Friday, July 06, 2007


What is O.N.S?
Let me tell you later yeah...

Lately i don't know who is the FUCKER abused my number and i received some weird stewpiak phone calls. It's aint funny at all, it's not prank as well.

2 days ago i was driving, phone rang... eh?! anonymous number..unknown number..
i just picked up..

J: Hello..

L: Hello, may i speak to Jessica?

J: Huh?

L: Are you Jessica & Samatha?

J: Who are you? (WTF?!You don't know u want look for Jessica & Samatha??)

L: Hi, I am Lee.

J: Okay..Do i know you?

L: Are you still studying or working? Are you Malaysian?

J: I'm working, Why?

L: Are you Indian?

J: I am Malaysian!!@$#@$#@

L: Do you do one night stand?

J: Huh? Wrong number!

L: Ops..I'm sorry

Dooo...dooo.... * I Hung UP* before i start my laser tongue, coz i need to concentrate on driving and rush down to town for my dinner appointment. Dude, u are bit lucky that i haven't open my mouth to #@$#@$#@$ you, otherwise You Will Be DEAD MEAT!
TMD! WTF?! He must be a desperado and freaking sick lo!! O.N.S??
I will ask you stand outside under the tree one night long lo...JERK!BASKET!!

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