Friday, July 31, 2009

Try out Vichy

After years i been using SK II and L'occitane skin care products, lately i decided to give a go on this skin care brand called VICHY. Vichy is one of the famous skin care brand in European pharmacies, from France.

I've read this brand from Cleo magazine, heard of the review is good. It helps to 'combat' acne problem and reduce pores and so on. Firstly, i bought the moisturizer, after a few weeks, i realize my skin regime is getting better than before. The redness has been reduced. :)

Last week i went to pharmacy to buy the cleanser and facial scrub, love the simple packaging and the products' smell good. With RM100 purchase, i've got a travel kit set for FREE! ^_^

Worth to try it out, Vichy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My new glasses

After pondering for months, finally i went for a optical test and got myself a new pair of glasses, the total damage almost hit RM400. nothing special to shout about it, since i lost 2 pairs of my lovely glasses, i need another spare pair of it.
This is my 2nd pair of glasses come with plastic lens, my previous all came with Hoya glass lens. We talk about quality lens here...*grin* finger cross, let's pray this pair will last me for a few years.

I requested the optician to wrapped a 'rain coat' there.

It comes with 2 tones colour frame, bronze and apple green

Friday, July 10, 2009

What's in your bag??

Wondering what you put inside your bag?
Some women make a fetish of bags, the motto : i see, i like, i buy. Some even go for only branded bags collection.
Everybody do have own set of standard and preference, what you like to bring along with you inside your bag?!
Those goodies that you can't live without 'em, can't step out your house without 'em?

For me, i don't make a fetish of bags. Of cause i do have a few bags with me, change occasionally that up to my mood, event and outfit. I will put different items inside my bag as per the bag size.

Herewith the items i bring along to work. :p