Friday, November 30, 2007

Amazing Yo-Yo showcase

Enjoy the video clips..^_^
Yo-Yo performance presented by KJ

The last video is unable to upload to youtube due to the file size, you may view the clip HERE

November babies

Who are November babies?
Mikel, Stacy & Xj , as far as i know they are November babies. :P
Mikel has invited me to attend his b'day dinner at Ole-ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid. I went there with James together, oh my god! it seems another blogger gathering! haha..
Majority are bloggers, some are Mikel's colleagues and friends. It just another cam-whore session, cameras flashing everywhere to capture the best moments!
We mingled around, catch up with old friends, get to know some new faces, but i still missed out some unknown fellows. Don't blame me, i was too busy indulged myself with yummy food as usual. :P
After the dinner, we presented little b'day cake to Mikel and sang b'day song ..lalalalalala... Mikel mentioned that he is sharing the same b'day as his mum. woOt!
We had a glorious wonderful time together, KJ even showed us his superb pro style of Yo-Yo power performance, utterly amazing!
Since the night still young, we ended up party at poppy garden!! noobs, stay tune, some video clips are upcoming up! ~~

Ole-ole bali
This is KJ ~the poser~
Jo & James (my favourite brother)
Tony & Jason mumble
my kicking lemongrass mojito!
my balinese chicken salad
balinese roast chicken rice platter
chicken & fish combo
lamb chop

Yo-yo power
Mikel tried to murder his cake? LOL
XJ (pinkfrog),KJ, Jo, Benghan & Tony
~ops! sorry ah..Simon been cut off from the edge
Mikel's birthday group pic

Happy belated birthday to Mikel, XJ & Stacy!
(due to my late post up :P)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It wasn't me! the late afternoon out of sudden i got stomachache the urge need to 'bake cake'.
I rushed into washroom wanna to do 'business'..
Suddenly *beep..beep*, i've got a ^_^

"J: hey, what are you up to? I want Food!!"

I replied: "Hm..shitting in the washroom. What kind of food do you want?"

"J: WTF?!"

ROFLMAO!! What's wrong huh? I just can't stop myself being laughing after i read the sms inside the washroom like an idiot. I just being honest to tell the truth to my friend what i was doing, nothing wrong right?
But it's funny!! what a coincident the sms came at right time??!! LOL :p
It's not my fault!! :p
It wasn't me!! ahahahaaha...I didn't bully my friend... :P

Monday, November 26, 2007

What's your flavour? What's your essence?

Couple weeks ago,i discovered this cookbook through RasaMalaysia . I spread this news to my boss, finally last week i manage to touch it. Hehehe...Guess what? My boss gave a copy to me, It's absolutely FREE! OMG! so happy! It's MINE now!
This beautiful cookbook features many aspects of Chinese culinary arts and to share the essence of fine Chinese cuisine for all to enjoy. I still need more times to flip through all, to digest the information and of cause i would like to try out some recipes, learn how to cook a yummy chinese dish. Who wanna be my guinea pig? Hehehe :P
the recipes
Nice picture ^_^

Every dish has its own flavour..What's your flavour?
Have u ever try a dish, its taste evoked your precious memories? And you really want to learn how to make / cook the particular dish?
I always admires a chef's job, a chef is an amazing person who is able to devote to others, who able to cook delicious dishes and spread the happiness to others.
Let others feel touch by the chef's dishes...
Food always bring people together.
Lately i'm watching this taiwanese drama - Sweet Relationship which is a nice show. I still yet to finish all episodes. Some of the scenes are funny, if you love culinary and eating, don't miss out this drama. Oh yeah! one of the scene reminds me that the chef was using wrong colour coding chopping board, cutting fish should not use red colour. Red colour cutting board is for meat, seafood should use blue board, fruits & vegetables should use green board, ready-to-eat food to use white board and yellow board is for poultry & games. They made a mistake there.. LOL!
Coz wrongly used and mixed up the cutting boards will lead to food contamination. :P

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Video ~Stacy's house warming

Enjoy the short clip...hehehehe :p

Tasteless local food

One fine boring day, one of my colleague aka my big brother, Eddie brought me and Jasmine out for lunch. Normally i hardly go out for lunch, why? coz i've free lunch provided by company. Unless that day the menu is totally turn me off, i might go out with colleagues.
We went to Penang Village, it was an unpleasant dining experience. So far i been there for a few times, their standard has been dropped tremendously. Needless to talk about service, the server not even notice we walked in and sat at the table for so long, mind you the restaurant was quite empty, only one table has been occupied. We have to wait for so long for menu, wait for so long for food.
I was happy to see my food been served, the food looks delicious by its presentation, but once you taste it, totally turn off, it's tasteless! omg! They must changed their chef, this new chef doesn't know how to cook a perfect local dish. shame on you!! no matter what you have change the bowl and food presentation, but you never taste your food when you were cooking in the kitchen and dare to serve to us. SHIT! I've to add lots of prawn paste and sambal chilli to make my food became tasty! the food only looks good but tasteless!! That's why we always have to taste and give a bite on our food before get cheat by its look. hahahaha!
Guess what? before our drinks been served, the rojak came out first. Fine, at least the rojak can stuffed our hunger.
Oh well, i would not go back to this restaurant again....waste my time and my money!

Jasmine was drop dead boring over there
Eddied was bit impatient while waiting for his food to come
The restaurant

My tasteless assam laksa
Prawn mee

Friday, November 23, 2007

Hollys Cafe

I've been to Coffee bean, Starbuck, Gloria jean, San Fransisco, Dome cafe tried out their coffee. Recently i found this cozy place called Hollys Cafe located at Cineleisure, Damansara which is a korean franchise outlet.
Love their cozy comfy design, the staff welcome us with smile who provides good service to us. The best thing i love is i can get free internet access by using their laptop. Hurray! I needless to carry my laptop with me to go out, this cafe provides 2 Toshiba laptop with wifi access, pretty fast connection. Simply love it!
I've tried out their sweet potato drinks and green tea ice blended, tastes awesome!
Hollys cafe is such a great venue for me to hang out with my buddies, enjoy the drinks, chit chatting as well as online for facebook-ing. ^_^ What a heavenly place?! don't you think so?

the counter for you to place order
i saw this cute stuff displayed at the counter
yummy food!
merchandise stuff
spotted this at pick up point
Wow! i love this slogan!
Kiss me ,if you know coffee
sweet potato caramel
sweet potato macchiato
green tea hollycino
check it out, Look!
Hollys Cafe provides you free toshiba laptop with wifi

Seducing Mr. Perfect

I just watched this romance korean movie tonight which is an old show (2005), somehow attracts my attention. Mind you, no regret to spend my 2 hours over to finish it. It's awesome!
How to seduce a Mr. Perfect? Does Mr. Perfect existing in this world? I doubt it.
But again, look at Daniel Henney who is starring in this movie, looks absolutely PERFECTO! *heart melted instantly*.
What does a man looks into those criteria from a girl? too many to tell, such a long list..
If you get dumped by someone, whose fault? your fault or someone else fault? or both parties fault?
No, it's not your fault, you just yet to meet up the Mr/Ms. right at the right time.
No doubt, break up always is tough part for you to accept the fact,'s called break-up because it's broken, the heart been broken into pieces. Need times to cure it, mend it back...or need someone else to patch it back?
But, most of the times, the 3 words always end up the hardest part and difficult for us to utter... "I am sorry", "I love you,", "Please forgive me".

The synopsis:-
Title: Seducing Mr. Perfect / Seducing Mr. Robin
Language: Korean & English
Subtitles: English
Plot: Min-joon, an absolute believer in true love, dedicates herself to the men she dates, but each time it results in a painful breakup. Today, she’s going through the most disastrous heartbreak ever – being dumped on her birthday! The confident professional Min-joon can be so clueless when it comes to love. Distracted from this unpleasant surprise, she bumps into an exotic foreign car. A very handsome young man steps out of the car angrily. To escape from the scene, Min-joon pretends not to understand English, but when Min-joon arrives at work, she finds out that the foreigner, Robin, is none other than her newly appointed boss…
- Uhm Jung Hwa
- Daniel Henney

To view, please click here Seducing Mr. Perfect

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

P/s: you should register as a member in, in order to enjoy the movie.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stacy's house warming

A few months never catch up with Stacy, why? Because she was terribly busy with her new home sweet home! Finally, she has moved in the lovely place. Thanks god that the contractor manage to finish up the job.
Let me tell you why she will falls in love with this place at her first glance? i went with her to check out this place, OMFG! the place is facing the whole KL view, such a magnificent breath taking view. You can view KLCC, KL tower, Genting highland and other just name it. It's a windy and bright unit, after few days, she finally made up her mind decided to buy this unit (never hesitate), just couldn't resist it. Her new place with swimming pool & gym facilities, of coz the maintainance fee ain't cheap tho...
At last, we all have the great opportunity to pay a visit to her new place for house warming session. Met up with Christopher & gf, Gary, Tony, King, Hui Sin & a few of Stacy's friends. We mingled around and enjoyed the yummy food which prepared by Gary's mum. I love her new place, especially her sofa, very cozy till i almost fall asleep there. LOL!

Look at the crowd
the colourful ceiling
Stacy & me @ her room
Jo , Christopher & his gf
the kitchenette
the magnificent KL view, i will come over stacy's place for countdown & firework :p
the living room & kitchenette

the lovely couple, Stacy & Gary
Stacy & Hui Sin

Jo & Tony

Hot pinkish outfit

a lovely sweet notes from Max
"Joann, you are always in black, so here, i got you a hot pink outfit,
hope to see you wearing it soon. "

Surprise!!!! I've got a surprise from Max!!
I love it!!
Max is a GEM, so sweet of her. She bought me this wonderful hot pinkish outfit, the outfit is designed by Nike. i didn't know that nike has designed such sexy pinky stuff, it's so lovely & trendy!She told me the design don't sell in M'sia & Brunei, she manage to get her friend brought it from HK. Wow! I felt so honour to have such an imported piece.
OMG! I'm flattering.....
Max, Thanks a bunch !! hugs!! ^_^