Monday, September 28, 2009

Can't get enough, yummy roti boy!

I love to munch this Mexican bun, simply delicious! especially freshly bake from oven, nice coffee aroma, soft creamy filling and crunchy surface bite.
I can take 2 buns at a time alone at home! can't get enough though, you will crave for more once you bite on it! no joke! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cuppa kopi

cuppa white coffee

white coffee 'gao', ice white coffee 'gao' & butter kaya toast
the wall portrait

When comes to 'yumcha', most of my friends will ended up at Old Town Kopitiam.
Why ? Why? Why?
Perhaps it has some unique selling points and the nice white coffee aroma allured and captured our heart.
I seldom dine in there for food, but without fail grab a cuppa of coffee there, simply love their white coffee in hot! Hazelnut white coffee is another good option as well.
As always, many people love to hang out there, for a cozy corner with free internet access and free electricity supply (don't remind me of the service charges :p )
The concept and decoration are simple, self-service order by tick on the order list on your table, pass on to the waitress/waiter to fire your food/drink order. Couple minutes later, your food / drinks will serve to your table.
The wall portrait and the old fashion coffee cup always remind me of lovely childhood while grandparents / parents brought me to kopitiam for breakfast / tea break time.
Lately, 1 of my friend, Sarena back from Perth, i can't wait to bring her to try out old town white coffee. Both of us had a glorious time there till midnight, what a lovely catch up !
Coffee, always a good company at anytime... for me.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Animo Jr. Smarty Monkey

Look at this Flipper! It's an anti bacterial toothbrush holder.
I got this from Jaya Jusco while i accompanied Anna for her shopping there.
There are plenty of Animo design of toothbrush holders, i chose the Animo Jr. Smarty Monkey design, it's simply cute!
It's very easy to use: (Open and Close with One-Touch)
  • Flip open body with index finger
  • Push your toothbrush head right into open body
  • Flipper will automatically snap shut
  • Hold toothbrush by its handle and pull out. Flipper will flip open
Flipper is a non-toxic, non-irritant and child safe, a better protection for toothbrush. Just mount to mirror or glass on the wall.
If it's dirty, just disassemble it into separate parts, soak and clean in soapy water at around 30 c.