Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mirascreen - how to mirror iOS to TV

Introducing this mirascreen device to mirror your phone / iPad / laptop to your TV.
Bought this little device from Shopee , happily brought home tried to setup.
I was facing challenges to setup the connection to my tv as I discovered my tv doesn’t has the WiFi connection feature , I chat with the seller for the setup problem solving , however still doesn’t work !
I googled and viewed a few videos and guidelines how to setup iPhone iOS connection with this device link with my Panasonic TV.
I downloaded 3 apps to connect the mirror connection, only ApowerMirror app is working and I manage to connect all together after few hours and many attempts .
Firstly, insert the mirascrren device to TV hdmi port , the device comes with usb cable with dongle , connect the usb cable to tv USB port , turn on the device power , restart the tv, you will lead to a blue screen for mirascreen setup.
Go to iPhone setting , turn on Bluetooth and personal hotspot , connect to SSID username , look for mirascreen ID, key in the password , connect it to phone personal hotspot.
Then, go to ApowerMirror app, detect the connection.
Go to phone control centre - screen mirroring - mirascreen , click on it to connect . 
Voila ! You will see your phone screen mirroring to your TV !!
So happy that I manage to setup this Mirascreen with my phone , I will try to setup with my MacBook and iPad. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Brand new year, a new hair do

It was coincidence that I took a Grabcar, got to know this driver who is a hairdresser , he invited me to visit his mini saloon for a hair cut. 
I was hesitate , but after that I decided to give it a try since I need a hair cut badly and it is tedious & difficult to source a decent saloon and a good hair dresser who charge a reasonable and affordable price that match my budget. Hahaha
I’m grateful to know this gentleman who keep his promise and delivered a satisfied hair cut. He and his wife run this mini saloon inside a KK Mart, don’t judge the space and simple design of the mini saloon, he and his wife are friendly , polite and skilful. They have regular customers who revisit them for hair do.
I’m very delighted with my new hair do in this brand new year of 2018!
If you don’t mind to have a decent hair cut with reasonable price at a mini saloon , please feel free to contact them for appointment, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed for a simple decent hair cut with an affordable price. Try it out and you may know it well !!

Saturday, August 06, 2016

PojemonGo fever

Omfg! Finally pokemongo application is available in Malaysia now! 
Please do not hesitate to download from AppStore or Playstore.
It's fun to begin with and you will hook up and the hunting fever rave is on. I caught 3 at CIMB bank , 1 at home , 2 at Starbucks , 1 at car , 2 at mall, it is utterly fun and amazing games , totally addicted! Still need to explore the features and increase the pets' level.
Let's go hunt for Pokemon species !!! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We all need care & love

It was throwback event, many years ago, bunch of us went to visit orphanage home and old folk home at old klang road , to send them some food and goodies.

Colouring book

Gzb bought Faber Castell's 48 colour pencils but it stucked with him at his place, my Secret Garden's colouring book been sleeping at his place for 2 months.
Thanks god i bought another colouring book to continue my passion in colouring, colouring really take times to make it nicer, will get satisfaction and smile when i see the final result!!



this is my partially done colouring page.



Voila! finally get this page done in few days time!!

I forced Gzb to do colouring with me , this is partially done.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Face painting

Majority kids love face painting , let me make a little change . I did a hand painting. 
I showed the talent the character I would like her to draw on my hand .
It's a cartoon character , GGBond 猪猪侠 .
Too bad once I wash my hand with water it will goes off . I unable to keep it for over night to show "him". 

Don't you think it's too cute ?!!