Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Spaghetti Sausage! Please give me a BREAK!

Don't you have common sense huh?
Don't you have 5 senses huh?

Why you still so dumb ass one huh?
100 times i told you i have no time for you, i am very busy and i don't want to see you at all!
Do you get what i mean or not?

I'm fucking sick of your sms and your call!!! You been non stop sms me for past 1 year, don't you get tired out of it which i don't even bother to reply you?!! You make me feel so irratating leh...very annoying...Do you hear me ah???

Ever since i met you once, i've totally TURN OFF!!
First of all, you screened me from head to toe, then asked me how i take care of my hand and my fingers? why my fingers so tiny and neat? HELL know ah? Go to ask my mummy & papa lar why 'produced' me with tiny fingers and cartoon voice? it's not my fault !!
Then asked me: do you know how to do house chores?
EXCUSE ME!!! of coz i know how to do house chores, i do that for myself every week. It's non of your concern leh!!
How to take care of my hand? don't you know in this world there's something called as HAND LOTION & HAND SCRUB?
Then keep asking me why not get a bf? hello?!! it's non of your business if i am not attach yet!
Following you mentioned to me that 2 yrs you have no gf, so nothing to do with me right?
Then told me you are ITCHY!! WTF???!! If you need 'service' please go for hooker extra service and you pay for it, if you dare just go for ONE NIGHT STAND loh! Otherwise you just EAT YOURSELF TONIGHT lah!! Phew! you really make me so sick!!
I won't give a DAMN to bother you go die or alive!

Please don't always send me the same phrase doh... "hi , how are you? where are you now? When you are free? come out, i buy you food and drink."
You won't get sien, i already SICK TO DEATH.
Hell!! I will throw you nunchucks and chase you away, i have no money to pay for my own food & drink huh? You want to pay for me then i need to come out huh?

I am wondering why you still not getting my msg clearly that i've told you off and don't ever want to see you leh!! SO DUMB!!
Don't force me go report police that you are harassing me loh!~~
粉腸 Spaghetti sausage, please F**K off okay? Please give me a break or just let me rest in peace!

p/s: MSN suggested me, why not tell you to bank-in 2k into my bank account as deposit and subject to my approval whether i want to meet you again or not. Then i will give MSN 1k for his great idea loh...hahahhahaa...

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