Thursday, July 05, 2007

I want Transformer!!!!

Go! go for Transformer! Reminded me of my childhood, transformer this popular cartoon!
Been waiting this movie for long, heard most of friends said it's worth to go for it!! with lots of positive comments...
Thus, i went to catch this movie lar~ Whole cinema was fulled, crowded neh..Thanks god that i had made reservation, so simply easy peasy just went to counter collect my ticket.
lots of parents with children, teenages and adults loh... very chaotic ...
Before the show commence, i walked around in the mall.
Hm..i've spent so many hours in 2 bookshops in a day in 2 different malls, reading...flipping... doink! spent money again to purchase some books! I bit crazy over books! hahahaha...
Oh yeah, i saw there's a midnight show for DieHard 4.0, OMG ! OMG! i want it! Eh!?better don't go for it straight away, later my eye will get blind coz of movie marathon. Keep it for next round.
The movie is utterly AWESOME!! it's a good shit!
I love the autobots...Bubblebee so adorable neh... Optimus Prime so macho...oh yeah, love the aircraft too...Black eagle...F22..
TRANSFORMER is ROX!!!! I wish my baby car can be transformed lo~~ :P

I snapped this @ cineleisure, damansara

Optimus Prime!!
I duno who is this woh..sorry yeah..someone can tell me pls.. :P


Jaeboy said...

wait there must be something wrong. Why are GIRLS enjoying so much a BOYS movie?

btw i like those shots, look like a professional camera.

Jo said...

hey james, where got pro camera ah..
just tat my little canon ixus 70 leh..
what something went wrong?gal canot like boys' stuff?

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