Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Ideal Life VS Reality

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your Tee Has A Rabbit!

Oh YES! I LOVE this tee so much! spotted it in Padini Shop at Mid Valley, tried on it but i didn't buy because couldn't get my size,then i walked away and planned to get it from another branch. I kid you not, i went to 5 branches search for it high and low, all SOLD OUT! OMG!
Fortunately, my friend, Sylvia she saw it in Padani Shop, Cheras Selatan and she manage to buy it on my behalf. Yippy! Finally i got it! My gratitute to Sylvia!

Don't you think this tee is so CUTE?!!

I am a cute Bunny! Wabbit! Rabbit! hohoho!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Unboxing my Macbook White

I'm a windows user for the past 15 years,i've using it for a donkey's years and i always love windows!! Yes, you hear me?
Mind you,i've damaged 4 desktops and 2 laptops, yeah, i know i am a ROUGH user, but why those machinese are not TOUGH enough?!! *grin* Sorry dad, i know i spent your $$ on these gadgets. But the Toshiba laptop, i proudly purchased with my hard earned money!

My lovely Fujitsu C series last me for 6 years! I kid you not!

1 week ago, my Toshiba laptop crashed down and died on me. I was anxious and worried, what happen to it? It was not the first time the windows crashed down, this time seems can't solve the problem, after hundred times reboot and tried recovery, nothing was happening at all!

My sweet Toshiba satelite.
Time for me to consider to kiss goodbye to my Toshiba and to welcome a new toy? Perhaps i should consider to switch to Apple's product, Macbook. I've heard so many good comments on this machine, why not give a try? I hope the Toshiba still can be fixed, need to send for big service.

I'd like to present to you my newest toy, Macbook White!! Simply love it!





Bought this keyboard protector and a trackpad protector

Bought a bag too! thought of to get a sleeve type, but the storekeeper strongly recommended this with little handle.