Wednesday, December 31, 2008

See you in 2009!

Time flies! 2008 is going to end very soon by 12am, we are going to mark a full stop for 'rat' year and welcome 2009 'ox' year!

Look back the 364 days in the past, many incredible things & unfortunate events happened in life as we went through the thick and thin throughout the year, we've learned become a better person, stronger and tougher. Never take failure as an excuse, we shall stay optimistic and positive, take the lesson as part of the process towards success!
Let's wrap up all the moments in 2008 as our memories (bad / good/ happy / sorrow) and start with a brand new hopes in year 2009!
A brand new year begins...
A new start, A new chapter, A new beginning, A new life, A new ME!
*as for me, i've a new job! :p*

shall we forget the BAD? Cherish the GOOD...
Wishing all of you have a joyous, merrier and happier 2009!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My new office

This is my new office @ new working place. After 2 days standing and walking around, finally got my computer set up ready to work. The place is full of dusk whereby is unhealthy for my sensitive skin, do i have a choice? No! I need to bear with it and deal with it, my skin starts to pop up little pimples and rashes around.
Not more than 3 weeks, my heel almost 'gone case'! why? let me tell you the reason behind the story, i need to walk 5 min to get my washroom, 5 min walk up to do photocopy, 5 min to get my water and take my meal. Oh yeah! i am getting 'free gym' everyday! hahaha...
My office keys! Thanks to Beverley for the lovely keychain
My new working station
My wallpaper
My brand new computer without any internet access, poor me!
New office full of 'junks' :p