Sunday, March 22, 2009


妈妈: 你的爸爸昨天休假半天啊!

女儿: 为什么?

妈妈: 因为他中了四个字!

女儿: 真的!? (很兴奋) 什么字? 多少?

妈妈: 哎呀! 伤风感冒!

女儿: ............. -_-||

Ew! It's terribly GROSS!

Everyone knew global economy recession, even the public washroom standard went down!!
If you have a nature call, before you enter the washroom, you ought to pay!
After you pay, once you done your business, realize that OH MY FUCKING GOD! no tissue paper supply and the water can't flush at all?! Besides, the washroom was so smelly, wet and dirty! yet you have to pay for no service!!
I kid you not, it even happened in 5 star hotel and employee washrooms! The guest washroom smell like sewage, the smell from the drainage, no tisse paper supply, door can't be locked, no air ventilation, water system problem, once you flush the water, the water flow up with your "disposal" float together. The employee washroom "disposal" can remain for 2 days no one bother to clean up, Engineering was busy yet to fix the defect. Please excuse me for the GROSS photos below! :p