Sunday, July 01, 2007

Catch up!~~

Went to KFK Cafe once during my b'day celebration with gang, 2 weeks ago went there again with Abner. Ages never catch up with him already, he still that skinny but looks muscular after he practices rock climbing. He still that witty and funny and told me he finally got a lovely gf, congratulations! Thanks being there as my listener of the day let me rant it out and taught me some tips of photoshop. It was a good time to catch up with him again!
i love the ART on the wall there.....

this is Witty Abner

This chicky mug reminded me of cute Sylvia

Abner asked me: Jo, sometimes u will act like this oh??!
I know sometimes u will be sad, but try not to be sad over something is worthless.
i love this star shape light

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