Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sticky Note Girl

Yesterday i collected a folder from another office, i found there's a piece of sticky note inside there with a cute drawing. Let me show you, a sticky note girl!


Besides you can have stick-note-pad on your office desk, you may have it on your computer screen, just download the software here.
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Oh yeah, i remembered that there's a taiwanese drama ' sticky note girl' as well as known as 'Fated to Love You' which is a funny & romantic drama, you should not miss it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plastic Shoe - Crocs

Years ago, I went to Crocs' shop with my friends, i tried on the ballerina design of Crocs™,don't feel so comfy due to my hideous alien toes,then i tried on the basic design, my friend laughed at me and teased as Minnie mouse! -_-'' so hideous!

Crocs, you will love it or you will hate it! Crocs™ become a fashion icon and everyone wear it walk on the street. Besides, you may find some crocs™ are not genuine / original, they are imidation / fake version, of cause the quality speaks the different. Genuine crocs are long lasting,durable, easy to clean and comfy. ^_^ Crocs™ come in a variety of styles and colours, oh yeah! you may decorate your crocs with colourful & cute crocs jibbitz™.

One day, my friend told me that there will be a Crocs warehouse sales! should not miss it! I was hesitate about it, should i try to get a pair of crocs?
I went to the warehouse sales @ Ikano Power Centre, not so crowded, some of the designed that i fancied was out of stock or no size for me! :( However, i never give up and manage to find 2 pairs Crocs™, happily paid and leave. I bought a pair of black crocs™ (cayman racer, black with electric blue strip, kids' version) with a great bargain price RM40 per pair if you compare to usual selling price at RM129.00. Another pair is slightly pricey, a pink & white Hello Kitty version cost me RM90.00. Tell me, It's worth it! :p yeah yeah yeah! i know it's just a pair of plastic shoe!

Try it you will know!


The reasons why you need to wear Crocs?!


My Crocs jibbitz™



I can't find the Hello Kitty Jibbitz™ , i bought this pink piggy, perhaps next round hunt for a pair of Hello Kitty design.


A cat without a mouth :p