Monday, October 30, 2006

Driving Back!!

The blue sky after a rain...
My favourite scene...i feel good to view it...^o^

2 days ago, i drove home for 3.5 hours which is a non-stop journey for me.
Normally i need to take 4 hours plus with 110km/hr, but that i was driving so slow due to raining day, 2 hours journey on highway keep raining non stop.
I suppose to wake up 9 am in the morning which i woke up late, coz i went to bed by 4am and i need more zzzzz, a simple rest is for me to run a longer journey mah...:P
By 5.30pm i already reached town, before mummy keep calling me: "where are you huh?"
In fact, she was not happy that i drive back home alone, she wants me to take cab. But as she knew that i am a rebel person and i would not listen to her all the time, i still prefer drive back at my flexi time and i can listening to my favourite music, dump all the stuff into my car. ^o^
It was kinda a tiring one, once i reached, i straight went inside my room, laying on bed then doze off. :p

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dragon View Bak Kuk Teh

Nah...this is the Dragon view bak kut teh, after u try can fly like a dragon !! LOL
Let me present to you...steamy hot bak kut teh!!
Aw...full till stick to the wall..muahahaha
Look! Crime partners!!
'Kah-ciak!!' Peeka-boo @ Bak kut teh shop
(L-R) Jo, Tony, Sylvia, Mikel & Stacy
Kopitiam @ Puchong
Just 3 of us....3-some...:P
Another peeka-boo @ Kopitiam
(L-R) Jo, Sylvia, Mikel
Our Gang!!

2 weeks ago, one fine Sunday, it was a raining day, somehow we still went out for dinner as per plan. We went to Dragon View Bak Kut Teh @ Puchong which behind Tesco. Black thought i was joking, well, in fact i was not!! He didn't tell me that on that day he was vegetarian, sigh..sorry dude...u just mentioned u want go to vegetarian restaurant instead of u were vegetarian of the day. Misunderstood jor...>_<
Somehow we still ordered some vege dishes, you seems didn't enjoy much.
After the dinner, we stepped out the restaurant, we posed in front of the shop for camwhore, people thought we were nuts coz kept snapping at our backside picture..LOL!
Sylvia wanted to go 'Tong Yuen' dessert @ Cyon, but unfortunately the shop was closed that way, thus we went to Kopitiam for drink.
I had my hot brewed white coffee, 'kao kao' one...smell damn nice...Albeit it's kinda cheap, but still can satisfied me this coffee lover. Lower price never affect the quality woh!! hm...good good! never compromise the quality! ^o^ simply love it!!


Last Thursday, 18th Oct 06 we had a farewell reception for our GM who is going to be transfered to Thailand. Yoohoo! He gonna to enjoy there and love it! coz....lots of chic mah!!! Have fun!!
He gave me a teddy hug, a firm hand shake & muak on cheek. ^o^
Au revoir!! Good-Bye! Mr. PDA. Will see you around!
*Aiya...get an old man for replacement! sad sad...=.=*

Traffic is clear!!

This morning so happy coz no traffic jam.
The LDP highway traffic was smooth and clear..Number of traffic on the road, one hand fingers can count.
The most happiest day go to work!! Less than 15 min can reach my office with 120km/h speed. :P
La..La..La... Happy like a bird sing inside my car....^o^

Bambu bali

Couple of days ago, Sylvia and Mikel came to my place look for me go dinner together, thus i intro them to Bambu Bali @ Bandar Puteri.

When we reached there, we tried ask go for upstair but unfortunately no luck woh...upstair was fully taken. :(
Thus, we have to sit at downstair area. Wow! When i flipped thru the menu, realized that they changed the menu and make up the pricing. OMG! The food pricing is double up jor!! =.=
My favourite Lady's healthy menu no more already! *sob sbo -_-*

We just glanced through the menu, i was not so hungry, i ordered grilled chicken salad and carrot juice. Sylvia would like to try out the chicken & fish combo dish, as for Mikel he picked nasi combo. The dishes portion turn out was big!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pure Zone, Loreal Event @ Espanda

Pure Zone Banner
Jo, Stacy & Benghan
Jo & Sylvia sweetie

Simply pose at Sofa...

(L-R) Benghan, Stacy, Jo, Mikel, Shaz & Sylvia

(L-R) Benghan, Jo, Mikel & Sylvia

(L-R) Jo, Mikel, Stacy, Sylvia & Shaz

Loreal Goodies bag

(L-R) Sylvia, Jo & Mikel

Last saturday 14 Oct 06, Benghan was so kind that offer few of us free access to attend Pure Zone, Loreal Event @ Espanda which is a talent show performed by final list candidates, see who can walk away RM10k.

That day the road traffic was terrible jam, i was jam for 2 hours for nothing. OMFG!
How i wish my car has wings that can fly??!! Every highway i took was so jam, the traffic was stucked there for long Q and was not moving at all. So frustrated inside my car!!!

Finally i manage to reach Stacy's place, of coz rushed into her washroom for nature call.
Then we met up Sylvia & Mikel, we went to Espanda together. I was bit surprised to see Shaz reached kinda early there. Shaz was so kind offered us sat at Media's table. Fooyoh...Camwhore moment gonna start soon after a quick dinner. All of us were starving, just grabbed whatever available there.

Wow...we all busy 'cuci mata', checking out the pretty chic and good looking guys, of coz enjoy the talent show and others performance i.e street dance & singing.

After the event, Stacy, Mikel, Tony & I went to mamak for supper. *burp* The food was kinda cheap and filing. :)


Monday, October 16, 2006

How to make Jo@nn?!!~~

What personality elements make up your Personality cocktail?

A wise man once said, "I drink, therefore I am!" An interesting comment indeed, but what does it mean?
Every personality contains a lot of traits. This test aims to determine, from your name alone, the most dominant personality traits and give you a fun little recipe for your own personality cocktail.
Oh and remember, always drink in moderation - dont want you getting tipsy on personalities now!

Tell the bartender to mix up a few yous!

How to make a joann

1 part pride

5 parts crazyiness

5 parts beauty
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Top it off with a sprinkle of fitness and enjoy!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Qbar @ Westin KL

Last Wednesday, 11 Oct 06 Prettie babe invited me to Qbar @ Westin KL for Lady's night outing. We been one year didnt catch up, when we met so excited and gossiping non stop, laughing non stop and sipping our drinks. Qbar served 'Sangria' as lady's night drink, free flow!! Of coz i've invited some of friends to join the happy moment, just name it... Stacy, Christopher, Vynes, Vera, Vivian, Cynthia (Vivian's friend), Simon (Vynes's friend), Zulyda & Mikel. Some of my friends FFK, can't make it. However, we still had fun together and get to know some new friends too.
Oh yeah...never ever forget to snap some photos..
AW...Qbar was packed in the late night, lots of 'old' man... :p

Prettie, Jo & Zulyda
Jo & Zulyda
Jo, Zulyda, Mikel & Stacy

Guess..?? Who are they?

Drama shoot..idea frm Mikel..^o^
can you find me?
Aw...very scared!!
Another peeping tom? muahaha..just kidding!
4 eyes.....
omg! eye-ing u!
Drama shoot...christopher..:p


Last night i went to Zipangu @ Shangri-la KL with my friend, David who is one of my old friend that i knew since college time. Long time didnt catch up with him, after he back from China trip, so decided go for a simple dinner together.

The food charges are kinda pricey, nothing special and fancy, but one thing i like is freshness!
The dinner was delighted, very filling!! Food very tasty & fresh, we seated at action counter so can see how the chef prepared our food over there.
We had unagi sushi (yummy!!), clam miso soup (what a disappointed 1 & cost RM30 for a stewpiak soup!, grilled squid (simply lovely!),prawn tempura with rice (Wow! i love the crispy & fresh prawn!!), fried mixed vegetables (pea shoot,cabbage,assorted mushroom & fish flake,delicious!, udon noodle , green tea ice cream (nothing special) & asahi beer (very smooth & light!!) ^o^
After dinner @ Zipangu, we went to Lobby Lounge grabbed a drink, their live performance kinda good with powerful vocal singers.... hot chic!! see how they move their!! shake..shake...* i bring my sexy back...* :P

*pic snapped by my phone, not so clear & sharp*
Clam miso soup
Fried mixed vegetables
Zipangu's BB plate
Pea shoot, cabbage & mushroom
Simple set up, my asahi beer & jasmine tea...
Strawberry dequery
(cointreau,vodka, strawberry puree, lime, syrup) ~ slurp~
Udon noodle

Prawn tempura
Green tea ice cream