Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mr & Ms Nice does existing?

Do you believe Mr & Ms Nice does existing? tell me about it

Integrity & Confidence:
Whats the problem!
Nice guys aren't sure about what they say (or should say). They worry too much about pleasing their date or love interest.What Girls Like: Like it or not, women like men to take control and lead them.
What You Should Do: Be positive about who you are. Feel comfortable about your strength and weaknesses! Should you be yourself? Depends on what the girl wants.
What You Shouldn't Do: Don't be TOO cocky (if there is such a thing). Also, this doesn't mean you can boss your date around. Integrity and confidence is not something you can learn from a book, its comes from within and experience. Whatever it is, don't reveal too much of your insecurities or weird habits. Make it about her, not you!

Girls like the chase just as much as we do!
Whats the problem! Nice guys are too easy! There's just no excitement in dating or meeting a guy who is just plain "nice".
What Girls Like: What Girls want a challenge.
What You Should Do: Flirt but don't show you are too interest, unless you know she wants you 2. Words like "I love you" or "I wanna be with you" should only be mentioned when you're sure its a home-run!
What You Shouldn't Do: Don't agree to everything she says, don't always make yourself available, especially when she doesn't have time for you. You need to make her believe that you have a life 2 (or are dating other people)

Friend Zone - don't waste your time
Whats the problem! Nice guys are great friends!! But girls will never see you as a love interest.
What Girls Like: Want a guy that makes their blood flow!
What You Should Do: If you want to make her your girl, you gotta show it to her. Yes "show" (not say).....its about body language, your eyes. Make it clear that you wanna be her man and not her yoga buddy!
What You Shouldn't Do: Don't be too aggressive or a jerk (although that works sometimes). Don't force yourself on her....sometimes its just not meant to be. Trust me, not all girls are going to fall for you. You lose some and you win some. And when you lose, don't hang around (unless you wanna be her friend). Who knows, in the future your luck with her may change!

Money Money Money
Whats the problem! I'm sorry but nice guys dress the part 2! Kedekut I tell you.
What Girls Like: They wanna be proud of you and a man that takes care of themselves so that they'll have faith that you can take care of them 2.
What You Should Do: Dress appropriately. Most nice guys dress like nerds! (I'm sorry)....buy decent cloth that FIT you! Keep your car, apartment presentable. Don't waste all that money on gadgets and lubrication hahahahah.....save it for the ladies.
What You Shouldn't Do: Don't be cheap but don't be poyo either! Spend wisely of important things. You don't need a designer wardrobe or fancy things. Shop smartly. Don't pretend you earn 10k a month....be yourself but present yourself properly la :)

Don't be too picky
Whats the problem?
Either nice guys seem to be stuck on this movie fairytale story or avoid dating a girl for the stupidest reasons. Movies are movies. Life is life. Get real. Yes, maybe you will be that lucky guy to get to date a model but most of us aren't. Its ok to dream and try...but keep it real!
What Girls Like: Simple guys.....What You Should Do: Expect people for their imperfections. You have them 2. Its all about compromise. Widen your dating spectrum and don't be too picky.
What You Shouldn't Do: Avoid dating or getting-to-know someone just because they walk funny or don't get your lame jokes. Give people a chance. Give relationships a chance. Life is about taking chances!