Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rest in Peace

This morning received an unexpected news that my former beloved chef just passed away in Hong Kong! Oh my GOD! I just can't believe it...he is in his mid-40s, still young. He is a very passionate and friendly Italian Chef. I heard ex-colleague mentioned his caused of death is heart desease. aww... -_______- what a waste!!
Friend, please love those persons around you who love you as who you are,value and treasure them, spend some quality times with them.
Life moves on...I will pray for you, Chef Massimo!!
We gonna to miss you so much! Rest in Peace!
We all will miss you so much..
Chef Massimo, may you rest in peace!
You will always in our heart! *sob sob*


JerryLee said...

so sorry to hear that -.-
that is very sad to hear especially early in the morning. you'd definitely felt a cold wind blows by..

Jo said...

yea jerry, it was so tragic unexpected..coz i miss him so much, not seeing him for 3 yrs ago.
sigh..very sad oh..a great loss. >_< sob!