Monday, August 25, 2008

i love sweets!!

Ramadhan is around the corner, I'm so lucky that manage to try out a few type of Arabian sweets.
Some brought all the way from Dubai, another box from one of the supplier!
oh my god! mind you, the sweets taste AWESOME~~~!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

You are my ANGEL!

2 days ago i lost my guardhouse entrance access card, i was panicking for whole morning searching around my car and my handbag, but i found nothing.
I put the card nicely inside a leather holder, i always place it inside my car after each use. That night i was talking on the phone with Anna, i left it on my lap while i parked my car, then i stepped out from my car, i didn't realize the card slipped out and fell outside. Till the next day upon exist the guardhouse, i totally couldn't find my card inside my car! Why i so clumsy and careless?
I decided next day go to replace it, gonna spend some money on it. what to do?
In the evening, i stopped by the guardhouse i told them i lost my card and i couldn't access, please open the bar for me. A nice gentleman opened for me and stopped me at the side, he went to his office and came back with a black little leather holder, asked me kindly check on it , is that belong to me? He mentioned a night before he was on overnight shift and he passed by the carpark found this holder near by where i parked my car, thus he kept it safely with him till someone report it.
He's such an angel!! I've got back my stuff without paying any penny, what a happy day!
In this cruel world, i still manage to find an angel! so sweet of him! Thank you

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Outing @ KLCC

2 weeks ago,after sent my baby car for service and car wash, decided went down to KL town for a walk. In fact wanna meet up one of my friend to PIKOM but i didn't make it. I took a train to KLCC, walking around for people watching. I went for ISETAN's pre-sales, I bought a beige jacket (love it! love it!), very nice design! can go for formal and casual (mix and match style), a pair of silver ear ring from Perlini's and a pair of Clark's shoe. Beige jacket with 20% discount,Perlini's ear ring with 10% discount and Clark's wedge with 30% discount, such a good deal?!
After all, i met up with Vera who is my ex-housemate, we had a great time together, enjoyed Gelato ice cream, YUMMY!
Vera at Gelato counter
slurpy ice cream, cream and cookies

KLCC ceiling
Issey Miyake perfume promotion

Gelato counter was chaotic
what's your flavour?

While waiting for my Perlini's ear ring to be packed up

KLCC ceiling
KLCC lift

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Foundation brush

I love the foundation brush so much! Gratitude to Peggy who introduced me this brush!! ^0^
It blends the cream foundation so well on my face, by using a brush to apply foundation is better than a sponge!! what a wonderful tool for make up!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

My lovely wedge

oh my god! oh my god!
finally my dream comes true...i wanted to buy a pair of Clarks shoe for so long!
i received Isetan newsletter 1 week ago that Clarks will be having sales up to 40% at Isetan KLCC! i went to Isetan, found the Clarks corner was chaotic, somehow i manage to pick one of the shoe that i like. After few minutes of pondering, i decided to buy this pair of leather wedge with 30% discount. Woot!? this is the last pair in stock! I've no choice to buy, otherwise the woman next to me gonna grab this pair. =_=''
This wedge is the most expensive pair i ever splurge on!! What a lovely wedge yet it's so comfy!!