Tuesday, June 24, 2008

wOot!??FREE coffee!!??

YES! i kid you NOT!
I found these 2 cans of coffee on my desk in my office 1 week ago, asked around who gave me FREE coffee? seems no one could answer me! ARGHhhhh...!!
By the way, I had the original nescafe 4 days ago...:ô)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Damn u! you robbed me!

I read the newspaper cover in the morning, knew that petrol gonna to hike up!
Then my colleague told me in the afternoon, petrol is going to hike in August! I just ignore him.
Before 5pm, my friend suddenly sent me a link told me :' hey! faster read it, it's breaking news!'
OMFG! The petrol price is hiking up with immediate effect up from RM1.92 to RM2.70 per ltr! You better kill me!
It sounds like the government is robbing all of us! Everything in the market price is increasing, after petrol crisis, following by food crisis! once the petrol is increasing, food, transportation and the rest all increasing to some ridiculous price! Everything is up , up , up ! but why salary is not up??!!
My another friend buzz me that faster go pump petrol , i just laugh my ass off!
I left office around 8pm to find myself been stucked in massive traffic jam, long crowd on highway! from 3 lanes end up totally not moving, thanks to our government's announcement and all the drivers caused the traffic jam. Everyone is rushing to petrol station and lining up in a long queue to fill up petrol before 12 midnight! Gosh! I just realized my baby car's petrol is running low, i've no choice to join the line to fill up my petrol.-_- I spent approximately 45 minutes to reach my turn to fill up my petrol, arghhh!!
Oh ya! I spent RM60 with old petrol price which can last me 12 days! oh my god! that's my last luxury thing i could enjoy about it! *mind you, i only drive to work and no where else for 12 days!*

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let's go to the zoo!!!

Let's go to the zoo, eat the kangaroo! nah..just kidding!
I still remember the last time i visited the zoo when i was 12 years old, such a long long time i didn't step in there. Yes, i make it for this time, i went to Singapore zoo. Wow! Amazing experience, clean environment, full of sunshine, many animals which i can't recall their name. The feeling just like back to school again! Excited!
Oh yeah! There even set up a little botanic garden, some plants, flora & fauna.
I want go to the zoo again! but please don't ask me when again?! ^o^

a gigantic tortoise
mini monkey , can't recall its' name
snake bitter gourd
unknown plant floating on water
big fat type of iguana
remind me of lion king, i can't remember what is this animal?? anyone can help?
the king of jungle
lazy snake

elephant ride

sang kancil??
napping time
see my big fat red sexy ass!
cute polar bear

white tigers

oink ! oink! wild boar

Friday, June 06, 2008

The things that matter

Most of us have reached defining points in our lives where we pause to question where we are heading?
Any number of things can lead to this - job frustrations, illness, financial woes or breaks in relationships, etc.
We reach crossroads and wonder which road to take. Some choose the hard way, a path less-travelled, with a determination to change their lives, while others prefer to return to what they know best - their life as it was, or their comfort zone, if you will.

FEAR is the number ONE factor that prevents people from achieving greatness. However, the reasons that most of these fears are not even real, they are purely mental obstacles - hallucinations we pick up as we journey through life. Having said that, on the other side of your fears is your best life. We should never run away from our fears but rather, we should run towards them.The Best amongst us always do. Behind every door of fear lies a precious gift.

You shall keep communicating, sharing, inspiring and helping people to be great.
You shall keep doing the best as enjoy it.
When you die, it does not matter if thousands of people show up at your funeral, but ultimately, you want to be remembered as an extraordinary person to your family, friends and lover. A person who lived, loved, failed, risked, doubted yourself greatly but had a great time and spent your life on a worthy cause. Of cause you also want to be remembered as the man who enjoyed the journey of his/her life and as someone who tried his/her best to live what he/she taught and to be of service to people.

What's important to you right now is to focus on the things you are doing the best.
You never know what life will hold. Life can change with a single phone call and that is the importance of living everyday to the fullest and being extraordinary today and giving your best to each work day, telling your family how important they are today and living with a great sense of passion and savouring every moment because you don't know what tomorrow will bring.

My birthday prizies

I shall be grateful that soak in blissful and love ... that my friends would never forget about me whenever they go and get me some little tokens on special occasion. Always warmth my heart..
My gratitudes to all my beloved friends who always love me for what i am, who i am...

The early bird! ~ Handmade lovely b'day card by Sarena
beautiful necklet from Sarena, all the way from Australia
Cash voucher from L'occitane, i bought a bottle of Immortal precious fluid

Pearl necklet from Mary & Lynne

Cute little b'day card from Emily
Guess what's that??
Aww...A cook book!! Thanks a bunch to Emily,
she spent her time in Borders hunt for photo stylist book for me. so sweet of her!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wee!~~ It's absolutely FREE!

YES! I watched Iron man without paying any single cent! hehehe... GSC sent me a movie voucher that i could redeem it in my birthday month for any movie i wanted to watch. Before the calendar comes to the end, i went to redeem the voucher and catched the movie alone.

Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.
Albeit he is a bit old (born in 1965) but he still manage to keep up his fit body and macho look. :p