Wednesday, December 29, 2010

double double triple triple combo! BURGER on the road!

double double combo triple triple combo!!

It's becoming an all too common sight, an entire family squeezed together and merrily riding on a motorbike! mind you, don't you know it's not comply with the law and it's extremely dangerous!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Funny creative Labeling

Nowadays, the food labeling is very important to the consumers. Anyone of you read the label?check the ingredients? check the expiry date before you purchase? I doubt everyone will practise this habit.

Lately went to do my grocery shopping, i found a few food product's labelling are quite creative and funny. hehehehe

P/S: mind you, labeling is very important when comes to recycle bottles/containers. i.e my friend used hair shampoo as shower gel, my dad used shower gel as facial wash. hahaha. Please do not use recycle food bottles/containers for any chemical liquid/powder, you need to bear the serious consequences for your action.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy Deepavali!

Wishing all Indian friends HAPPY DEEPAVALI! have a joyous, prosperous year ahead!

Herewith Kolams' story to share with...

Kolams are thought to bestow prosperity to homes. The kolams are generally drawn while the surface is still damp so that it is held better.Decoration was not the sole purpose of a Kolam. In olden days, kolams used to be drawn in coarse rice flour, so that the ants don't have to work so hard for a meal. The rice powder is said to invite birds and other small critters to eat it, thus inviting other beings into one's home and everyday life: a daily tribute to harmonious co-existence. It is a sign of invitation to welcome all into the home, not the least of whom is Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity. The patterns range between geometric and mathematical line drawings around a matrix of dots to free form art work and closed shapes. Folklore has evolved to mandate that the lines must be completed so as to symbolically prevent evil spirits from entering the inside of the shapes, and thus are they prevented from entering the inside of the home.

Powdered white stone was used for Kolam. Seasonal messages like welcome (நல்வரவு) is used in Kolam. Showing off kolam skill by young adult girls to having bragging rights (better deal in arranged marriage). Volunteering to draw kolam at temple is some times made when the devotes wishes are full filled.

The traditional art of Kolam, comprising a respectable constituent of India's cultural variegation, dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization' in 2500 BC this ancient civilization formed one of the earliest urban more in the world. Accepted as sacred by the norms of Indian culture, Kolam is widely practised throughout India ass a ceremonial offering to the deities that line the illustrious fundament of indian religion. In India, the intricate designs of Kolam are continually recreated and improved all year long, as an indication of man's appreciation of nature's magnificence and acceptance of his co-habitation with other living creatures. During
Deepavali,Kolam is usually drawn two to three weeks beforehand as part of the Deepavali preparations' that include festive food, new clothes, and sometimes the renovating of homes.

Kolam is generally designed at every entrance of any' house or building, not only as an aesthetic decorative form but also for the belief that the Goddess of abundance and manifest beauty; Lakshmi, will bestow her blessings upon its many inmates and the people who pass them by. Believers in the Kolam intend to captivate the very essence of their Kolam designs, especially for those that convey wealth, prosperity, and longevity. These designs become more common and elaborate as the Indians prepare to welcome guests and family members into their homes before the start of the celebrations.

The Makings Of The Beautiful Art
The awe-inspiring art of Kolam has spread to many parts of the world today. On many festivals, Indians from all over the world take time to engross themselves in the art of their ancestors to recreate the divine and devotional atmosphere that Kolam seems to exuberate. They use powder from white stone, lime, rice Hour, and other cheap paste to express these intricate and ritualistic designs, while the complexity of each design depends on the level of creativity of individuals. Formal training is not required to be able to design the Kolam, as all that is needed to draw is the appreciation of beauty in its most inspiring state and the attempt to represent it should definitely be admired. The complexity of certain Kolam designs and the meticulousness that is required may take as long as an entire day to complete, but the end results' of such designs are usually as breath-taking as they are memorable!

The Timeless Art Form
The art of Kolam began with the awareness man had of the beauty of nature and throughout the years, its many ameliorative modifications have allowed it to become one of the most fascinating works of man's creative virtue. The art of creating Kolam that is precise and complicated, yet graceful is thought to bring creativity, originality, and purpose into one's life. Furthermore, the very acceptance and assimilation of such a magnificent ritual into other cultures is evident that the endearing story behind the Kolam will not only influence the minds of many, but it will warm hearts as well.

Kolam Competition

Friday, September 24, 2010

K-Pop madness

Woot!~~ lately Kpop fever is a madness!! *laugh out loud*

can't help not to love them and being ossessive. OMG! *scream*

listening to Kpop music, watching their dramas, following their updates, etc. Keep myself so busy and laugh about it.

Love CNBlue's songs!

Can't get enough of Big Bang's songs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girl's Generation, sweet & lovely !

Awww... charming SS501!

Dorky and talented Jay Park with his fabulous chocolate abs!

BoA, the Queen

2NE1, always a HIT!

Famous amous Super Junior!

Dancing King, Rain and MBLAQ

1 of my favourite, Se7en! HOT! HOT ! HOT!

Sweet Spy, Dennis Oh! can't handle his hotness!

Never ever get enough of Daniel Henney!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Sensonic products

I love these products from Sensonic, spotted their products @ PIKOM fair. I suppose wanted an optical mouse, but the promoter suggested me to try out their laser mouse which provides better performance. YES! kid you not, the laser mouse is better than optical mouse. It moves smoothly on any surface if compare to optical mouse.
I bought a laser mouse, got a notebook stand and smart wipe finger for free, on top of it, by using RM1 to purchase 10 pieces DVD RW disc. Such a good deal!

This is my new laser mouse! mind you, i've damaged 2 optical mouse. huhuhu.. I know i'm kind of violent person to kill 2 optical mouse just like that ( keep dropping my mouse). oh yeah, can't blame me if the quality of product ain't good enough. hehehe..

This patent pending design notebook cooler cum stand is intended for traveller & user with tight table space. Ultra Compact & rugged as it folds flat to fit neatly in any laptop bag.
This notebook stand is light and easy to carry to anywhere ( foldable to ease travel and storage), i simply love it!

The smart wipe finger, look so cute! you may use it for your notebook screen, monitor screen, mobile phone screen and camera screen.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Berbuka Puasa Bazaar

Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng with Egg..nom nom nom
Kuih dodol (glutinous rice flour ball stuffed with gula melaka & coated with coconut)

Last weekend went to Berbuka Puasa Bazaar at Puchong, i saw many stalls and had no idea what to buy what to eat?! Be spoil by choices! I've walked up and down more than 2 times and to decide what to buy.

I bought cendul with 'pulut' (sorry to say it taste sux!), crispy keropok lekor (awesome stuff!), kuih dodol (all time favourite) and nasi lemak ayam goreng with egg.

I was bloated with sinful food! burp!~~~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your Tee Has A Rabbit!

Oh YES! I LOVE this tee so much! spotted it in Padini Shop at Mid Valley, tried on it but i didn't buy because couldn't get my size,then i walked away and planned to get it from another branch. I kid you not, i went to 5 branches search for it high and low, all SOLD OUT! OMG!
Fortunately, my friend, Sylvia she saw it in Padani Shop, Cheras Selatan and she manage to buy it on my behalf. Yippy! Finally i got it! My gratitute to Sylvia!

Don't you think this tee is so CUTE?!!

I am a cute Bunny! Wabbit! Rabbit! hohoho!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Unboxing my Macbook White

I'm a windows user for the past 15 years,i've using it for a donkey's years and i always love windows!! Yes, you hear me?
Mind you,i've damaged 4 desktops and 2 laptops, yeah, i know i am a ROUGH user, but why those machinese are not TOUGH enough?!! *grin* Sorry dad, i know i spent your $$ on these gadgets. But the Toshiba laptop, i proudly purchased with my hard earned money!

My lovely Fujitsu C series last me for 6 years! I kid you not!

1 week ago, my Toshiba laptop crashed down and died on me. I was anxious and worried, what happen to it? It was not the first time the windows crashed down, this time seems can't solve the problem, after hundred times reboot and tried recovery, nothing was happening at all!

My sweet Toshiba satelite.
Time for me to consider to kiss goodbye to my Toshiba and to welcome a new toy? Perhaps i should consider to switch to Apple's product, Macbook. I've heard so many good comments on this machine, why not give a try? I hope the Toshiba still can be fixed, need to send for big service.

I'd like to present to you my newest toy, Macbook White!! Simply love it!





Bought this keyboard protector and a trackpad protector

Bought a bag too! thought of to get a sleeve type, but the storekeeper strongly recommended this with little handle.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sticky Note Girl

Yesterday i collected a folder from another office, i found there's a piece of sticky note inside there with a cute drawing. Let me show you, a sticky note girl!


Besides you can have stick-note-pad on your office desk, you may have it on your computer screen, just download the software here.
( )

Oh yeah, i remembered that there's a taiwanese drama ' sticky note girl' as well as known as 'Fated to Love You' which is a funny & romantic drama, you should not miss it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plastic Shoe - Crocs

Years ago, I went to Crocs' shop with my friends, i tried on the ballerina design of Crocs™,don't feel so comfy due to my hideous alien toes,then i tried on the basic design, my friend laughed at me and teased as Minnie mouse! -_-'' so hideous!

Crocs, you will love it or you will hate it! Crocs™ become a fashion icon and everyone wear it walk on the street. Besides, you may find some crocs™ are not genuine / original, they are imidation / fake version, of cause the quality speaks the different. Genuine crocs are long lasting,durable, easy to clean and comfy. ^_^ Crocs™ come in a variety of styles and colours, oh yeah! you may decorate your crocs with colourful & cute crocs jibbitz™.

One day, my friend told me that there will be a Crocs warehouse sales! should not miss it! I was hesitate about it, should i try to get a pair of crocs?
I went to the warehouse sales @ Ikano Power Centre, not so crowded, some of the designed that i fancied was out of stock or no size for me! :( However, i never give up and manage to find 2 pairs Crocs™, happily paid and leave. I bought a pair of black crocs™ (cayman racer, black with electric blue strip, kids' version) with a great bargain price RM40 per pair if you compare to usual selling price at RM129.00. Another pair is slightly pricey, a pink & white Hello Kitty version cost me RM90.00. Tell me, It's worth it! :p yeah yeah yeah! i know it's just a pair of plastic shoe!

Try it you will know!


The reasons why you need to wear Crocs?!


My Crocs jibbitz™



I can't find the Hello Kitty Jibbitz™ , i bought this pink piggy, perhaps next round hunt for a pair of Hello Kitty design.


A cat without a mouth :p