Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pink Stuff

I just wondering how many pink stuff did i ever keep in my life tho...
Most of my friends misunderstood that my favourite colour is pink! hahahaha..actually pink is not my first choice, somehow i found pink is a lovely sweet feminine colour can match anything up very well. Herewith some of my pink collection.....:P
Grow in the dark piglet keychain, from Lisa, UK
"muak" piglet smoochies.....
Cute pink piglet
Pink flower hair pin
Pink piglet phone holder
Pink ceramic container from Zulyda
Pink soft toys
My pink flat pillow cover
Happy family..winnie the pooh & friends carpet
i realize i bought quite a number of pink top..
Pink pink piglet pouch
Cute little fluffy pouch, a gift from Angela & Gary (their trip at Thailand)
Baby Jee wants me to show the pink nail polish,
nah, i promised u and i delivered :P
i know i've sleketon ugly toes...hahahaha
Cute pink little bolster
Little pink piglet keychain (soft till nice to squeeze)


BaBy JeE said...

AH JO IS THE BADDEST BADDEST!!! so bad horr!! show me all the pink pink stuff!!!! ish!! BAD... wahahahaha...

I miss you!

Jo said...

ish ish..hahaha..i love u mah..i knw u love pink i mah show u lots of pink loh..till nightmare dream of pink everyday..hahaha..:P
i miss u jee

Veorence Jeannie said...

Sweetie... wow u keeping so many sweet things with you wor.... envy envy