Thursday, July 12, 2007

Die Hard 4.0

Everybody is talking about DIE HARD 4.0 is a kick-ass god-damn good show should NOT be missed out! Of coz i want to watch it before too late. I completely can't recall Die Hard 1,2 & 3, just remembered i watched before long time ago. =P
It's wednesday favourite movie day...If i want to watch any movie, normally i will pick Wednesday go for it, do you know why?coz it's the CHEAPEST ticket you can grab only on Wednesday!! only RM6 ^_^
I reserved the ticket few days in advance, after work tried my best to leave office early rushed there to collect my ticket 45 minutes before the movie show time.
The ticketing lady was funny, she gave me the best seat, last row from the screen, centre part the last seat facing the screen, she even smile at me and told me this is 18SG movie, children is not allowed. Hello??!! Am i looks like a teenage who is underage now? I don't right? I just sounds bit kiddo only.%#$^$%^$^%@@@
Before show time, i just walked around in the mall, hey man..spotted a soft toy in the shop,'s the last one available if i dun grab it , next time might sold out already, aiks...wasting money again..*beat my hand* never hesitate bought the toy, wanna bring it home. I brought it into cinema companied me watching the DH 4.0, least i've 'someone' with me tho...not that lonely..yeah, the cinema was full house.
I kudos Bruce Willis who starring John Mcclane, such as a BIG HERO!! Run so fast, dodging bullets, flied the helicopter, driving truck, car like mad dog, gun shoot.all stunning fast-paced, action-packed moves... OMG!! He just never died!! Oh yeah..Never forget the HOT PIPING gorgeous Maggie Q, so de kung-fu kick-ass with pretty face & nice hot body!! *anyone nose bleeding?* Can't imagine the computer hackers are so high-tech and smart-ass till that extend, excel everything and broke into classified security system nation wide. Scary oh!!

Die Hard 4.0 is a movie YOU MUST GO FOR IT!!

Lesson behind this story is .........Never simply press DELETE this button,whenever your computer system is hang, coz will BOMB yourself deadly... muahhahaa.. *just kidding*

Still remember these phrases from the movie?? =P

If it just a beginning...
when you are hurt & alone, dial 911 no one answering..
If the help is never come...

I snapped this poster outside the cinema

here u new toy, Stitch (don't u think it's so cute??)
who accompanied me to the cinema for Die Hard 4.0


38kia said...

huh? You actually brought Stitch to watch DieHard 4.0 -.-" pengsan..

Jo said...

yeah loh...i brought soft toy to time need to try bring pillow liao. :P