Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A recent incident made me realise that at times, there is no such thing as loyalty where friendship is concerned.

After a long period of silence, i bumped into a close friend of mine, A. I was surprised when A suddenly confessed that has been 'poisoned' against me by someone 'trustworthy'.
I tried to imagine who would be capable of doing such a thing. You? me? he? she? they?
Honestly, i couldn't think of anybody. While i was affected by it, after a while i decided to move on - life is too short.

How easily we forget the basic foundation of friendship which, to me, is based on trust and respect. When we are friends with a person, we should respect one another without being judgemental. We should be truthful and honest enough to seek clarification about anything, especially when it threatens the friendship. There is no grudge against each other.

I have seen and heard of many fall-outs between friends. You'd see them hang out together and the next thing you know, you can't even mention the person's name to the other! so, before you pour your heart out and impose on the friend's time, forgetting where to draw the line sometimes, think again.

It is good to remember though that as you go through different phrases in a friendship, you will tend to get hurt, disappointed and most of all, feel betrayed.
Sometimes your closest friends end up hurting u more than your worst enemies ever could come close to......

I have met many wonderful people in mu life. Most of them have remained my acquaintances, some have become close friends but within a certain perimeter. Only time will tell whether the acquaintances will become true friends. Many i know have become cautious as they have been bitten and broken by bad friendships & experiences. I believe almost everyone has a story to tell on this matter.

Believe everyone do love meeting people, we should keep an open mind and not have pre-conceived ideas about a person before meeting and getting to know them. It's sinful to make any conclusion based on what you know on the surface about people. You must be able to look deeper, beyond the branded labels on them, the car they drive or the people they hang out with.
Don't judge a book by its cover.

In this society of ours, maintaining a friendship is tough as we are prone to malicious gossip, jealousy and envy. But then again, as you begin the journey towards a good friendship, isn't it better to be bitten once and learn from it than be ignorant?

I thank all of you who consider me as a friend as in the end, we know who our friends are....

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