Monday, July 23, 2007

Double happiness?? MEME!!

Fu-yoh! I've the honour to get TAGged by Jerry, thus i've to squeeze my brain juice to do this 'task' loh.. Hey, I've got tagged for double meme! aint double happiness loh... strike 4-D! ^_^
The 1st meme is gonna to talk about:-

10 Things I Hate!!

  • Food I hate : Exotic Food i.e. deep fried worms

  • Fruit I hate : Lychee

  • Veggies I hate : Chives

  • Celebrities/People that I hate : Those selfish, rude, dirty, intolerant,without self-humiliation

  • Event/Situation/Incident that I hate : Someone i knew passed away, lose a friend in friendship & break up with beloved one.

  • TV shows/movies that I hate : Horror movies

  • Music I hate : Techno

  • Household chores that I hate : Sweep & mop floor, prefer vacuuming

  • Things that you hate around the world : Nature disaster happening around the world, disease is spreading around the corner.

  • Things that you hate about yourself : Laziness, lateness, procrastination, moody, blunt & too straight forward
Phew! finally done the 1st meme... :P
The 2nd Meme is gonna to talk about :-

The Face Behind The Blog

when i was small..

black rose with mask..hehehe..


I am an ordinary chinese gal who born in a small town at Perak. I am the only child in my family, yet my parents didn't spoilt me much. My mummy still trained me up to be independant person and she is very protective towards me. Thus, i always craves for FREEDOM!

When i was small, my mummy sent to me for classes to learn different stuff. i.e. play piano which i stopped it by grade 3 coz i freak out of the theory part, ballet classes till grade 5 (3 more grade i can teach ballet already) i stopped it coz i need go to KL due to busy schedule, i've learned how to play Erhu for 3 months (reason why i stopped coz my band lecturer caught me due to practise and presentation timing crashed together), learned how to play Clarinet for 5 years in military school band whereby attend numerous matching and concert competition (during schooling time), learned how to draw for 4 years, somehow i didn't major in art. End up my parents said i just wasting my times and their money which invested on me. hahaha... well, just learned for my own interest. I used to write lots chinese essay back in school time which my articles won the award and been published out in newspaper before, but i been ages never pick up my pen to write again, so don't ask me to write any chinese article. *gulp* (sigh..i feel suddenly i so useless leh...)
I major in Hospitality & Tourism, graduated from University de Toulouse, France & Taylor's College, School of Hospitality & Tourism. Specialized in Room Division, Sales & Marketing & Hospitality Manager, end up work in hotel industry. (Heck! what a bad choice!?)
Been to a few prestige hotels for my industry training and internship, i.e Hilton KL (now known as Crown Mutiara KL), Sheraton Imperial KL, Ritz Carlton KL, Shangri-La KL.... gained great experienced and exposure, a wide eye opened in life and get to know more people as well.
In this industry, we have been trained to know everything from A-Z, practical operation to management, you have to learn from the scratch, not easy tho.. you have to know the premises design, engineering part, service sequence, operation flow, inventory, cost control, food safety management, fire safety, pest control, housekeeping (bed making, washroom cleaning, enter male/female washroom, public area cleaning, laundry service, florist,runner, room inspection etc), front office (concierge, dispatch, operator, check-in/out, etc), sales & marketing and catering events (handling guest inquiry, set up etc), F&B operations (stewarding,kitchen & service) and so on.. too many to share.. i shall stop it before i make you sick and freak out! hahaha... I used to work in HR, then i moved to another field. For time being, i am in Food & Beverage line, thus always i can get to taste delicious food and most of the time food & drinks are free.

I'm into reading, cooking, sing k, blogging, listening to music, movies, eating, chating, sleeping, playing games, doodling, fluffy soft toys, shopping, formula 1 and so on. I'm a Gemini, so i have an angel and devil within me *devil grin*, so watch out yeah!! :P~~ Want to find out more, click here to read my testimonial and the rest you have to discover yourself, time will prove it to you perhaps... *giggle*

Voila! I'm done for all... now it's the golden time for me to tag others.. Please don't kill me this little poor panda. :P~

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38kia said...

whaha nice meme, we both hate horror movies.
I like the "black rose" picture, very 38. I actually going to major in hospitality and tourism, then after 2nd thought I went to study in Art and Animation.

I know how to play Flute, Trumpet, Side Drum and Bass guitar too haha..

Jo said...

yeah...dun really fancy horror movies, i just purely screaming there, carry bag or pillow covers half of my face...what's the point ah? then later nightmare!!
hahaa..the black rose pic ah..i found it funny, snapped by my fren..38 one.hahahaha
studied ART is good mah..
just do what you enjoy doing the best!
wahlao..u know how to play so many instruments, geng woh!!!salut u!!
flute make me bit dizzy, trumpet need lots of GAS!! :P

BeeLee said...

Hello Jo, nice to meet you :) Thanks for dropping by my blog, have a great day :)