Monday, July 23, 2007






WaterBased said...

I think seeing the person that you don't like is a real pain in the ass. It is like you want to punch that person to end the misery but you can't.

Not able to see the person that you like just bring sourness in heart.

38kia said...

对我好和喜欢我的人有很多, 往往会选择错,选错了就遗憾,选对了, 就幸福。

Jo said...

@ waterbased: max, exactly. those u dislike one keep popping up will bite ur nerve yeah..then hav to learn ignore them in polite way. those u like u hardly can see, then will feel bit lost lo.. coz i watched a korean drama, one of the gal mentioned the similar phrase which is quite deep to digest. :)

@ 38kia: aiya, when u feel the pain liao, then u come tell me yeah..:P
in life,most of the time you will have choice to choose, yet sometimes you force to choose either one or let go all.