Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Book's voucher by Popular

Before my Popular voucher goes expiry this month , I decided to utilize it to purchase books . By the way, I won the voucher worth $50, still pondering what books shall I buy?
Popped in book store in hurry & grabbed a few books , paid with voucher and leave happily. 

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Iphone 5 lightning

Personally I know I have a clumsy yet destructive hand. 
Look, what I've done to my iPhone lightning?
The lighting wiring - snapped !? 
I was cleaning the wiring by rubbing it with wet tissue, I guess I rubbed too hard till the wiring outer layer "cramp" at the end of the connector . I not even bother it . After 4 mths , it starts to break. Omg !!
Mind you, please do not buy non genuine lightning!Lesson learnt ! I bought 3 of them, 1 last for 1 mth , 2 last not even 1 week ! Totally wasting money ! It cost $19-25 per piece. 
End of the day , I settled with a brand new genuine Apple iPhone lightning 
cost $79 & happy with it.