Monday, August 28, 2006

My new baby

Wah...! Finally i've got my new baby here..*smoochiee*
Yeah...i know this is not a new model, but to me he's new to me, coz i never try Sony Ericsson phone model before, i was Nokie supporter. Now, i with my new baby K600i, but i still using my old Nokia baby. *I'm very loyal person* :P
It was brought back from UK by Timothy, the price definately is cheaper than M'sia.
i still not so use to this phone features, still need to explore.

Let me see, What's inside K600i?
It's a feature-packed 3G phone. So i need to upgrade my simcard in order to start 3G, so who has 3G? let me know we can testing...hehehe...
It has medial album, such as Pictures, Videos, Sounds, Themes, Games, Apllications & Webpages. I just downloaded 2 new Themes, cool! Just loving it. Of coz basic function like T9 dictionary, MMS, radio, bluetooth,Internet,infrared port & camera feature are essential to go.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Love this DOCTOR!!!!


Q: I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life; is this true?

A: Your heart is only good for so many beats, and that's it... don't waste them on exercise. Everything wears out eventually. Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer; that's like saying you can extend the life of your car by driving it faster. Want to live longer? Take a nap.
Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?

A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a cow eat? Hay and corn. And what are these? Vegetables. So a steak is nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system. Need grain? Eat chicken. Beef is also a good source of field grass (green leafy vegetable). And a pork chop can give you 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vegetable products.

Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake?

A: No, not at all. Wine is made from fruit. Brandy is distilled wine, that means they take the water out of the fruity bit so you get even more of the goodness that way. Beer is also made out of grain. Bottoms up!

Q: How can I calculate my body/fat ratio?

A: Well, if you have a body and you have fat, your ratio is one to one. If you have two bodies, your ratio is two to one, etc.

Q: What are some of the advantages of participating in a regular exercise program?

A: Can't think of a single one, sorry. My philosophy is: No Pain...Good!

Q: Aren't fried foods bad for you?

A: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!!!... Foods are fried these days in vegetable oil. In fact, they're permeated in it. How could getting more vegetables be bad for you?

Q: Will sit-ups help prevent me from getting a little soft around the middle?

A: Definitely not! When you exercise a muscle, it gets bigger. You should only be doing sit-ups if you want a bigger stomach.

Q: Is chocolate bad for me?

A: Are you crazy? HELLO Cocoa beans! Another vegetable!!! It's the best feel-good food around!

Q: Is swimming good for your figure?

A: If swimming is good for your figure, explain whales to me.

Q: Is getting in-shape important for my lifestyle?

A: Hey! 'Round' is a shape!

Well, I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions you may have had about
food and diets. ^o^

I Love this DOCTOR!!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Marathon Outing

Last Saturday, 19 August 06 was a busy day for me. Happening oh! ^o^
Just imagine that my programme in schedule non-stop like a marathon, hm...'Marathon outhing'.
Friday night late went to bed but i drag myself woke up early in the Saturday morning, rushed to meet up Daphene. God know this lady was late for one hour, as usual lah..her time management was terrible, last time she was late for 2-3 hours, till i dozed off at home. Daphene & Edwin brought me to KPGCC @ Kota Kemunting. We suppose want to play badminton, but badminton court was fully booked. We changed plan dipped inside the swimming pool. Mind you, can't do skinny dip yeah. =.= *LOL*
After swimming, we went for sauna & steam bath. Syok!!! Sweat lots!!

After a quick lunch, i rushed to Sunway Pyramid for Accent TT gathering. I met up Stacy first, we went to Starbuck grapped a drink. Stacy was so kind, she bought me a drink Java chip ice blended. Both of us were waiting Christopher to arrive. We met up other members at bowling alley. We met Owen, Eugene & friend, Damien & James first, Fida & gee were bit late. We reserved 2 lanes for our group, we only manage to play 1 game coz bowling alley need to close for tournament. *Not enough!!* I want to play more to polish up my skill. =p
After bowling, we were heading to The Joint for dinner. Nothing fancy about the restaurant, but their happy start so early from day time till 9.00pm, the bucket of beer is cheap!! The restaurant was packed with soccer fan, coz that night was liverpool!!
After dinner, Christopher, Stacy & I rushed for another forum gathering. It was my first time to attend Fooxion gathering.
We were bit late for gathering @ Murni, SS2. OMG! So crowded, don't know who is who..gosh.. Just called up Ryan, "Where are you? Which one is you?Where are the gang?" Surprised me that Ryan looks like Justin Lo LOOK-A-LIKE. I was so happy to meet up Mikel aka Splashmilkthere, after chat with him so long on net while he was in UK, finally he back to Malaysia. I gave him a suprise that i turn up there, i gave him a big hug welcome back to Malaysia!!
Oh NO! no space for 3 of us to join the gang, we sat separately at another small table. The members were friendly, mingled around and busy doing camwhore, snapped here and there! Finally, Ruben manage to pull another table to joint the gang together. We just sat for while then we make a move, coz all of us were drop dead exhausted & tired.
Voila! Here you marathon outing day!I had a great time !!!

Starbuck beverage ~ Green tea & Java chip ice blended

My bowling style...*he..he...*

Christopher 'macho' bowling style ^o^

(L-R) Owen, Chris & Jo @ Sunway Bowling entrance

I with my bowl, i picked the 'lightest' bowl.

Damien, please behave yourself.. Whalao! you dare to hit me by your bowl?! LOL
Look, Gee was staring @ you.

Naughty Damien with 'hamsap' look~ "pervert"

Group A's score table

Group B's score... sigh..i only scored "78"! =.=

Jo & Chris @ Bowling alley

The Joint's menu, food taste alright, service was lousy!
Food took so long to be served!!

Accent Club gang & friends @ The Joint
(L-R) Accent-G, Damien, Fidah, Chris, Stacy, Jo & Css
Stacy & jo @ The Joint

(L-R) Accent-G,Damien,Fidah, Owen, Chris, Stacy & Jo

Another random photo :P

Lick~ Slurp~ Hungry Damien *ha-ha-ha*

My food order ~ Fettucini Carbonara @ RM12.90

(L-r) Ridah, Owen & Chris

Tired Jo & Sexy Becky from Fooxion

(L-R) Stacy, Chris & Jo @ Murni, SS2
Fooxion gathering
Random snapped photo
Anyone can spot who is Ruben?

Yo..Mikel aka Splashmilks *hugs*

Ryan ~ Justin Lo LOOK-A-LIKE from Fooxion

Monday, August 21, 2006

Interview ~Rejection

Story I
E: Do u have a boyfriend?
C: I have.
E: Is he working Locally?
C: No. He is working Overseas.
E: Sorry, my company cannot employ u!
C: Why?
E: U will not be able to settle down here permanently.
And my Company don't want to pay extra expenses on the Overseas calls just because of u.

Story II
E: Any girl friends?
C: No!
E: So far chased any before?
C: Have, but not successful.
E: Ever think of getting a job first then start looking for a girlfriend?
C: Career is first priority. Currently didn't want to consider This personal issue.
E: Sorry, my company cannot employ u.
C: Why?
E: You are lacking of P.R skills and confidence!!

Story III
E: Any girlfriends?
C: Yes.
E: Is she pretty?
C: Not quite.
E: Sorry, my company cannot employ you.
C: Why? Will this affect your company's reputation?
E: No, it does not affect the company's reputation but
because My company is dealing with arts, our company requested an artist.

Story IV
E: Any girlfriends?
C: Yes.
E: Is she pretty?
C: Yes.
E: Is she your first lover?
C: Yes.
E: Sorry, we can't employ you because you lack of fighting spirit.

Story V
E: Any girlfriends?
C: Yes.
E: Is she your first lover?
C: No. Have a few already.
E: Sorry, my company cannot employ you
because you are a "grasshoper"! (Job hoper lah!)

Story VI
E: Any boyfriends?
C: Yes.
E: Is he rich?
C: No.
E: Then sorry, my company cannot employ you
because our Company is dealing with money and you will seduce.

E: Any boyfriends?
C: Yes.
E: Is he rich ?
C: Yes, very rich.He owns a company.
E: Sorry, we cannot employ you because your boyfriend
don't Even want to employ you, neither do we!
C: But,...... there is no position in his company.
E: Then,..... what is your qualification?
C: Secretary!
E: Sorry, we still cannot employ you because
your prettiness Will affect our managers' working spirits.
C: But,...... I am not pretty at all.
E: It is even worse because my managers will not be interested In you!!

Friday, August 18, 2006


One of the 7 deadly sins ~ Gluttony!

2 days ago i discovered'gluttony'from my guests. -_-

She called me up mentioned want to view the venue for her group event. She was demanding that i need to buy her lunch. Fine, my boss agreed to sign off the entertainment bill. Then she told me she will bring along her associates along, together will be 3 persons. Thus, i just made the reservation.

Guess what? She turned up 4 persons. I've no choice need to entertain 4 monkeys there. (mind you, 3 penguins yeah!!) 2 fat and 2 skinny one...
Besides, not all fat people are gluttons.The truth is, many skinny people are gluttons.

First of all, we have to understand that it’s good to eat. "Go,eat your bread with enjoyment, and drink your wine with a merry heart." But, can u imagine, these 4 monkeys when i invited them go for buffet lunch, they just like 2 days never eat like that..mind you, now is Hungry Ghost Festival. Finally, i found 4 here..Muahaha.. *gulp* Plates are filling up food, one person carried 2 plates of food. Come on, no one would fight food with you. Once finished, food will be replenished. They just keep eating and eat..and keep asking me whether i get free meal or not? of coz i entitle duty meal daily, but not in outlet just at cafeteria, somehow sometimes my boss will buy me lunch / dinner for free at outlet. Imagine 24/7 & 365days you will eating at the same venue, how do you feel? I don't feel any special, just eat whatever is available, whatever i prefer. Eat to live or live to eat?

Oh yeah! today the greedy woman asked for discount on the bill. Fine, we granted her 20% off on food bill due to her boss just joined as membership as per his benefit. Guess what? She refused to pay the bill for 90 persons. She made the reservation for 90 pax, and she got my confirmation letter. Yet i told her we will charge accordingly as whoever came for lunch, we of coz did head count physically. She just so 'pelik' twist and turn, mentioned that on her name list is only 82 to 85, She wanna to bitch about the issue. Till the outlet manager can't handle her, went around look for me high & low. Noon time, this bitch has twisted the fact on the rostrum and PA system matter, now she even tried her luck to twist on the payment. She even demand free hotel voucher from me and refuse to pay full payment. Where got this kind of people finished the meal refused to settle one? The person (her boss)who will pay for this bill not even sound anything, she was the one who bitch about this. I told her off, we don't practise charge the bill based on customer's name list, who know your associate bring any spouse or children? Be fair enough, we have 2 staff here to do physically head count with others as witness, even we counted for 2-3 times, shouldn't be wrong! Furthermore, we granted discount on bill. I never tolerate on her bitchy falsehood, nah..dare to challenge me not to pay the bill, i still stay firm to ask her boss to pay off the bill. Please lah...If a big corporate company can organized an event for makan-makan in a 5 star hotel, should be able to pay off the bill right? don't dilly dally come negotiate with me, look so cheapsket! Bitch! mind you, if you want to negotiate with me, you should negotiate before you confirm your reservation and agreed with my quotation. Don't after all, came demand for free stuff! Nothing is always free yeah! it will comes with term & conditions! Bitch, you pick the wrong person to try out your luck for free goodie! Since day one, you came for free lunch i've tolerate all. We are doing business not doing charity!! Sorry for you lah..You want free meal u got it once, you want discount i granted, you even want to pay less, you will not get it from me! *tee-hee* Go back practise your dirty trick first, learn more lesson only come again lah!! So sick to deal with this kind of idiot bitch!

What is gluttony? Here’s the surprise: gluttony isn’t eating too much food;
gluttony is being preoccupied with food, regardless of how much or how little we
eat. Gluttony is that preoccupation with food that distracts us from profounder
aspects of life. At some point we’ve all sat by someone at a wedding reception
who couldn’t have cared less about the happy occasion. She had no interest in
the joyful send-off of the happy young couple and the future opening out before
them. She wasn’t even interested in the party that would take up the evening.
Instead she was wholly preoccupied with three matters:

What’s for lunch
/ dinner? (food..more food!)

Will there be enough? ( much you can

Is the food free? (of coz it's free!)

hmm...persuaded that gluttony is found among food-faddists, as well as among those who are extremists in any respect where food is concerned.

I’m always amused when people tell me that today’s food processing is harmful in this respect or that respect. Do they have any idea how many more people, vastly more people, sickened, even died, decades ago when food processing was much less sophisticated?

This preoccupation with food-fads is rooted in one thing: fear of dying. The health-food faddists unconsciously think they can eat their way into immortality. But we are mortal creatures. Death is inescapable. One day we still need to face the reality, DEATH! It's part of our life cycle! Don't be the one EAT till bloated you get to die or starving till to die..

Food-preoccupied people unconsciously think we can transcend our frailty and fragility. Eating so very carefully is supposed to overturn our mortality. Food faddism is gluttony not because these people overeat (they never overeat) but because this kind of food-preoccupation keeps us feeding ourselves lies about ourselves.

What about skinny people? Let’s be honest: many skinny people count calories as though calories were germs. Remember, a preoccupation with food-avoidance is still a preoccupation with food.

Hey, your lover couldn’t care less if you are ten pounds overweight coz he/she loves you as who you are! As long as you stay healthy! Come on, don't let eating disorder become your friend.
Remember to value your food, delight in the food that we are having in sufficient portions. ENJOY! Oh yeah..remember to keep some food for your beloved one, don't be so selfish swallow all the food!

Put my songs on~~

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Keane ~ Somewhere only we know

BoA ~ La la la love song

Ayumi Hamasaki ~ Will Wall5

Utada Hikaru ~ First love

TATU ~ Gomenasai

Wilber Pan 潘玮柏~ Bu de bu ai 不得不爱

S.H.E ~ Bu xiang zhang da 不想长大

Blue ~ Best in me

Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 ~ Da cheng siao ai 大城小爱

Pussycats dolls ~ Don't cha

One T & Cool T ~ The magic key

Kangta & Vanness ~ Scandal

ATB ~ Ecstasy

Jay Chow 周杰伦 ~ Fa ru xue 发如雪

Crazy Frog ~ Axel f

Jolin Tsai 蔡依琳 ~ Wo zhi dao ni hen nan guo 我知道你很难过

David Tao 陶吉吉~ Yue liang dai biao wo de xin 月亮代表我的心

Black eye peas ~ My hump

Linkin Park ~ Numb-Encore

Jamelia ~ Superstar

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Put your records on! ~ By Corinne Bailey Rae

Three little birds sat on my window
And they told me i don't need to worry
Summer came like cinnamon, so sweet
Little girls double-dutch on the concrete

Maybe sometimes, we got it wrong, but its alright
The more things seem to change, the more they stay the same
Oh, dont you hesitate

Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
You go ahead let your hair down
Sapphire, and faded jeans i hope you get your dreams
Just go ahead, let your hair down
You're gonna find yourself, somewhere, somehow

Blue as the sky
Sun-burnt and lonely
Sipping tea in a bar by the roadside
[Just relax, just relax]
Don't you let those other boys fool you
gotta love that afro hairdo
Maybe sometimes, we feel afraid but it's alright
The more you stay the same
The more they seem to change
Don't you think it's strange
[chorus](oh, oh)
Just more than i could take
Pity for pity's sake
Some nights kept me awake
I thought that I was stronger
When you gonna realize
That you don't even have to try any longer?
Do what you want to!
[chorus x2]

Look What you've Done?! ~ By Jet

Share with you all, nice song..^o^

Take my photo off the wall
If it just won't sing for you
'Cause all that's left has gone away
And there's nothing there for you to prove

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems likes such fun
Until you lose what you had won

Give me back my point of view
'Cause I just can't think for you
I can hardly hear you say
What should I do, well you choose

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems likes such fun
Until you lose what you had won

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
A fool of everyone
A fool of everyone

Take my photo off the wall
If it just won't sing for you
'Cause all that's left has gone away
And there's nothing there for you to do

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems likes such fun
Until you lose what you had won

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
A fool of everyone
A fool of everyone

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What are friends for?

Thanks for being my friends!! ^o^


This morning Stacy shared with this....If a man want to reject someone..
Don't you think this is so typical one? Tell me about your thought...

Ask her about her hot friend

Women love to give advice and they are jealous of each other. Use both of these well-known facts to your advantage and ask her what you should do to hook up with her hot friend. While she may initially want to latch onto you more, she will ultimately get the hint that you’re just not feeling her, and she’ll probably even find a way to blame it on her friend -- double bonus points for you.

Tell her you have a friend that is perfect for her
After you’ve decided she’s not the one for you, use the information you’ve gathered on her to push her onto another guy. Point out how your buddy also cried when he saw the movie What Dreams May Come (1998), or any other common points they may have. Your buddy may be annoyed, but at least you’ll be rid of her.

Let her know how busy you are lately
Anytime she tries to contact you or you run into her, cut the conversation short. Bring up work, school or any other excuse to justify the fact that you have to run. Just be sure to point out that you love whatever it is that is taking up all your time and that you wouldn’t change a thing about your life.

Subtly highlight clashes of opinion
Politics, morals, values -- there are all kinds of hot-button issues you can subtly drop that will turn her off. If you know she’s a conservative, spout off something negative about the Bush administration and Fox News. If she has a kid, tell her you would never get involved with somebody who has children.

The not-so-direct approach
It sounds so simple, but spitting out the words “I’m just not that into you” can be extremely difficult. Get around this by letting her know that you’re just looking for a good time. Say something along the lines of how much you would love to hook up, but you respect her too much to make her just a ”friend with benefits.”

"Dear to us are those who love us. . . but dearer are those who reject us as unworthy, for they add another life; they build a heaven before us whereof we had not dreamed, and thereby supply to us new powers out of the recesses of the spirit."
No matter how pretty you make it sound no one likes to be rejected. Unfortunately, dating and rejection are like love and marriage, you can't have one without the other. Of course, not every date will end in rejection. There is always the possibility that "the one" is the one you will be meeting tonight.

While you may be rejected one day, you can reject the next. But..Hey! It doesn't mean you are not good enough, just that both of you don't have the 'chemical' reaction and no spark between you and him/her, can't even hitch together. Don't be ashame being rejected or afraid to reject someone is not suitable for you, rather than waste time together which is not benefitial at all.
You lose something bad, you may gained something else. Be optimistic, it is not end of the world yet! There are plenty of fishes in the ocean, just be patient you will catch one for yourself! The chance will come along when you least expected. Cheers!

  • Be polite. No "Get lost you loser" replies. Instead break it gently with "I don't think we're a suitable match and I really wouldn't want to waste any more of your time."
  • If this doesn't work, see below. And if that doesn't work, a firm, "Please stop bothering me or I will have to report your behaviour" should do it.
  • Blame yourself; "It's not you, it's me" may be a lie but it's still preferable to, "Your chin is too big and your profile makes you sound as bright as a broken light bulb."
  • For online dating,when in doubt how to reply, delete. When they don't receive a reply, they will refer to the above pointers on how to deal with rejection.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Justin Lo 側田 - 命硬
側田 - volar

Erica ~ By Justin Lo

Justin Lo - Erica

I just simply love this song...^o^

Oh Erica 知你其實想找一個水泡救生嗎
Oh Baby Erica 跟我同渡相處一晝 不會拒絕嗎
讓我手拖你去坐木馬 然後有一點點的感激我吧
然後送你歸家 所有這些把戲情侶都要嗎

*Oh awww..喜歡我嗎 喜不喜歡都應使你感動嗎
單戀他得意嗎 Oh Baby Love 懂得愛嗎
Oh oh baby Erica Erica Oh Erica

別痛惜他 就算哭乾眼淚亦得不到他
情形如給你耗盡一生的我 Oh
Erica 多麼想講跟我繼續一直遊戲吧
Oh Baby Erica 其實我跟如何被愛都會快樂嗎
你快樂了別忘記閣下 全賴我真心與你分享笑話
你暫時愛我嗎 我問你問到令你良心會化

可以嗎 共你隔多一公分都牽掛
三心兩意實在叫我很害怕 Oh...oh baby Erica…

Reasons not to drink with 'Friends'

Watch out dude! If you are not a good drinker, better don't drink with a bunch of 'funny & kinky' friends. Mind you, better don't get drunk! Haha~

Thanks god, all i've to say is...
I don't have any 'Friends' like this.. LOL~
How about you?