pick from the xmas tree) wow! simply love it, so cute!! Gonna hang it inside my car. :)
Evening rushed to Irene's place pick her up, heading to KLCC for gal gathering. We met up Dana, such a long time didnt catch up, i guess 1 year plus didn't see Dana. She slim down lots till i hardly recognize her face, we did a small shopping @ Parkson coz i need to grab a pressie for my friend (gift exchange) as per promised. I spent about 20 min to pick a nice shirt paid by Parkson's voucher, great one! Of coz i never forget to reward myself on this special occasion, I bought SK II (replenish my stock), I just tried this product for past 3 mths, skin get improved lots and simply love it. Mind you, the product kinda pricey. The promoter was so kind, she gave me free goodies includes a face mask cost RM48 per pcs, refine treatment sample, repair c sample and 1 full size bottle clear lotion (toner). I also got RM110 cash voucher, thus i grabbed one primer from Paul & Joe which strongly recommented by Peggy. I was bit crazy shopaholic for last minute xmas shopping. Anyway, just for myself, coz i deserve a better treatment and worth it!! *tee-hee* ^o^

Merry Christmas to all!!
(L-R) Tony, me & Shaz
(L-R) June, Prema, Mikel, Jack, Me & Tony

Pressie from Shaz, Forever 21 key chain
Xmas tree with teddies @ Lynne's house
Flower deco @ Starhill
Tony bought this black teddy for Shaz, so cute!
Xmas trees @ Bintang walk
Table ctr piece little xmas tree @ JW marriott cafe
Tallest xmas tree @ KLCC
Beautiful ...colourful ceiling @ Starhill
Man made bubble snow @ Starhill entrance
White Xmas trees @ Starhill entrance
Xmas tree & piano on stage
Another white xmas tree
Xmas tree @ one of the shop in Starhill
Another xmas tree @ Starhill
Tall white xmas tree @ Starhill
Lovely yummy xmas lunch courtesy by Lynne

Cute little xmas teddy bear!!

I'm still waiting for 2 more belated xmas pressie to come along...u know who are the one owe me xmas pressie yeah...?? :P

Bite the neck gently, chew the breast softly, spread the legs slowly and suck the juice excitingly. That's the way you should eat your xmas Turkey!!
Muahahaha....don't be dirty minded okay?? LOL