Friday, March 18, 2011

Let's go Pique-Nique

the man made beach
over look the water skii tower & made made lake
2 body guards!!
Spoil by choice of delicious food!

Anyone would like to do pique-nique?

Let's go pique-nique together gather!
But,where to go? need to pick a perfect destination for pique-nique and need to figure out what food to bring for this event.

Finally, we decided go Putrajaya Lakeside man made white sand beach for our pique-nique.
I decided to prepare apple cinnamon strudel and tuna mayonnaise strudel, let me show you how simple way to prepare these strudels.
chopped onion,japanese mayonnaise,tuna

mixed tuna on puff pastry dough
Fold it over, brush with egg wash

baked at 150c for 30 minutes

diced green apple cooked with brown sugar & cinnamon powder in slow fire till soft (caramelized)
apple cinnamon filling on puff pastry dough
fold over the puff pastry dough, brush with egg wash

baked in oven at 150c for 30 minute, voila! ready to serve.

We enjoy the sunshine, (skip the ant bite and spider 'molesting' moments), the yummilicious food and had a good laugh together! Enrico is a 'talented chef' who is well-known for his signature tiramisu and cheese cake! He presented us home made tiramisu which too beautiful to eat. His tiramisu fills with smooth cream cheese texture and rich coffee taste. Not to forget to mention, his home made lemonade always ask for more!
We all love beef bolognese pasta prepared by Shaz! i love the beef sliced bites and minced meat mixture in the bolognese sauce, awesome sauce!

*drooling* home made yummy tiramisu a la Enrico who is mastering in cake making
Beef Bolognese fusilli pasta a la Shaz, he's a good cook and always cook lip smacking pasta! you will ask for more! please place your order right now!
Look at this beautiful tiramisu! how to eat??
1 of the master chef of the day, his home made lemonade really quench your thirst!
1 mouthful of tiramisu cake, yum yum!
We had fun!
gulp! gulp.....gulp!...
the spokeman of lemonade that quench your thirst! hehe!~~