Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Coffee tasting

Last week i had another coffee tasting, blind tasting oh..with my boss and GM.
This session was arranged by Sarika coffee, one of our approved vendor from central purchasing. The purpose of this coffee tasting is to change our coffee bean, my new GM doesn't like the current bean, he would like to change it.

I still prefer the previous coffee tasting session loh, got 8 to 10 type of beans to try out. This time only 3 types. -___- 1 light roasted (Jawa arabica), 1 medium roasted (Jawa, columbia & brazil)and 1 dark roasted bean (Brazil).
We started to try out the coffee from fresh brewed to espresso. End of the day my tongue almost can't sense much of coffee. hahahaa... but have to drink some plain water to rinse my mouth n keep on trying and give comments loh. I've to try the plain coffee, then try add sugar and sip another one with milk.

The coffee bean represented by code number 3084 , 3085 & 3086.
3084 is a light roasted coffee bean with darker oily look, high acidity and bitter taste.
3085 is a medium roasted coffee bean with light aroma and low acidity, very smooth easy to drink
3086 is heavy roasted coffee bean with strong aroma and taste, but after taste slightly sweet.

For your information, the coffee machine need calibration and service on monthly basis. Each cup of fresh brewed long black coffee consists of 10gm of coffee powder. The coffee bean packaging comes with 500gm bean which can produce 50 cups of coffee.
But i won't tell you how much a cup of coffee going to cost loh..??hahahhahaa

I still prefer blue mountain or hazelnut coffee bean, oh yeah, reminded me i still have one packet of organic coffee bean haven't try it out. hahahhaa...

Some sugar sachet & tea spoons

the comment sheet, we found it not really appropriate lo..
my 1st cup of coffee
my 2nd cup of coffee
random picture from the flower vase, some stones

My 3rd cup of coffee...


Jaeboy said...

nothing beats well brewed frappuccino. hey do you have a coffee machine at home?

Jo said...

m very poor leh...
where got coffee machine at home?
m waiting u to sponsor me leh..hahaaha