Wednesday, February 28, 2007

10 weird things or habits

OMG!!! I've been tagged by Sammie.....

Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!

1. I love to hug pillows or soft toy to sleep. when i was small, i've had a small smelly pillow follow me everywhere i go. But too bad my mummy has discarded it. Somehow i 'created' two smelly sfot toys with me a fluffy puppy soft nice to hug, i cuddle 'em to sleep everynight at home. Yeah..they are smelly one..hehehe...full with my smeel and saliva. :P Oh yeah, i've 4 pillows with me.

2. I like to 'flip' my hair, scratch my head when i have nothing to do!

3. I don like to comb my hair, only comb once a day if i go out. Otherwise no need to comb at home. hahahaha

4. I don't like to wear inner gourmet to bed. If possible sleep naked is nice...hahaha

5. I love to collect 'rubbish', ahem..i mean i collected nice paper bags, magazine, nice boxes, books.

6. I love talking, enjoy chating. I can chat non stop like no tomorrow. In my chating record, i can chat 8 hours non stop on the phone with the same person. Big CHATTERBOX!

7. I am bit shopping freak, i can go window shopping and normal shopping. Nothing to do will walk around to do market survey. I can't stop myself to buy clothes, shoes, cosmetic and bags.

8. I like to disturb my friends. Who can't stand me? please raise your hand!! or you are really enjoy my 'disturbance' in life, please raise ur leg. :P

9. I can everyday drink coffee and eat egg. One day i can take up to 6 cups of brewed coffee in office in my record. I can consumes 3 egg per day. But due to my LDH is bit high as per my medical check up report, i've to cut down egg intake. aw..... >_<

10. I love sleeping, i can sleep for whole day not doing anything, not eating anything. Just drink plain water and continues sleeping.

The ppl i wanna to tag: - Gracie, Lu Jee, Maverick, Benghan, Peggy, James (Jae)

Ang pow mari lar~~!!

Yesterday back to work!! all my staff greet me with big smile..Gong xi fa cai, mana ang pow?
Eh! I'm not marry yet , how to give you angpow? muahhahaa....My malay & indian associates don't know our chinese culture & custom. Nah... It's alright.. I'm happy that they still remember to give me a lovely greeting. Since no angpow for them, i give cookies let them to try out. ^-^
My chinese boss & chef gave me an angpow when i kick off my working day after a long chinese new year leave. Lots stuff need to catch up, paper work & reports are piling up on my table. February always is the shortest month, 2 meetings have been postponed and cancelled due to my leave application and others department busy schedule. Everyone seems not available at the right time for meeting, shall we wait for more? Well, i aint boss, let them to decide. hehehe...less meeting is good, less report, less work. Meeting always is boring and dull, wasting my time. :P
Few more days will be chap goh meh, CNY gonna to end soon. Before CNY end, i still can collect some angpow!! hehehe...this year miss out lots of angpow!! who wanna to do charity, please do donate some to my account yeah..kekekeke...:P

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Love is.....Amour.....

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

Yuen Dim Sum~slurpy~

Siew mai & stew chicken feet
har kao dumpling
radish cake
fried radish cake
don't know what name of this dumpling :P
'wu kok' deep fried yam dumpling

Lynne introduced me this Yuen Dim Sum Shop @ Puchong quite sometimes ago, but recently i just went there. Been there 3 times within a month, needless to say it's YUMMILICIOUS!!
Firt time went with Maverick, 2nd time with SY and 3rd time with parents.
During the weekend, it was so packed & crowded, we need to wait for table. I went there twice for lunch, not so busy, just cozy and manage get table. The food is served steaming hot and fresh, pricing not so expensive. Value for money, worth to give a try!!

Papa Mama In Town~ Busy Busy~

Papa Mama followed me to KL for a couple of days 'break-away', i was so busy 'entertaining' them. That's why hardly see me online and blogging. Brought them shopping, walked around, eat bit in town till kaki ' patah'. Worst than working day, muahahaha! My papa love shopping, regardless is real shopping or window shopping, but mama dislike walking too much..>_<
We went to this old town kopitiam, we had white coffee, ice lemon tea, 'si mut nai cha' ~ stocking tea?~ signiture kaya butter toast and ice cream toast. What a disappointed on the tea, they used the cheapsket milk, the milk tasted so unfresh, kind of weird taste, bit smelly, but we keep quiet drank it. Mama bit regreted to order that tea, she didn't finish it. The ice lemon tea turn out so sour, too concentrated and no tea inside, just plain water and ice cube. i just love the vanilla ice cream toast. The rest we just quietly drank and bite, paid off and ciao. Never ever go that particular branch again. Very lousy quality i ever been. The others kopitiam not that bad. Old Town kopitiam
kaya butter toast
ice lemon tea but no tea
Ice cream toast
White coffee
the lousy tea

My beloved mama brought lots of stuff to KL, till my fridge so packed! stuffed with food! OMG! She tot KL nothing to eat, want me to eat more, please please...i wanna on diet already, please stop feeding me with good food!! Since CNY eve i ate non-stop till today back to work, still eating... Oh No!!!Big tummy liao...can see 2 tyres...

Before papa mama back home, we had a small 'reunion' dinner with Mary & Lynne, my ex colleague aka sista gang, we catch up together for a simple yummilicious dinner. We had some laugh together and updating some gossips. ^-^
Steamed fish
Fried tofu with minced meat
sweet sour pork 'ku low yok'
Stir fried kailan

Time flies, sweet moment always passing fast, papa mama need to back to home sweet home, aww...i gonna miss 'em lots!! sob-sob -_-''

U can BAKE!!!

cake mixture...lalala...
Nana in action!!

our banana cake before push into oven

Before CNY, i helped Serena get an oven from KL. She was delighted with this new kitchen helper..her new toy.. LOL~:P

3rd Day of CNY, both of us decided to bake cake together. I went to her place, dig all the equipments and utensils out, bought all ingredients. Mixed this added that, so fun. So thrill to see our banana cake mixture pour into mould and push into oven to bake.

Phew! Serena, trust me, you actuall can BAKE yeah!! Have fun..I know today u gonna to bake another cake. Enjoy your fun time!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Family gathering

Sweet & sour pork ~gu low yuk~
Ginger duck
Yam & pork ~kao yuk~
Steamed chicken
Sour vegetables
mushroom & chicken feet
Stir fried mixed vegetables
Achar vegetables
cucumber pickle with chicken gizzard

Lunar New Year 2nd day, i woke up slightly late, mummy already waited impatiently, rushed me dressed up and drove her back to granny's place (mum's side). Papa & Mama were busy loading goodies into my car * no eye to see*.
We manage to start our journey to Tronoh by 11am, stucked in traffic jam due to stewpiak car accident at the bridge side. After 1 hour journey, finally reached granny's place safely. Met up my cute cousins, omg! all grown up, suddenly i feel so de OLD!!
Oh yeah, happy that i can collect 2 more angpow, coz 2 of my cousins just married!! hahaaa...
I hate those elderies & relatives over caring keep asking when you gonna get bf huh? when you wanna getting marry huh? Shit lah! i know i'm getting old, soon or later not so 'lahku' already, but just don't hurry n pushing me, okay? It's not my fault if i am still single, right? Love won't fall from the sky...give me some times yeah... PLEASE STOP ASKING ME!! >_<>
One of my little cousin from Ipoh, she 's so cute and innocent, only form 5, she's pretty girl. She purposely asked me fetch her go out to buy drink, then small chat with me that why her parents not allow her to date guy? Everytime she was dating with guy, her parents sure found out and caught her. muahaha....she is damn cute man...she told me they only went shopping, then let others ppl found out and inform her mummy. I told her, she still young that's why parents will worry about her, and all these just puppy love, she should focus on study instead of busy dating coz she still have plenty of times to date around. LOL! poor baby always get caught by papa & mama. I even devilish taught her go for movie dating is the best idea...LOL!
It's a great time to catch up with relatives once a year for a short gathering...Eat..Laugh...Fun together...OMG! i've put on! help!!!!
Every night, non stop fire crackers boom boom booming at my area, very annoying...can't sleep well. I wan raining day....then they canot light on their fire crackers...hahahahha....
GONG XI FA CAI!!! Gimme more angpow pls!!! :P

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Reunion Dinner @ home!~ Happy Chinese New Year

Cake mixer, beating up the butter & sugar for butter oat cake Vegetarian bak kuh teh
beancurd skin, straw mushroom, oyster mushroom, cepe mushroom & tofu pok
Fried noodle I baked this cake! butter oat cake~ yummy~
Stir fried mixed vegetables
Roast duck
Deep fried butter prawn with chilli padi, curry leave & egg

* i cooked this*^o^
sweet & sour fish maw
Yam & roast pork belly *wu tao kao yuke*
Sea cucumber, mushroom & chicken feet

Mummy woke me up early to give a hand in the kitchen, helped her to cook...My beloved mummy cooked lots of delicious dishes...i only cooked one dish...i cooked deep fried butter prawn and i baked 2 butter oat cakes. ~yummy~
Dad enjoyed our food very much... he mentioned my cooking skill improved lots.. LOL!!
A few years back i didnt manage rush back for reunion dinner, finally this year i make it!!!
Have a look, what we had for our reunion dinner?
'wu tao kao yuke' yam stewed with marinated pork belly meat, stir fried mixed vegetables, fried noodle, vegetarian bak kuh teh, sweet & sour fish maw, sea cucumber, mushroom & chicken feet cooked in soy sauce, roast duck and 'achar' vegetables pickle. I can't finish all the dishes, but i indulged myself very much with home cooking, tummy bloated for whole night.
Evening time i baked 2 butter oat cakes before i hit my sack..'s very simple cake, i learned it from recipe book. Get ready all ingredients & equipment, less than 2 hours, i get the cake done. Phew! i feel so good to bake cake & cook with my mummy at home!

Catch up with nana~

Finally Serena aka Nana is back to M'sia!!

After been thru a so-called-wasting-my-time & damn stewpiak interview, i met Nana @ Summit for Lunch. We were so happy hugging each other after so long didn't meet up.

A simple lunch, we chat lots about our life and catch up some stories. She bought me something from Perth, yeah! it's chocolate! She knew i love chocolate!!! TQ~~ and a handmade wooden comb from China, 2 weeks ago she went to China for a short vacation.

After lunch, we went to KLCC shopping! As you know, majority gals love shopping!

I bought a limited edition eye concealer from Bobbi Brown with a free brush together and a set of mask kit (brush, spatula, container & sponge) from Sasa. Nana wanted the eye brush from Bobbi Brown, but unfortunately it's out of stock! :(

I brought her to Bodyshop grabbed some stuff for her beloved mummy and check out some products in MAC. She told me Bodyshop in OZ kinda pricey if compare to M'sia.

Voila! We spent our V-day together, what a lovely catch up with my bosom friend!! Nana, don't be sad that didn't receive any flower yeah...*gulp* :P

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Izzi ~ pasta, pizza & coffee~

Went to Izzi for lunch with SY one week ago, we just ordered 2 items to try out.
We had the pasta with mushroom served with sun dried tomato and white cream sauce and Pollo Tropicale pizza which is not cheezy enough for my liking. SY told me they are using artificial cheese, but the taste is the same. I just wondering why? SY mentioned it's cost issue, as SY ex-company supplier ingredients to them. LOL...
We had bottomless soft drinks, but i only manage to refill once. Sigh...i aint water tank, that's why so 'rugi'..^-^

Very clean clear, simple design outlet with 3 levels, caters for friends, family gathering and private function as well.
There's a corner with FREE WIFI for laptop users and magazine corner for book lovers. Nearby the entrance features eye catchy desserts at their dessert counter as part of their selling point.

Izzi offers a la carte menu with a variety of selections...
Starters, salads, oven & grill, asian starters, pasta, pizza, asian rice & noodles, Asian wok fried dishes...
For vegetarian, needless to worry, you can have your choice.
For those water tank drinkers, you may go for bottomless beverages i.e. soft drinks & ice lemon tea. In their menu also indicated Chef recommendation, Vegetarian, Spicy & Hot.The pricing are affordable...not so pricey..from RM3.80 onwards for starters up to RM35.80 for main dish.

However, i was not so pleased with their service, not so attentive and not flexible enough, we don't choice to pick our table eventhough there're plenty empty one.

on top of it, they also provides delivery service 1300-88-5555
~all prices subject to change without prior notive with applicable taxes
~a minimum order of RM20 per head. RM3 will be charged for every delivery.
~delivery zone within 30 mins from the restaurant
~delivery zones will be exntended after 9pm due to less traffic

How to get there?
Location: 4A-2A , Jln Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur (near The Ship)
Tel: 03-21415808

Izzi's tissue
Simple table setup
Pollo Tropicale pizza
Fettucini Con Funghi

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!~

Phew! Time flies... one glipse Valentine's day is coming before Chinese New Year.
Yo.. people, what's your plan? How you gonna to celebrate your V's day with your beloved one?

Cupid gonna be very busy to send some loves over to couples and single...
Let love cure all the pain...
Let love make this world more beautiful...
Would you be my valentine?'s norm phrase..

Do love need a reason???

Spread some loves around.....hugs by love...
Faster share your love with others..before too late..
be brave to tell someone if you do love her/him...

This is Valentine's decoration @ The Cineleisure, The Curve

LOVE is in the air..... Everywhere you can see heart lovey dovey...pinkish and red colour all around the shops' boss gonna be so happy, coz can making money out of this special occasion. The roses gonna to sell like a hot cake in the market, needles to say it's gonna to be pricey. Soft toy, flowers, chocolate, perfume are those hot pick items for Valentine's day. Are you get ready for it? Any surprise for your beloved one? Majority restaurants gonna be fully booked, if you have no where to go, then cook at home for your beloved one. He/ she gonna be delighted by your lovely dishes and treasure your hard work & effort. Sounds so sweet yeah...
For me, i gonna prepare myself go for a job interview on V's Day...nothing special..just another day for me to go thru..
Wish all of you have a happy & wonderful Valentine's Day!! ~ huggies~