Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lovely popcorn

It's lovely popcorn time for me in my office!! Hurray! good stuff! coz it's FREE and courtesy from my chefie! Don't get jealous yeah!!
I bit 'kay po' ~busybody~ went to ask what's that? i smell something nice oh..
then he told me he was testing on the imported instant pop corn with microwave. It's light buttered popcorn! the popcorn need to be ready for the event as per guest request. of coz we do have extra spare for testing. All these popcorn were given by the event organizer. hehehe... i was so lucky can own the whole big packet back to my office and chew 'em. YUMMY!!

Look, the awesome yellow buttered pop corn!
the premium pop corn packaging
U just need to follow the instruction to do,
then you can get your piping hot yummy pop corn done.
from 2 sec to 1 minute (popping timing inside the microwave),
it depends on the temperature setting.
Wow! lovely pop corn, made in USA

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