Saturday, July 21, 2007

Salad is ROCKS!

I love Salads very much!! Salad is rocks!! Healthy food for my body yeah..
Thus, i bought some lettuces stored in fridge and eat greens as much as i can lately.
I prepared this chicken fillet salad this time...AWESOME!!
I fillet the chicken meat into thiny slices, marinated with pepper powder, fermented beancurd (nam yu)and corn flour for 20 minutes. Then fried the chicken fillet with tempura flour dip with some oil on the fying pan till golden brown. Chicken fillet served with mixed lettuces, cherry tomatoes and balsamic dressing. ~slurpy~ *burp, so full!*


38kia said...

ee salad.. where got healthy. need more meat more protein better ma..

Jo said... meat ur sleepy eye bigger bit lo..
got chicken meat and lettuce mah..hahaha
hav to balance bit one..everyday meat no fiber no vege how to pansai?hahaha