Friday, December 28, 2007

Goodies from New Zealand

I've goodies again! YES! it's goodies from New Zealand, courtesy of Lynne & Mary!!
Thanks a bunch for lovely goodies, both of you are so thoughtful and caring, always remember bring me something back whenever you travel around. ^_^
Yummy chocolates!
cute birdie from New Zealand, goodies given by Lynne
Beautiful bracelet made of abalone shell, goodies from Mary

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry X'mas! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Today is boxing day! HAPPY BOXING DAY TO ALL OF YOU!! ^_^
I had a great fun time on xmas's eve and a fruitful xmas day with friends! More updates will come along..stay tune!~~
Let me share with you some awesome Christmas's decoration at various places i went. Enjoy!

At One Utama

At Pavillion's entrance

At The Curve, gigantic gingerbread house

It's me @ KLCC

At PNB Sime Darby, Restaurant 39
James & Maverick @ Mid Valley
Beautiful butterfly decoration @ The Garden
The Garden
At Mid Valley
Jo & Roslyn @ Mid Valley
It's me again!! @ Sunway Pyramid

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My christmas cake!

Have a look at my christmas cake!! It's absolutely YUMMY!
my boss surprised me with this chocolate hazelnut yule log cake! he bought me a 1kg christmas cake! Before i leave office, he came to inform me i've a cake in chiller , please remember to pick it up and bring home, even passed me the receipt for security check purpose. *glimpse* sweet of him! Thanks a bunch, boss! i will indulge myself with this yummy rich chocolate cake at home!!^_^
Merry Christmas to all of you!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My new shoe

lalalala.......I can't resist of nice shoes..oh my god! i bought another pair of shoe..again?? oh no!! :P
Went to The Garden, found this pair of flat at Isetan. I was surprised that Timberland produced such a cute lady shoe yet it's utterly comfy! It's my first pair of flat, gonna to keep it for chinese new year. ^_^

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Finally i owned these 2 books which took me so long to hunt for them.
"no reservation", "kitchen confidential" & "a cook's tour" by Anthony Bourdain.
now all belong to me...hahaha!! i need times to read these 2 interesting books, i don't know how long i gonna to take to finish 'em. ^_^

Thanks Jae for this book, my earliest xmas gift. A fabulous book with plenty of nice shots!
Found this book at Kinokuniya KLCC,
finally two books combined into one, i just paid for a book price which cost cheaper!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tea training

tea samples
2 beautiful ladies
tea bags
jasmine gold - green tea
strawberries with yoghurt tea - fruits tea
fancy sencha - green tea

my roibosh vanilla tea

I went to attend this Ronnefeldt tea training conducted by supplier, met 2 beautiful ladies. The training consist of general information about Ronnefeldt tea and tea tasting. If you are tea lover/drinker , you will definitely love it!! No doubt!

Ronnefeldt is one of the oldest tea companies in Germany and selected exquisite tea since 1823. It well known for top quality of tea in the world of hospitality.
Tea divides into leave, broken, tanning and dust. The loose teas we tried out all under broken tea leave category. We learned about the 5 stages of orthodox process (how to produce tea leave) - withering, rolling, fermentation,drying and grading. The trainer shares with us , the tea caffeine contain will stay in our body for 6 hours which longer than coffee caffeine, that's why some people can't sleep after drinking tea. She mentioned that herbs & fruits tea need more time to infuse if compare to the rest, normal tea need 3-4 min of infusion process. More than 3 min, tea leave will release tanning which will soothing our body. Before we made the tea, we need to pre-warm the tea pot, to ensure the tea keep the same temperature & pressure once hot water been pour into the tea pot which will preserve the tea quality. She advised us to drink tea without add on any lemon & sweetener which will weaken / destroy the taste of the tea. As for add on sugar / honey / milk which is very subjective to individual preference.

The key to top level quality and flavour is orthodox production. This method demands craftsmanship. The freshly plucked tea-leaves are carefully processed throughout all phases. This is work-intensive, time-consuming and naturally more expensive. But it is the only way that all the delicacy of the aroma and the typical character of the tea plants can be passed on to the finished product. In our experience, it is only this careful processing that can produce fine aromatic leaf teas that satisfy the highest of demands. This is why all black and green teas from Ronnefeldt are made according to the orthodox method, including the tea for their flavoured varieties.
*info source from*

We are paying for the quality tea and branding. :P

We tried out some loose tea (broken tea leave), i manage to try one tea bag, a type of tea infused with vanilla flavour (Vanilla Roibosh). ^_^ We had black tea, flavoured black tea, green tea, flavoured green tea, fruit infusion & herbal infusion tea.

Black tea
Mokalbarie - black assam tea
~ malty, spicy, lively and extravagant

English Breakfast - black tea, ceylon, St jamas
~ a rich, mature and tangy fullness with a sparkling flavour

Flavoured black tea
Earl Grey - Darjeeling tea
~ an elegant tea with the subtle flavour of bergamot, intensive flavour

Green tea (not fermented tea)
Fancy Sencha - green china tea
~ a premium large-leafed sencha; delicate tartness with a breath of sweetness

Flavoured green tea
Jasmin Gold - green china tea
~ freshly plucked jasmine petals round off this delicate china tea and lend it perfect harmony

Herbal Infusion
~ a peppermint tea that refreshes and relaxes with natural menthol

~ flowering camomile and wholesome flavoured herbal infusion

Fruit Infusion
Carribean Summer
~ fruity aroma, sweetness (rose hip peel, peach, apple, berries)

Strawberry Yoghurt
~ Fruity aroma, bit sourness (strawberry, yoghurt, hibiscus,orange peel)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007



J: I just woke up from long napping, laying on sofa, kind of boring

Me: you always can't live without your sofa and lan-lan-ing. ;p

J: Yeah, coz you are not here.

Me: Wah! how come suddenly i become VIP? very important panda!

J: not vip, it's VVIP! very very idiotic panda! ops...i mean you are important!

Me: You will be a piece of dead meat soon, i will cook you with M together become lasagna with cheese!

J: Wah! suddenly this panda become aggressive one! :P

Me: .............................................. -_-''

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fruiti tuttie salad

crave for fruits??
i made this simple fruits salad for myself...
very simple...easy peasy..
get green apples & strawberries, cut into cubes.. green apples soak in salt water for while to avoid turn brown colour.
4 spoons of honey, 2 spoons of balsamic vinegar...stir up together mixed them well and pour over fruits salad...toss bit ..voila! ready to eat...yummy!

Monday, December 03, 2007

delicious ducky

Lynne just back from New Zealand not long ago, she asked me out for dinner and passed me some goodies..Yayy!! i've got goodies from NZ.
We went to this hawker stall at puchong, which near to Tesco, she recommended this yummy ducky dish, kid you not, it's tasted awesome! We had the braised duck mixed with some pork meat accompanied with some porridge. i will definitely go there again!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Amazing Yo-Yo showcase

Enjoy the video clips..^_^
Yo-Yo performance presented by KJ

The last video is unable to upload to youtube due to the file size, you may view the clip HERE

November babies

Who are November babies?
Mikel, Stacy & Xj , as far as i know they are November babies. :P
Mikel has invited me to attend his b'day dinner at Ole-ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid. I went there with James together, oh my god! it seems another blogger gathering! haha..
Majority are bloggers, some are Mikel's colleagues and friends. It just another cam-whore session, cameras flashing everywhere to capture the best moments!
We mingled around, catch up with old friends, get to know some new faces, but i still missed out some unknown fellows. Don't blame me, i was too busy indulged myself with yummy food as usual. :P
After the dinner, we presented little b'day cake to Mikel and sang b'day song ..lalalalalala... Mikel mentioned that he is sharing the same b'day as his mum. woOt!
We had a glorious wonderful time together, KJ even showed us his superb pro style of Yo-Yo power performance, utterly amazing!
Since the night still young, we ended up party at poppy garden!! noobs, stay tune, some video clips are upcoming up! ~~

Ole-ole bali
This is KJ ~the poser~
Jo & James (my favourite brother)
Tony & Jason mumble
my kicking lemongrass mojito!
my balinese chicken salad
balinese roast chicken rice platter
chicken & fish combo
lamb chop

Yo-yo power
Mikel tried to murder his cake? LOL
XJ (pinkfrog),KJ, Jo, Benghan & Tony
~ops! sorry ah..Simon been cut off from the edge
Mikel's birthday group pic

Happy belated birthday to Mikel, XJ & Stacy!
(due to my late post up :P)