Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Training Day

Aiya...who put my name down for training again? it's my 4th time to attend this training. Since HQ said revamp the program, then everyone ought go thru this training again...sigh sigh..Whatever CARE program lah!! Because i was so lucky to be picked go for it and half day will be stucked inside training room. I could enjoy my cuppa of coffee and coffee break fried meehoon and lotus paste sesame ball. Yummy!
This S Care 1 which consists of company mission, vision and philosophy. ( usual)
Then we have some games, quiz for role play and let everyone participate. Then we discussed about customer travel trauma... lots of aspects... lots of impacts...different of expectation...etc..
Followed by Each DH will came in to do presentation and shared stories...
Most of the things we've learned, all back to basis. HUMAN FACTORS!
We focused on 5 core values:-

= ~ Respect
Lack of respect can destroy the whole relationship. Regardless it applies to whoever.
We must never disgrace, embarrass, belittle or neglect anyone around us in order to build a lasting relationship.

= ~ Humility
Pride without arrogance. Try to put people situation into our shoe.

= ~ Helpfulness
Anticipating other's need, doing more for them (go extra mile) and to assist whoever need our help. To help others within our ability & limitation.

= ~ Courtesy
It mean politeness, good manner and being considerate.
"Thank you" "Excuse me" "May i??" "I beg your pardon" "Please.."

= ~ Sincerity
Being warmth, empathetic and genuine. Sincerity comes from our HEART!

fu-yoh! got special take-away bag
The hand-out notes and CD
I was boring till nothing to do , so i drew something out..ahhaha

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