Thursday, September 29, 2005

Jokes ~~ Women Vs Men


"Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase.As she fumbled for her wallet I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse."So, do you always carry your TV remote?" I asked."No," she replied, " but my husband refused to come shopping with me,and I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him legally."


I know I'm not going to understand women.I'll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax,pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root,and still be afraid of a spider.


A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word.An earlier discussion had led to an argument andneither of them wanted to concede their position.As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs,the husband asked sarcastically, "Relatives of yours?""Yep," the wife replied, "in-laws."


A man said to his wife one day, "I don't know how you can beso stupid and so beautiful all at the same time." The wife responded, "Allow me to explain.
God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me;
God made me stupid so I would be attracted to you!


A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving eachother the silent treatment. Suddenly, the man realized that the next day,he would need his wife to wake him at 5:00 AM for an early morning businessflight.
Not wanting to be the first to break the silence (and LOSE), he wrote on apiece of paper,"Please wake me at 5:00 AM." He left it where he knew she would find it.The next morning, the man woke up, only to discover it was 9:00 AM and he had missed his flight.
Furious, he was about to go and see why his wife hadn't wakened him, when he noticed a piece of paper bythe bed. The paper said, "It is 5:00 AM. Wake up."
Men are not equipped for these kinds of contests.

God may have created man before woman,but there is always a rough draft before the masterpiece.


Monday, September 26, 2005

What am i like??

Find out with the 'What Am I Like?' personality test.


Your answers suggest you are a Performer
The four aspects that make up this personality type are:

Summary of Performers
*Love fun, people and the world around them
*Prefer hands-on learning to reading a book
*Think of themselves as enthusiastic, sociable or sensitive
*May forget about commitments because they're having so much fun

More about Performers
For the Performers, people and the exciting world around them come before rules and routines. This group believes you can get work done efficiently and have fun at the same time. Others are naturally drawn to the Performers' outgoing nature and enjoyment of life.

Performers are good at reading people and figuring out what their needs are. They don't believe in making plans and are confident that they can handle whatever comes their way. These skills allow Performers to quickly motivate others

In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Performers may become distracted, fail to accept or meet deadlines, or take criticism too personally. Under extreme stress, Performers can be overwhelmed by thinking of all the things that could possibly go wrong.

Performers may live for the moment and forget the consequences of their actions.

Performer Careers
Performers are drawn to careers that require people skills and attention to detail.
It's important to remember that no survey can predict personality type with 100 percent accuracy. Experts say that we should use personality type to better understand ourselves and others, but shouldn't feel restricted by our results.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

他有没有伤害了你 ?

一个女人谈起她的旧情人们时,她说 : 他们都伤害了我。
在座一个男人问她 : 他们怎样伤害你 ?
她说 : 就是伤害了我。男人不太明白,再次问她 : 是怎样伤害 ?
女人急得快要生气,按着胸口说 : 就是伤害。

说一个男人伤害了她,那不一定说是一件事,那是很多事情加在一 一起的。


又比如说,她很努力的工作,别人都称赞她,而他却说 : 你真是幸运。
虽然知道他不是故意的,但她的心的确很痛。她在追求自己的理想,她以为他也跟她一样,他却突然说 : 你还相信理想吗 ? 没想到你一把年纪还这么天真。那种冷嘲热讽,是很深的伤害。

男人对女人的伤害,不一定是他爱上了别人,而是他在她有所期待的时候让她失望,在她脆弱的时候没有扶她一把,在她成功的时候竟然妒忌她。这种种伤害,要怎么说呢 ? 一开口就想哭。


女人问男人 : 你会爱我多久 ?
男人说 : 永远。

什么是永远 ? 已经越来越少人说永远了。我们能够爱一个人比他的生命更长久,却不可能比自己的生命更长久。我们爱的人死了,我们仍然能够永远爱他,但是只能够爱到我们自己生命终结的时候。

我会爱你多久? 如果我说永远,那是骗你的,永远即是六十亿年后,我和你都不可能待到那一天。

什么都有用完的一天,太阳后用完,空气会用完,燃料会用完,精力会用完,耐性会用完,斗志会用完,爱情又凭什么不会用完呢 ?

当爱情用完了,一切也会随之灰飞烟灭,半点不留痕。那个时候,你还会不会记得你曾经问我 : 你会爱我多久 ??


Saturday, September 24, 2005

He’s really into you??? Any Clues?? PART TWO

Clue # 4

He writes a song / poem for you

Okay, he might not be so good as others famous composer, but for him to feel so inspired by you that he wanted to create something out of nothing (for that is what art is), then he must have some pretty serious notions of love for you..
Whether he’s prepared to admit it or not.
A four-line song or poem is indicative of his interest, but we don’t think enough effort went into it to qualify as love. Love will keep an artist at his work for hours on end, until he is satisfied that his artwork conveys the message he wants to say. It’s PASSIONATE!
A tribute to your existence in the form of a song or poem or painting is very flattering, no doubt.
But keep your eyes on the ball, don’t wallow in the attention and miss the message, there is something he is trying to tell you. In between the “Let’s spend forever together” lines, there are subtle nuances you may miss at first glance. So you have to read it over, and read it right!
It’s so touching when someone sing a song for you ..don’t you think so?

In my memories, I still can remember one of my friend played guitar and sing birthday song for me, I was so touched! But don’t get me wrong, he just one of my closed friend! Hahaha…that’s only a birthday song!
Still can remembered, my ex bf drew a painting for me, I still keeping it in drawer.
Also, my late bf wrote a sweet poem for me that I wouldn’t ever forget it, even thought he is no longer here, but his love and thought will be with me till the day I grow old. How I wish can keep all these sweet one in my pocket and bring around whenever I go…

Clue #5

He learns to cook

Although men probably do make better chefs at a professional level, most cannot be bothered to learn anything more in the kitchen than how to boil water (for instant noodles, coffee and eggs) and frying burgers. Nothing in the world can ever induce us to pick up a cookbook and attempt anything that involves meat, spices and raw vegetables…nothing that is, except the woman of his dream. He is obviously going to some amazing lengths to please and impress you. Is it real?
Yes, will it last? There’s only one way to find out! In any case, you may as well encourage him in his new hobby (hopefully, he likes it!). You may find yourself with your own beloved one day cooking together in the kitchen.. now, wouldn’t that be nice?
It gonna be so appealing you that you “lovely” breakfast is ready when you get up from you bed in the morning, your beloved one is preparing your breakfast for you in the kitchen..How sweet is he yeah..? :P Find one of the weekend, go shopping together for groceries, check out new products in market and decide what’s the menu of the day.. What a kewl idea to spend some quality times together?

Clue #6

What’s his is yours

There are some possessions men have that they would kill to protect from the grubby hands of outside world. Some example include football jerseys, caps, limited edition CDs, his fave shirts & shorts, his car and musical instruments (especially guitars). Few people, if anyore, have ever laid their fingers on these holy items. Not his best friend, nor his brothers, not even his mother. So, when he put his cap on your head playfully, or asks that you take his CD home to listen to, or offers threadbare shorts and big T-shirt when you stay over, take this as a sign of this highest trust in you, and be very, very respectful of whatever it is he has decided to share. Being willing to share these parts of his life with you means that he’s probably willing to share a whole lot more.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

FHM 2005

Today i'm excited wanna go to FHM 2005 (food and hotel exhibition) at New Kuala Lumpur Convention Ctr. Also glad that no need to work woh...I only work for 2 hours then followed Sasi (my purchasing officer) to FHM. Hurray! space for car park..terrible!!!
First time step into the KLCC, feel good! then Q up at counter to collect my pass, then we went inside the big hall. Many companies set up their booths there..*Pening kepala* :P But if compare with PWTC, this is not so big yeah.
Fun to follow Sasi walking around, to get know more suppliers. Try out all the yummy food and drinks..get free gifts..grab lots of brochures...:) i.e. cured salmon, cheesez, chocolate, ice cream, coffee, juices, wine, sausages, etc... walked till my leg so sored (i dumb lah, wearing high heel of coz sore leg!) toes also wanna cramp ady. :P
Sasi is so nice person, he intro me some of the suppliers..and we saw some latest products in the market which is not in catalogue yet. Besides that, followed Sasi can get freen gifts too.:P
I've received pastry pro one box of pralines, WMF spaghetti fork & spoon one set (stainless steel), some juices... I went to visit our coffee supplier, wow..kewl display cost them RM60k for the natural green concept. I was chit chating with boon (our coffee supplier technician), he's a superb nice guy! He let me tried new coffee, organic coffee...phew! i really enjoyed it...for 2 cups ..:) and his manager gave me one packet free since i like it so much..thank u thank u...paiseh...:P then his sales manager grabbed me play the horoscope thingy games see which coffee bean is suitable for me, end up i received another packet of coffee powder >>Columbia<< which i tried before.. anyway, i still keep my 2 packets of blue mountain till now..must open it try yeah..coz very expensive coffee oh...i'm sure coffee lover definately will know what i am talking about..hehehehe...
After that we went to Culinary competition...WOW! need to pay for entrance fee woh..Sasi with VIP pass no need to pay, for me just normal visitor so have to pay, but he was so gentlemen paid for me..thanks Sasi!! I saw the hall was so crowded, people with chef uniform were walking around. Let me peep first, what's going on now? oh yeah...let me search high n low where all my chef gone ah? finally i found them...I found Zainol (pastry chef) and Izuan (Cold Kitchen chef), both of them look so tired, coz their competition was started at 3am, gosh! 3pm they still there waiting for result. So i "kepoh" wanna to see their great "show piece".. I saw Zainol's 5 dessert display and Izuan's menu of the day display was kewl! nice colour combination, too bad didnt' snap the picture..erm..may b can ask Eve to provide me some yeah..heheheh...
Also, i saw many other hotels and restaurant took part too...i saw lots of sugar sculptures..tat's amazing man!!! really FINE ART!! oh yeah..on the stage, there's bar tender cocktail competition... candidate went up the stage one by one with "bombastic" music and start to perform their special skills...throwing bottles...swinging bottles...dancing...mixer... then finally ..Whala...there u go of the signature cocktail is be presented to 3 judges there for tasting.
Then i saw Azhari (Asian Chef) stepped in to the competition practical kitchen, start his session.
Everyone seem so serius and paying full attention on their cooking....
And i called up Eve Lyn, hehee...manage to see her and bunch of her happy...after that also met up Bee Fong babe...she changed her hair colour again..hey babe, nice colour yeah! Then we end up stucked at Ice carving competition session..Tat's awesome!!!
Before the competition end up for marking score, we left the FHM coz wanna to avoid traffic jam in KL town. Both of us haven't take our lunch, so plan go for early dinner. On the way back to office, boss called....aiseh...wanna checking where am i ...really basket woh...
Dun bother much, we stopped at sri kembangan for a quick dinner and heading back to office.
That's all for my whole day FHM trip! ;p

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My gifts

Through out all my life, i been received many gifts...all are special and precious one..
Thus, i would like to share part of them here. All these gifts are given by my friends and from all around the world. I was so touching to receive all these precious one..coz whenever my frenz go at least he/ she still remember me existing in this world. The soft toys (lion, puppy) and diamond ring were given by my late boyfriend, he gave me lots of things that really memorable one in my life! Some all the way courier frm USA while he was there, majority are surprise gifts to me. Kolar bear was given by my college god sister while she went Aussie trip.(i wish to find her back again). NewYork chocolate apple was given by John (my colleague) that he went to Cornell Uni for his study. Purple crystal butterfly was given by my current boss while he went to Indonesia biz trip. Crystal tree also given frm him too (from Myanmar). Soft beanie clock was from Chef Joseph for one of my Christmas gift! Small leather purse was from Lynne when she back from Aussie trip. Keychain was given by my Ex boss. Look at the cute little round box here with blue dot doties..was made from orange peel skin, given by Chef Massimo while he went for Mediterranean sea country trip. Mickeymouse thingy was from Disneyland, Florida (from my moomoo). Fluffy Garfield mobile cover from my cousin (liangming) bought from S'pore. Still remember the music box was given by one of my ex colleague when i was 20 yrs old working with her for 3 mths.. a nice and petite malay lady. Oh yeah..look at this small little blue dangling ear ring, it was from Thailand!Given by cutie Angela. :) She also gave me pinkish bikini and cutie monkey tube top from Hongkong! Pls pay attention on the red thingy shoe.. it was handmade leather shoe, all the way from Pakistan! and the nicely done bangles and ear rings all frm Pakistan too, given by my boss's wife. She's a sweet lady! All of them and those gifts make me feel so warm in my heart, i knew they are care for me and love me as who i am. A bunch of nice frienz make the world become so beautiful!

Well, i really appreciate and truly treasure what i'm having now, eventhough human's desire always beyond the control and ask for more...(non stop demanding) But i know the most precious thing i have is my soul that given by my beloved parents! Hence, i need to love myself moer and take good care of myself, eventhough life is so fragile and unpredictable. Enjoy the life to the the maximum, no shit! no regret! Thanks for everyone being so nice to me in my life...i unable to count on all of you here... I hope one day you will understand..


冷冷的天气, 冷冷的心情, 没有你的日子,时间只会停留在回忆。
那么如果时间很快就会过去,那么结局又会不会只停在可惜? ?
当你孤单无奈的时候, 请你想想可笑的事, 做做 无 聊的 东西。
不要求 清 醒, 只希望快乐。 人的一生当中有很多问题, 人的一生当中也有很多停留的时刻,
放松一下, 这个世界还是一样, 问题来了,就是时候对它复习做人的道理。
问题来了,就是时候勇敢 的面对, 面对问题有时候不要太 清醒,
清醒面对的时候, 就要有把握问题会解决。
开心和不开心, 面对问题和逃避问题, 人生的路还是要自己安排走下去。
前面的路有你的未来, 有你的希望, 你一定会看见光明。
求求上天多给一点时间, 那怕只是一天, 多一天时间, 就多一分勇气面对你最大的敌人
。。。。。。。自己! !













Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Men!!! Men!!!

1. Men are like .......Laxatives ..... They irritate the shit out of you.

2. Men are like ......Bananas ...... The older they get, the less firm they are.

3. Men are like ......Weather ..... Nothing can be done to change them.

4. Men are like ......Blenders ... You need One, but you're not quite sure why.

5. Men are like ......Chocolate Bars .... Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips.

6. Men are like ....Commercials ...... You can't believe a word they say.

7. Men are like .......Department Stores ..... Their clothes are always 1/2 off.

8. Men are like .......Government Bonds .... They take soooooooo long to mature.

9. Men are like .....Mascara ...... They usually run at the first sign of emotion.

10. Men are like .....Popcorn .... They satisfy you, but only for a little while.

11. Men are like .......Lava Lamps .... Fun to look at, but not very bright.

12. Men are like .......Parking Spots ....... All the good ones aretaken, the rest are handicapped.

Special dedicate to all the remarkable women that i know, as well as to any understanding good-natured, fun kinda guys you might be lucky enough to know !!!!!!!!!!


If I knew it would be the last time
That I'd see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord,
your soul to keep.

If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door,
I would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more.
If I knew it would be the last time
I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise,
I would video tape each action and word,
so I could play them back day after day.

If I knew it would be the last time,
I could spare an extra minute to stop and say "I love you,"
instead of assuming you would KNOW I do.

If I knew it would be the last time
I would be there to share your day,
Well I'm sure you'll have so many more,
so I can let just this one slip away.

For surely there's always tomorrow to make up for an oversight,
and we always get a second chance to make everything just right.
There will always be another day to say "I love you,"
And certainly there's another chance to say our "Anything I can do?"

But just in case I might be wrong, and today is all I get,
I'd like to say how much I love you and I hope we never forget.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike,
And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight.
So if you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today?

For if tomorrow never comes,
you'll surely regret the day,
That you didn't take that extra time for a smile,
a hug, or a kiss and you were too busy to grant someone,
what turned out to be their one last wish.
So hold your loved ones close today, and whisper in their ear,
Tell them how much you love them and that you'll always hold them dear

Take time to say "I'm sorry,"
"Please forgive me," "Thank you," or "It's okay."
And if tomorrow never comes, you'll have no regrets about today.

P/S: This poem is awesome, sent by one of my friend. Dedicate to all my friends and their beloved one.

My Visitors

Yippy! i 'm so happy that to see my blog's visitors keep increasing day by day. I just added this counter code statistics into my blog since 15 September, which i discovered it from Wes's blog. This is a really coolest thing tat i've discovered. This web programme will enable me to trace all the visitors who browsed my blog before (with all statistics report). From the report, i noticed that everyday 10 a.m is the peak period those frenz will browse thru my blog. Wow! it's really amazing that 2 a.m, 5 a.m and 6 a.m got ppl read my blog too! and Monday 19 Sept i hit my forecast too, total visitors=9 persons. =) Also, besides Malaysian, there are "frenz" from aussie and S'pore too. (from the analysis report of IP user). I'm glad that my piece and pieces in my life can be shared among my frenz too. Hope that people will enjoy reading my blog as well!!^o^

Karaoke Happy Hour!

Sunday woke up late in the afternoon, my "dear dear" Jchanet buzz me to hang out with her.
Mary called me that she went MATTA fair with Lynne, they managed to book a trip to Taman Negara, good for them.^0^
It was raining when i stepped out frm my house, :(. Thanks god that KL was sunny day!
Jchanet was late, so i was bumping around at Isetan. We went window shopping from Isetan to Sg Wang then Times Square. End up bought some stuff from Watson. :) We also went to Victoria Secret Warehouse sales at TS. Shit, all so big size for caucasion, Asian one all ugly design, just forget about it! hahaha....
Then Jchanet was bit boring then she insisted wanna go for Karaoke happy hour, gosh! i told i ady broke this month better don't go karaoke lah! Then she kept pursuit that she paid everything. Muahaha..Thanks Dear Dear! Next time i buy you Lunch yeah! :P
Jchanet told me one of her frenz wanna join us i met up her frenz, Lawrence. Tell u what, he claimed that he's safe driver, so he took his own sweet time to reach b. bintang. hahaha...roughly one hour plus and hardly find car park. LOL!
We started Karaoke from 7.30pm (Sunday), three of us went inside a small little room(as u know redbox right?) At first, Lawrence suggested wanna go to Neways karaoke, because he has intention one..he wanna buy pirated DVD there...muahahhaa...Unfornately we end up at Redbox. Sorry dude! Basket Redbox, as we know Sunday will be cheaper, then now they include dinner buffet as package, u have to pay RM35 but u have option to take the dinner or leave it. So no choice have to take the dinner. Thanks god that they 've changed their buffet dinner, got sushi counter, small steamboat "lok lok", dim sum and some appetizer. We had a great fun time together there by keep singing non stop and teaching Lawrence how to use the remote control and kept teased him. Wondering the times passed kinda fast, we sang till Monday morning 3am. end up Supper at Redbox total approximate 8 hours for Karaoke happy hour there! Gosh! oh men..can break my record ady!
After karaoke, Jchanet & Lawrence accompanied me to carpark pick up my car. Boo! guess what? I can't find my car, hav to check with security guide where's my car? muahaha..**pandan muka** Finally found my car...So i was guessing how much i gonna to pay for the car park?coz i parked from Sunday afternoon till Monday early morning. ;P well well, surprisingly when i stop at the exist, there's no one there to collect money and the gate bar was opened. free car park for the day!! how lucky yeah? After dropped Jchanet & Lawrence, i was heading home. Stopped at the traffic light at Pudu Jail there, then i saw a silver RAV 4 stopped next to my car. At first i dun really bother, but i sensed that someone was looking at me that kind of feeling. Then i turned my head, i saw the RAV 4 driver actually was staring at me. ****RAV 4 car driver wanted now!! WJR 4118 ^o^ Who asked the cute driver starred at me twice!! ;p**** He's damn cute & good looking. I still can remembered how his look like.. kekekee..Pls don't get me wrong, who doesn't like to see good looking person or pretty stuff?When the traffic light turned green light he overed took my car, but end up still stucked in traffic jam, u know why? coz police road blocked. muahahahaha....
Reached home @ 3.30am, not so sure what time hit my sack too. The next day i woke up to work, whole body zombie.. Hey Jchanet dear dear thanks for ur morning call!!what to do? should i blamed on someone? No! No!No!As long as we had fun and spent some quality times together, Jchanet, right? Hope to catch up with you again, but not for karaoke yeah..:p

Some Very Good and Very bad things

The most destructive habit......................Worry

The greatest Joy...............................Giving

The greatest lost................Loss of self-respect

The most satisfying work...............Helping others

The ugliest personality trait.............Selfishness

The most endangered species.........Dedicated leaders

Our greatest natural resource...............Our youth

The greatest "shot in the arm"..........Encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome.................Fear

The most effective sleeping pill........Peace of mind

The most crippling failure disease............Excuses

The most powerful force in life..................Love

The most dangerous pariah..................A gossiper

The world's most incredible computer........The brain

The worst thing to be without................... Hope

The deadliest weapon.......................The tongue

The two most power-filled words..............."I Can"

The greatest asset..............................Faith

The most worthless emotion..................Self-pity

The most beautiful attire......................SMILE!

The most prized possession................Integrity

The most powerful channel of communication.....Women

The most contagious spirit.................Enthusiasm

Sunday, September 18, 2005



男人的爱情必须有性, 男人用性来证明他对一个女人的爱,这是他们的本能。





性可以征服一个男人于一时,爱情可以俘虏 一 世。



女人肯体贴男人, 在生活上照顾他,男人便把财产交给她管理。



Friday, September 16, 2005

He’s really into you??? Take notes!!! Any Clues??

I’ve read this article from Magazine, some of the clues are so real which happened to me before in my life. I’ve picked some of the clues and facts from this article. Its “inspired” me to write something about it, to share some sweet memories that I only can cherish forever and can’t have these happen again in my life.

Love or Lust? When a man loves a woman, he might have a problem to express his feeling or saying that tricky “L” word. Some men really do love you in mutual way and can do any crazy things about you. Not only focus on your body, just wanna get a good companionship and love your soul too. Somehow there is some men only want LUST, they only want your body sleep with him get some pleasure and satisfaction with no string attach and no commitment at all.

Clue #1
He shares his food with you.
You can find a man who rather shares his food with his dog instead of you (even then not from the same plate)? But for most of the hungry and big appetite man, they won’t share with you. If a man willing to share his food with you, it is one of the big step in the direction of permanent coupledom.

Clue # 2
He calls you “Baby”
Have ever give a “pet name” to your beloved one?
Once he’s adopted a cute nickname for you that you approve of, and calls you by it no matter what company you’re in, you can rest assured that he is expressing his claim over you. The names can range from “bunny”, “teddy”, “hippo” to “baby”, from “Lola”, “busuk” to “Sayang”.. it doesn’t matter. It’s only between you and him special nick. If he made it up and no one else uses it, then it has his stamp of exclusively, and he is reserving the right to be able to call you by a special pet name! and when it comes to love, exclusively is always good.
P/S: Dear dear & Darling are already “outdated”…:P

Clue #3
He calls you for no reason
Received unexpected calls from him again and again?
If he calls you more than twice in a day with nothing specific to say to you, there is a very good chance he is fancy / in love with you… *make a wild guess???*
Simply because would never do such a thing under ordinary circumstances. *Call you for sure with his intention*
Calling to ask “how your day has been” is reason enough for you to start celebrating. *but take it easy and slow, don’t get wrong msg yeah..:P*
He’s in love with you… *may add on some spices into your life with his sparks*
He just doesn’t know it yet.
Men see the telephone as a communication tool for relaying facts and information to other people.
A woman sees it as a means of bonding. She can spend 2 weeks on vacation with her girl friend and when she returns home, telephone the same girl friend and talk for another 2 hours.
When you have nothing to do, just buzz someone that you miss ya…:P
Do you know that a simple “HELLO” can be a sweet one?
(H)ow r u?
(E)verything alright?
(L)ike 2 hear from u!
(L)ove 2 see u soon!
(O)bviously I miss u!
So don’t be shy to say HELLO! be continuous..

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pastry Graduation Dinner @ Taylor’s **14 Sept 2005**

14 Sept 05 was Lynne’s pastry class graduation dinner at Taylor’s, she invited me and marry go for the dinner..yippy..! so happy got free meal oh! *ops* ;p
Ever since graduated, never been to new campus before. It was 2nd time been to Taylor’s, 1st time was Alumni dinner. Wondering the lecturers still can recall who am i? Half of the lecturers has been changed to new faces. It was great back to school again . don't you think so?
We were rushing to Taylor’s, I drove kinda fast and manage reached the car park @ 7pm. Well, many people still late mah…hehehehe…
Don’t pay so high expectation towards this dinner, *wink* because it’s practical restaurant. All served by students, cooked by students. Hehehehe… Of cause still have to give face to Eve Lyn, Bee Fong & Sherri loh…If not later kena whack!
Step in the restaurant, I just realized tonight is Wednesday should be “their” practical class, so I tried my luck to call Eve, but she didn’t pick up and I called Bee Fong. I told her I pay her a surprise visit! She was so happy like a kid in Christmas morning, tried to look for me at bar area. I was standing in front there but she almost can’t recognize me! Come on, girl, I aint that old ok! Only 2 to 3 months time didn’t see you, can’t remember me huh? We were so glad and jumping there and hug hug each other. Then she brought me “pop” into the kitchen say hi to others. Aunty Eve told me she didn’t bring along her mobile, aiyo!
Then back to restaurant, chating with Mary, Lynne, Wei Mun and others. Enjoy munching the bread stick. Pink guava juice was served on free flow basis. (nah, not my favourite! The server told me is fruit punch, thought that I don’t know what ‘s that oh..)
Pls allow me to present the menu to you all :-
Cream of mushroom soup
Spring chicken served with vegetable ratatouille and pasta
Selections of dessert (buffet counter)
Coffee or tea
*looks good right? Well, have to taste it first!!!*
We had some sesame bread, foccasia bread with butter. Then mushroom soup has been served. Yummy..not bad! Very nice oh…everyone finished the soup!:P
*slurp slurp* Bit disappointed when main course was served, because we expected whole spring chicken, end up spring chicken has been cut into 4 portions, everyone got 2 pieces. But look really small portion yeah.. The chicken was tasteless, chewy! Aiyo! Chef Bala, don’t be so stingy lah, salt & pepper also wanna save it. Lynne teased me that :”Jo, go to tell your trainee, what kind of chicken is that?chewy and tasteless one. Need to be improved lah” ahahhaha….
Never mind, look forward to dessert session. Wow! Kewl! Lots of dessert displayed at buffet counter. i.e. apple crepe, cream caramel, brownie, bread pudding, cream puff, fruits tart (mango, strawberry, kiwi), blueberry cheese cake, coconut tart, assorted muffin, etc. Really enjoy ‘em…. End up with coffee or tea.
At last but not least, congratulations to Lynne! Finally she got her graduation with pastry certificate (good grade “gua”! ;p). So now she no need every Monday & Wednesday rush for bakery & pastry classes anymore. :P
Of coz we are looking forward she bakes more yummy bakeries & pastries items for us. Also, waiting for her to open “Gui gui muffin” shop in near future!! Hurray!
Thanks a lot, Lynne! For a lovely dinner @ Taylor’s.

Monday, September 12, 2005



甜蜜的回忆。。。刻骨铭心的誓言。。永远的遗憾。。。一生的创伤。。只在追忆中。。。一切 竟在不言中。。



時間 ~~

距離 ~

感情 ~


幸福 ~
幸福 看不到
幸福 聽不到
幸福 觸摸不到
幸福 是Feeling
幸福 是Enjoy
幸福是 你深愛的人,也深愛著你
幸福是 想睡,不必擔心起床時間
幸福是 吃到最想吃的東西
幸福是 來到最想去的地方
幸福是 聽到最想聽的音樂
幸福是 想獨處時,沒人打擾
幸福是 跌倒了,又爬起來
幸福是 和朋友、情人有說不完的話
幸福是 雖非富有,但生活不愁匱乏
幸福是 寒流來襲時,把冰冷的腳放在情人的暖暖肚皮上
幸福是 炙熱太陽下,有一大片清涼的西瓜吃
幸福是 與最愛的人共賞明月
幸福是 永遠有讀不完愛讀的書
幸福是 自己感到被幸福包圍 開啟

幸福的4把鑰匙 第一把鑰匙:Happy
快樂 隨手扔掉煩惱與憂傷,永遠面向陽光,保持樂觀。
第二把鑰匙:Health 健康 驅逐病痛惡習,確保身體安康。
第三把鑰匙:Humane 慈悲 讓慈悲溫柔充滿你的心房,以柔軟的心善待萬事萬物。
第四把鑰匙:Harmony 和諧 拋卻過往的喧嚷衝突,迎向和諧美好的世界。

What is FELICITY and how to get it? 什麼是幸福?怎樣得到它?
幸福是 圓滿的人生
幸福是一種狀態,當我們的需求獲得滿足, 因此,哪怕只是一碗泡麵,餓的時候,也能令我們幸福。
以前覺得理想中的幸福,是可以隨心所欲, 但往往好像總會有一些羈絆,讓我們無法隨心所欲; 現在倒是覺得只要能有心情想些隨心所欲的事,就已經夠?
你覺得幸福是什麼? 我覺得幸福是在--------遇見你的那瞬間-------

Another weekend shopping!

Today is a sunny Sunday! I woke up at 12pm something, actually was woke up by a phone call (all the way called from USA) so I not even can open my mouth scold the person who is so caring to give me a coutesy call. Thanks WK! Erm..actually I should blamed on myself didn’t go to bed on time, I was chating on skype till 6am **what a crazy nut!**, that’s why I can’t get up in the morning.
But lovely Vivien sent me a sms when I was her once I wake up..kekekeke… Because today we have appointment to IKANO.
I was bit late to pick her from condominium, as you know..i always late bird! *opsss** yeah…thanks god she’s bit jet lag…she still used to Indo timing…lack for one hour …LOL!!
We expected Ikano car park to be fulled today, surprisely I manage to get my car park lot so fast. We were so starving, look for food around in mall. Bit lost to find where’s the Curve?? *bear with me, coz my sense of direction kinda bad one*
I planned to intro Vivien to Paddington pancake, but when we saw KIM GARY first , just heading towards KIM GARY first. Opened the menu, was disappointed, menu has changed! Some of the nice food already omit from the menu. @#@$%$^%...i wish I can have my “mango low”, but already omitted. I had spaghetti fried with beef fillet, it was yummy! Vivien had fried rice and red bean “ice kacang”, when the server served the red bean, both of us were so shock that they don’t served it in a big bowl instead of tall glass… it was so difficult for her to scoop and enjoy it! **sounds they really don’t have comment sense to serve it in such way** Anyway, we still enjoy our chating and late lunch there. After filled up our stomach, both of us feel so sleepy, better move our butt to walk around before doze off. Hahaha … First, we went to Popular mid year book fair, I was disappointed loh…how come so small area also called as book fair loh..compared with last time in Summit Square, I can have more choices and discounts on books, VCD , etc.. this time so limited choice and books.. L But I still manager to grab 2 yoga’s books for my mummy and one book for my self and 3 set of Korean drama series…**better than get nothing right?**
Then we went to IKEA, on the way we grabbed a trolley happily wanna go up to IKEA. One of the stewpiak guard stopped us said we can get our trolley upstair, so we have “let go” this trolley! Blardy hell! So we went up, end up can’t get the big trolley we wanted! We just put the goods into the IKEA yellow ugly bag walk around till another level just found where all the trolleys are!!! We had fun time doing shopping in IKEA, always something new around. We always look for funky colour, nice design, cute and reasonable price items..sometimes cheap one also not so bad! Before I go IKEA, I have the idea what items I going to buy in my mind(from IKEA latest catalog). End up buying more thant what I have planned. Hahahaha…oh man…so tempting and out of control. I bought one small table tray (actually is food tray with standee) for my laptop, so I can online in comfort zone..hehehe…one pinkish round placemat, plastic bag dispenser (which I wanted since last year, finally today I found it), skirt hangers, light bulb (stand by purpose), TRENSUM mirror and cutting board. Vivien grabbed a black cutting board (which i plan to buy in the first place, end up I didn’t pick it), pink stool (cute one, I told her like powerpuff girl) **hehe, my next target item** , and one white standing cabinet. We were looking around for suitable cabinet / storage box together, first found one 4 tiers storage, look good and Vivien grabbed it. Then we found another two better design, then she dumped the previous one. She told me that :” Jo, you really have sharp eye yeah..always can find the good thing..”*observant* ??? muahaha.. but Lynne always say I blur sotong one..because Lynne is more alert than me. So compare lah!
As we walked around, we stopped at candles corner, “admire” at all the nice candles. Wanna to grab few back home, should be very nice at night time.But end up both of us decided not to buy any candles! You know why? Candle always created nice atmosphere and romantic scene, but both of us are single, for what huh? Light up candle for 5 minutes then we doze off can’t really enjoy the moment too. *wink* Somehow the candle holders are nice design in colourful theme, may be next time we will get some. Then we were talking on floating candle, wow..guess what, I managed to find floating candles there with the glass bowl holder. Vivien was so tempting on the floating candles and wanna so badly, but she so rational that put it back on shelve. Hahaa…I told her next time get her bf to buy for her (if she get new bf) *ops*
We had a great time in IKEA for our shopping!!! Vivien remember next time we go shopping again! Aiyo, of cause within my budget yeah! Can’t overspend, later eat Maggie mee and bread everyday! L
erm..i found out something else from IKEA. Nah, IKEA slogan (logo) stated Design and Quality, IKEA of Sweden. But somehow I found most of the items are not made of Sweden. I looked at the goods I bought, some make in Republic of China, Vietnam, etc. Not all the goods are worth to buy too, some are pricey. Somehow we still need to look into the design and quality as well as the pricing. Sometimes nice design goods not long lasting and fragile. So when we do purchasing goods need to be extra careful and observant. Compare on the quality, pricing and usage… Don’t be regreted after buying something useless.. Nevertheless, IKEA is a good and fabulous concept store to enable you to steal the good ideas from them and grab piece and pieces items from them too. Bear in mind, we still have our consumer rights to decide what to buy and where to buy. J Sometimes, window shopping is good to do some market research among the competitors and be updated on latest goods available in the market. So why not you also do some window shopping like me?


Few days ago I went to get my microphone for my laptop since I’ve thrown all my pc microphone few months ago during shifted house period, what a waste! Because I think since I don’t really need it and it’s bit old so I just trashed them away! Sigh…now I have to waste money again to look for one. That day I leave office kinda early at 530pm, I went to Popular bookshop..didnt get what I want..lousy design…end up bought one from Jaya Jusco which I fancied most..simple, small and handy one..didn’t hesitate and bought it straight away! Upon settling the payment, just realized that I lost my Jcard! Gosh! Wondering where’s card gone?? Aw…need go home and dig and search high & low again.. L At night I was testing the mic, luckily grabbed Gary to help me tested it when he was online at the same time. It was so clear! Hurray! Finally I manage to chat with no worry!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

U Lift me Up!!

2 September2005 was 1am something..i was so boring..still awake online chating..
I was bit down..when I was lonely and start to grief again and again…one of my net frenz..he usually hardly to chat..always just showing smiling faces..end up surprisingly he replied me..he mentioned he was so lazy to type, he used to use mic to chat in Skype. Well, since I was so boring he try his best to cheer me up and “entertain” me. He told me I’m the only Malaysian in his list..muahahah…actually he is Malaysian too.. He was so nice intro me to listen online HK radio channel. It was nice..then he told me he wanna to dedicate songs for…amazing..!! I was wondering how he did that huh? So just waiting patiently there..the network line sometimes bit bad..some cross lines interruption..but I still manage to listen some very nice songs.. when the DJ wanna to announce the song which dedicated for me, he will buzz me..but I missed it! Because the line was bad, I was bit disappointed. Aw…L
I told him I can’t hear my name!! I missed it!! Then he comfy me that he can let the DJ repeat my name again with another…so I just waiting..
Finally I heard my name been mentioned by the DJ. Hurray! I was so happy like a happy bird..!!!^o^ Alex, Thanks a lot! You lift me up in the early morning when I was so down! If not mistaken, he dedicated 3 songs.. but very soon the channel was ended by 2am. Aw…L The DJ’s voice is extremely nice and sexy…you will sure love his voice too..Finally, Alex told me the DJ actually is his friend..hahaha…no wonder he can “ordered” the DJ to do special task. Hahahahaha……:P Alex, you really make my day!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Boo!!! 1st Sept 2005!

another new page for my calender...time flies very fast..3 more months gonna hit December 2005, i gonna to miss year of 2005 and missing someone very very much too..only god know how much i miss him....
this morning woke up..get ready to work..blablabla...picked up my car keys & bags..stepped out from the door, then i tried to pick up the rubbish and at the same time shut and locked the wooden door as usual..DAMN...after i shut the door, i just realised i didnt bring out my house keys...i left it inside my could it happened to me today!!??? keep cursing myself...tried to open the wooden door but the handle was clocked..and tried to call the locksmith, so unfortunately my 2 stewpiak mobiles totally no coverage...SHIT!
tried to sms my boss that i gonna to be late today...msg sending failed! blardy hell...
becoz i hav been trapped between the gate and entrance wooden door, canot go out canot go in.
i was waiting there and trying hard on my mobile for mins..phew..i was so lucky & happy that i saw one guy walked up frm down stair (i stayed in level 2)..i just waved my hand and seek for help...i told him i was trapped myself here and left my keys in my house..i need help..and i requested him help me to call locksmith..he offered his mobile to me..but was bounced to voice msg...then he was so kind to help seek help from management office and security guard...
instead of wasting my time waiting for help, so i tried on my luck to push the wooden door few times...WOW! i manage to push the door and it opened..u know why?let me tell u..coz the door installed with spring self adjust system...da time i locked n closed it..was not properly shut the door. so was so lucky opened the door..faster grabed the house keys and went down.( it seems like someone from inside helped me to open the door kind of feeling...u know..but i think "someone" knew i really need help and be there for me...*sigh*)
Then i met up the guy and security guard, i thanks to them and told them i manage to push and opened the door get my keys out..and apologied to the guy that i troubled him... i was so "paiseh" the guy gave me a funny looking face and wanna to laff that kind of bother much coz rushing to office...faster get into my car and heading to work. was happened to my friend, Lynne...i still remembered we have appointment went out for dinner. so i went to her apartment to pick her up. i was waiting so long how come she didnt come down to car park. then i called her ...out of sudden she told me she locked herself up and canot get out from her apartment..coz she was holding wrong key..gosh...thanks god her mobile is with her. she called her brother seek for help unfornately brother not at home..aiyo..then i offered help and drove my car to seek for locksmith..manage to find the shop but was closed already. then found out there's contact called up the locksmith...finally Lynne spent RM30 to get the locksmith opened her door for just a 5 min job...wahlao...look in the picture...just 5 min opened 2 locks..damn scary yeah...if u think of the locksmith wanna to do sumthing bad huh? can't imagine that...that night we still manage went for our late dinner. i was laffing at her...but was happened to sounds bit stewpiak ...coz that time my mind was sumwhere else... when i read Wes's blog that he mentioned he left his keys & wallet inside his car...i was laffing till rolling on the i canot even think of it if it happen to me again....
What a day yeah!!! and i was so fatigue (coz 4am went to bed on 31 Aug & got up at 7.30am on 1 sept 05)....after a whole day...back home..pushed all the appointment away...after a nice shower and straight away hit my sack men....hugging my pillows and nice "biibii" (my giant soft toy puppy)...good nites~~~^o^