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Friday, December 11, 2009

Bleed it out

my warm precious blood
can you see the needle?
My colleague, David

Why blood donation is important? Because it can help save the lives of people who need it most. Blood transfusions have become an integral part of medical practice. If not for the ready availability of blood components, life-saving medical treatments, such as the treatment of serious injuries, organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, complicated surgical procedures and cancer treatment, would not be possible.

The number of units of blood that may be used for a particular situation can sometimes be unpredictable. Therefore,A blood bank must have an adequate supply of blood on hand to meet the demand when patients need it. The blood components can only be collected from healthy volunteer donors and have a very short shelf life.

In the developed world, most blood donors are unpaid volunteers who give blood for a community supply.

3 days ago, i went to participate in blood donation campaign. The day before blood donation, i ensure to have sufficient rest, more than 6 hours sleep. No menstrual, no antibiotic, no dental treatment and the list go on.

After lunch, called my colleague who would like to donate blood, we went to the venue together.
Fill in the necessary form, a short physical examination (screening) been given and doctor asked about my medical history and life style habit. I brought along my little red booklet stated " National blood transfusion service" which record my blood donation history. Blood test and blood pressure test been carried out, everything look well. My blood type is under O positive group.

I picked the seat i preferred, laid down and waiting the nurse to come over to obtain my blood. The nurse came to me, pronounced my name loudly to confirm i am the right blood donor. She gave me an object to hold firmly, check my blood pressure, wipe the antiseptic ( i guess so) on my skin (inside of the albow), then i felt little bit of pain (seems like an ant bite me) when a needle pierced on my vein close to my skin. I saw my blood start to flow through the needle, then the tube and flow into the bag smoothly. Oh yeah, my blood is warm!

My colleague mentioned to me, blood donation is such a holly good deed. ^_^ He done his blood donation before me.
After 20 minute, 450 milliliters blood filled up the bag, my blood donation is done! out of sudden, i felt so sleepy, keep yawning and urge to throw out! I told the nurse i need a container / plastic bag urgently, the moment i grabbed the container, i vomited part of my food out from my stomach! yuck! Doctor asked me did i ever feel dizzy there? did i even eat too much during lunch time?
Oh! I recalled i had loads of food during my lunch time. Aww.. my bad.
I took another half an hour resting there, sipped my drinks and munched a chocolate bun before i heading back to office.

I am utterly happy and be proud of myself to be a blood donor which my blood could help others!

A typical Whole Blood donation is the equivalent of burning approximately 650 calories

Monday, November 23, 2009

Piece of cake

What's a piece of cake? what's the big deal?

*In general usage the phrase piece of cake denotes a task that can be done easily, without much or any effort.*

oh yeah! sometimes a piece of cake really make MY DAY!

A piece of cake will consist of many raw ingredients, if you separate all raw items one by one, you couldn't make a piece of yummy cake, don't you? How about you drink some water, eat some raw eggs, swallow some butter and flour? Yuck! no way!
All of these ingredients are uncooked and taste bad, but if you put them together by follow the recipes, they make a delicious cake!

Don't you think so??

Same goes to this. God works the same way.
Sometimes when we ask ourselves why does he make us go through these difficult times, we don't realize what/where these events may bring us. Why does God let these things happen to us? what did we do to deserve this? Oh well, only God knows and he'll not let us fall badly.
We don't need to settle for raw ingredients and we shall trust in him and ourselves, see something fantastic come about! Perhaps, a miracle does happen! after a thunderstorm we will see a light from the dark tunnel, a beautiful rainbow after a heavy rain.

When you feeling blue, someone serve you a piece of delicious cake, it's really make a curve on my face! touch my heart <3 Truly appreciate it.

I hope your day is a " piece of cake "!

Monday, November 02, 2009

This Is It

Finally Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' is in the town and the show will be showed for 2 weeks in the cinema, I hesitate when is the best time for me to go for it!
I've been waiting for this moment to come! So thrill, so excited about it!
This Is It will be aired on 28 October 2009, I've reserved my ticket on 28 October 2009, can't wait anymore! I went to cinema to watch MJ's show by 29 October 2009 after work, just rushed my way to the cinema to collect the ticket.
I can't find a better word describe this mixed feeling towards it, most of us still devastated on his passed away issue. I saw his talents, his love, his creativity,his effort, his brilliant ideas, his humour, his commitment,...he inspired many of us in this world by his music and his dance. He such a great entertainer ever in this world that no one could replace him!
The show is incredibly awesome, amazing and a show you should not miss out! A show that you MUST WATCH!
THIS IS IT is a blessing, a legend that never see again but that will be eternal worldwide. The documentary is amazing, shows MJ in its highest level of perfection as the creator and singer. A great man.
I told my mum that it's worth for me to pay RM10 to enjoy MJ's concert on screen!!
We love you Michael Jackson!
MJ's Love Lives Forever!!

This is it, here I stand
I'm the light of the world,
I feel grand
Got this love I can feel
And I know yes for sure it is real
And it feels as though
I've seen your face a thousand times
And you said you really
know me too yourself
And I know that you have
got addicted with your eyes
But you say you gonna
live it for yourself.
I never heard a single
word about you
Falling in love wasn't my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
C'mon baby, just understand
This is it, I can say,
I'm the light of the world, run away
We can feel, this is real
Every time I'm in love that I feel
And I feel as though
Ive known you since 1,000 years
And you tell me that
you've seen my face before.
And you said to me you
don't want me hanging round
Many times, wanna do it here before
I never heard a single
word about you
Falling in love wasn't my plan
I never thought that I
would be your lover
C'mon baby, just understand
This is it, I can feel
I'm the light of the world,
this is real
Feel my song, we can say
And I tell you I feel that way

i love you forever

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enjoy your life! Find your happiness!

One day, the young lion asked his mom: "Mom, where is the happiness?"
Mom replied: "It's on your tail."
So the young lion keeps on chasing after his tail. But after a whole day of trying, he failed to get the happiness that was on his tail.
Then he told his mom about this, his mom smiled and said: "Son, you don't really need to chase after your happiness, as long as you keep going and moving forward, your happiness will always be with you."
Wish everyone of you find your happiness.

You can't decide the length of life, but you can control how you want to live it.
You can't control the weather, but you can control your mood.
You can't change your look, but you can smile.
You can't control others, but you can control yourself.
You can't foresee tomorrow, but you can utilize today wisely.
You can't win everything, but you can try your very best to achieve that.
Hope everyone can face the daily life positively and always happy...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wohoo! my new bag!

I've got a new bag for my lappy! backpack bag style!
It has comfy cushion to support my shoulder and back, black in colour as not easy to get dirty.
The best part is i used Maybank credit card points to redeem it during the Maybank card exhibition at Mid Valley! Due to i do not have the sufficient points, but they allow me to add on RM60 and plus the points together. To me, it such a good deal !
Inside the bag has 2 compactments, outside the bag can put 2 bottles of water plus 2 external pockets to keep smaller stuffs. Simply love it!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Can't get enough, yummy roti boy!

I love to munch this Mexican bun, simply delicious! especially freshly bake from oven, nice coffee aroma, soft creamy filling and crunchy surface bite.
I can take 2 buns at a time alone at home! can't get enough though, you will crave for more once you bite on it! no joke! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cuppa kopi

cuppa white coffee

white coffee 'gao', ice white coffee 'gao' & butter kaya toast
the wall portrait

When comes to 'yumcha', most of my friends will ended up at Old Town Kopitiam.
Why ? Why? Why?
Perhaps it has some unique selling points and the nice white coffee aroma allured and captured our heart.
I seldom dine in there for food, but without fail grab a cuppa of coffee there, simply love their white coffee in hot! Hazelnut white coffee is another good option as well.
As always, many people love to hang out there, for a cozy corner with free internet access and free electricity supply (don't remind me of the service charges :p )
The concept and decoration are simple, self-service order by tick on the order list on your table, pass on to the waitress/waiter to fire your food/drink order. Couple minutes later, your food / drinks will serve to your table.
The wall portrait and the old fashion coffee cup always remind me of lovely childhood while grandparents / parents brought me to kopitiam for breakfast / tea break time.
Lately, 1 of my friend, Sarena back from Perth, i can't wait to bring her to try out old town white coffee. Both of us had a glorious time there till midnight, what a lovely catch up !
Coffee, always a good company at anytime... for me.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Animo Jr. Smarty Monkey

Look at this Flipper! It's an anti bacterial toothbrush holder.
I got this from Jaya Jusco while i accompanied Anna for her shopping there.
There are plenty of Animo design of toothbrush holders, i chose the Animo Jr. Smarty Monkey design, it's simply cute!
It's very easy to use: (Open and Close with One-Touch)
  • Flip open body with index finger
  • Push your toothbrush head right into open body
  • Flipper will automatically snap shut
  • Hold toothbrush by its handle and pull out. Flipper will flip open
Flipper is a non-toxic, non-irritant and child safe, a better protection for toothbrush. Just mount to mirror or glass on the wall.
If it's dirty, just disassemble it into separate parts, soak and clean in soapy water at around 30 c.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Night still young, music still rock on....

Scarlet Bar is another venue for boys & gals party all night long, it's located at Cineleisure, Damansara. I went there once with friends, a good thing being a female, you needless to pay for cover charge. We entered and jamming around with the crowd. It was jam packed with big crowd, everyone drank, dance and sweat together. The music nothing special to shout about, mainly R&B and house music. You may see some youngster and some old men out there to have fun at the same time.
Partying is a good old time for me ages ago, i shall retired for this. However, i still go out once a blue moon to enjoy the music and dance on the floor!
Boys & gals, do you fling on the dance floor and hook up with someone while the night still young?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Maxis broadband

Maxis broadband, originally uploaded by JoChoo.

Lately, broadband services and networking are blooming like mushroom in the market. We have a few choices to subscript, i.e. Celcom, Streamyx, Maxis, Digi, P1, etc. End users start to compare the network services, speed and of cause the subscription fee.
I have yet collect all the related information, but i've heard loads of review and feedback from friends who are using different internet broadband service. Some are positive and some are negative, however we do have own preferences.
While i was in college, i was using Jaring and TMnet , that was ages ago back to dial up system. God know how slow is the speed?!
A big gratitude to advance technology, we are lucky enough to enjoy faster internet access, i.e. broadband (wired / wireless) , wifi.
Nowadays, many shops, cafes and shopping mall do provide free WIFI access to public, what a lucky ass who patronize the shop over there.
Albeit, it's free internet access, you still need to order food and beverage while you are using their internet access. Some of my friends even bring along their power plug extension travel around.
As for me, i am a lazy butt who love to stuck at home with my pillows, i would prefer to surf at home.
I've terminated Jaring and TMnet account many years ago, i switched to Maxis broadband (wired), i've been using their service for 2 years plus, so far so good. Firstly, i paid RM68 per month for 512 kbps for almost 1 year, then i upgraded to 1.0 mbps RM88 per month. The wired broadband speed is consistent and i am quite satisfy and enjoy surfing at comfy zone.
I went to PICOM (PC fair) last weekend, i saw Maxis offers wireless broadband package for RM100 subscription fee, free modem and free trial 7 days, if you are not satisfy with their product and service, within 7 days go back to Maxis centre, they will refund your money by provided you return the modem to them. I was bit hesitate to take up the package, after a few minute pondering, i decided give it a GO.
Why? because Maxis do cover the place where i stay and the area that my parents stay, whenever i travel back home i can online at parents' place. I felt so helpless when i back home without internet access at parents' place. However, i need to bear to pay additional $$ for this additional mobile broadband service on monthly basis, Maxis is kind enough to offer RM10 rebate if you direct debit from your credit card and another RM10 rebate if you are post paid user (if not mistaken).
Hm...i am quite keen to find out more about P1 service in near future. ^_^ Any P1 user do welcome to share your review.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rojak , nom..nom ...nom

IMG_2645, originally uploaded by JoChoo.

I really do miss this ROJAK !
It has been more than 2 year over i never taste it at all.
This rojak stall is operating by an old couple who drives a small lorry and park at the road side during weekend at Taman Maluri, Cheras (from lunch time hours till 4pm).
When i was a student, the selling price is from RM2.50 to RM3.50, now the new selling price up to RM4.00. But, the best thing is the taste is never change!
I love the deadly delicious rojak sauce and the home made cracker!!
Last weekend finally dropped by the area and manage to taste this ROJAK that i am craving for long. ^_^

Friday, July 31, 2009

Try out Vichy

After years i been using SK II and L'occitane skin care products, lately i decided to give a go on this skin care brand called VICHY. Vichy is one of the famous skin care brand in European pharmacies, from France.

I've read this brand from Cleo magazine, heard of the review is good. It helps to 'combat' acne problem and reduce pores and so on. Firstly, i bought the moisturizer, after a few weeks, i realize my skin regime is getting better than before. The redness has been reduced. :)

Last week i went to pharmacy to buy the cleanser and facial scrub, love the simple packaging and the products' smell good. With RM100 purchase, i've got a travel kit set for FREE! ^_^

Worth to try it out, Vichy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My new glasses

After pondering for months, finally i went for a optical test and got myself a new pair of glasses, the total damage almost hit RM400. nothing special to shout about it, since i lost 2 pairs of my lovely glasses, i need another spare pair of it.
This is my 2nd pair of glasses come with plastic lens, my previous all came with Hoya glass lens. We talk about quality lens here...*grin* finger cross, let's pray this pair will last me for a few years.

I requested the optician to wrapped a 'rain coat' there.

It comes with 2 tones colour frame, bronze and apple green

Friday, July 10, 2009

What's in your bag??

Wondering what you put inside your bag?
Some women make a fetish of bags, the motto : i see, i like, i buy. Some even go for only branded bags collection.
Everybody do have own set of standard and preference, what you like to bring along with you inside your bag?!
Those goodies that you can't live without 'em, can't step out your house without 'em?

For me, i don't make a fetish of bags. Of cause i do have a few bags with me, change occasionally that up to my mood, event and outfit. I will put different items inside my bag as per the bag size.

Herewith the items i bring along to work. :p

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little green monster \(^_*)/

I got this idea from Se7en news...hehehe..
Thus, i decided to snap a little green monster candy shot. :p
Ah...!! i know it's freaking scary look...hahaha..

Friday, June 05, 2009

Surprise goodies

Wow! lately my friends do surprise me and wow my sock off! it's so nice to have free goodies from friends ^^, so sweet of them! <33 Thanz a bunch!!

Jennifer Lopez's perfume
From Sista M, my birthday gift
cute mobile string with my name on it, from sista L. Ops...with an additional "E" on it.
My supplier sista V surprised me with this pineapple cookies,
she brought all the way to my office
One big bite on the pineapple cookies! YUMMY! O

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Plant pearl jelly

Lately i went to The Curve weekend bazaar discovered a stall is selling this colourful plant pearl jelly. Out of curiosity, i stopped by and bought 3 packets. RM10 for 3 packets for assorted colour. I've bought 1 blue colour, 1 golden yellow and 1 mixed colour.
The lovely woman at the stall taught me how does the pearl jelly works?!
Get ready one 1.5ltr soft drink empty bottle, fill up half bottle of plain water, pour the jelly beads into the bottle with water, let it soak for 8 hours. After 8 hours, Voila! the beautiful pearl jelly turn up nicely!! Simply love it!!!
When you see the pearl jelly becomes smaller, just add on some water, it will expand bigger. ^_^

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paint some colour on your face

My company training department organized this grooming make up class for all of us.
The trainers are from Mary Kay. They briefly introduced their products to us. Checking on our skin condition and let's try out the product range.
Firstly, the trainer requested us to remove all our make up. hm..personally i bit reluctant to do so, because they don't provide individual make up kit (brushes, sponge, etc), we need to share among with others and public kit. As i know i have very delicate and sensitive skin, i don't fancy sharing public make up kit. I will easily get discomfort rashes on my skin later on.
We started off put some cleanser on our face, trainer showed us how to wash and massage our face. Then applied freshener and moisturizer.
They introduced their oil free liquid foundation with SPF 29++, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick and lip gloss. According to the trainer , their make up all under mineral range.
The make up class lasted about 2.5 hours. Everyone happily received some useful tips and information after the class.

the class setup...a form, a pencil, a hair clip,
a disposable facial cloth, a standing mirror, some cotton pads and a bowl of water

the guinea pig of the day.. =_=''

Showing you how to draw your eye brow

The trainers from Mary Kay & me

some skin care products

Busy body ... :p

the eye shadow

I won this little goodies, eye lotion

the liquid foundation, lipstick, lip gloss and perfume

now u get what i mean? sharing public brushes?? i am not so fancy into it!