Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tantalizing your taste bud

Do you love dessert?
I love eating and I have sweet tooth,!! Of coz i do love dessert too! ^_^
Come...come...some desserts for you to die for! Just LOVE 'em.....
We invited Chef Matthias came over to do a pastry training session, thus i've chance to snap some photo. *giggle* Yet i still can take a small bite of the desserts too, mind you, not all of them, just 2 pieces. :P

Caramel panna cotta with sweet mango
Chocolate mousse
mango cheese cake
chocolate cake

1 of the french pastry

bread stick
mini chocolate cake

strawberry chocolate cookies
strawberry tart
the Heroes behind the desserts
Let me present you YUMMILICIOUS french pastry
love to bit...


Veorence Jeannie said...

Early morning... make ppl hungry sia....

38kia said...

ughh.. so hungry now =.=

thanks for the long email, jo.
I feel better after reading it.

Thanks for the comfy :)

Jo said...

@ Veo dear, is good to seduce ur appetite..hahahaha

@ 38kia, hungry faster go grab some food to eat lah... u r most welcome lah..i hope the long mail didnt torture ur eye..hahaha