Saturday, July 30, 2005

Som3 Thoughts....

time flies very fast..yesterday was 29 July has been one month since he passed away...went to his room, everything still remain the same as before..but it was quiet..saw the 2004 X'mas cute notes that he posted for sweet..finger fliped through his clothes..some of his belongings..seem still can feel his touch...
was facing the lime sorbet and apple green colour walls..still remembered we paint the walls together..the fun times we spent together..paint dropped on my face and your t shirt, you keep laffing at me ..teased me like a pussy cat..
at night hugging our "booboo" went to bed, i still can smell your smell...familiar..but canot "draw picture" for you anymore..u love to have "draw picture" on your neck & back by using "booboo's big soft ear", sumtimes with its tail...nice and soft..u will enjoy the sleeping moments...these all will bcome sweet memories...
now all of us bcome stronger than before and never shed out any tear, just swallow in da stomach will feel better..somehow sumtimes will think of pour out all instead of keep it for long...think optimistic and positive way that you no need to suffer anymore, u should be grateful and happy that you have all our love!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Happy 4th Anniversary! Some Memories about him...about us...

Happy 4th Anniversary 2005 to my late beloved boyfriend, Hon Wee! Today (25 July)is our 4th Anniversary since we been together(since 2001)...Bit sad that you can't be with me here anymore, but your thoughts & love will still with me...How i wish you will be here with me for tonight dinner..that's only a dream...Please be always guide me throughout all the toughness times and i want you be happy & proud to see me stand up again! when i read thru some of the sweet emails that you wrote to me last time, it was so touching till my heart get melted and can't control my tears...Do you know all of us miss you so much!
1st Valentine
still remember our first valentine..i sent u a little red patrick soft toy with a gave me a big surprise all da way from US, couriered me a diamond ring!0.7 karat diamond ring (3 stones)..i was so surprised and happy..eventhough u r so far away, but still can feel ur love...
2nd Valentine
On da night itself we were rushing go town for Szechuan steamboat,before stepped out from ur house, you told me forgot sumthing on ur bed and asked me pick up for you on the bed. When i flipped over the blanket, i saw one whole basket of soft toys and whole bed of rose pedals..I was so touching and jumpped on you ..hugged u so tight..
3rd Valentine
We went KLCC ..we bumped into 25 hours shop, we choose a pair of watch..very nice one..i wanted square design but you prefer round design with pearl white colour..finally we picked the one you like..=) Then we went Thai Restaurant for a lovely meal....and catched up a movie...
4th Valentine
We spent our quality times @ One utama...I bought u a set of wallet with name card celebrate that you found a new job with nice kick off start..and u brought me to MooMoo shop..let me grab my favourite handbag..i was so happy to pick here n there..end up i only want one brownie one..**this is our ever last Valentine 2005, in the future i canot celebrate with you anymore.i hope u will understand how i feel and do miss ya in another word**

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Eternity..poem from Hon Wee ..A sweet memory..

I smile whenever i recall
The special moments we have had;
Walking always hand in hand
Through the good times and the bad

Sometimes i think it is a dream..
The love you gave me could not be;
But then you are in my arms
There is no mistake in its purity..

Whether i am with your or far away,
My thoughts are always drown to you;
Like a compass needle pointing North.

To a love much more than true,
Of all the people of this earth..
How lucky can a person be;
To have found the likes of you, my love..

With whom to share eternity!
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Friday, July 15, 2005

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly!


It was 5 July 2005 @5.00am, i dreamed of my beloved late bf...hon wee..oh my moomoo..sayang..
honestly, i hardly to have any dream when i sleep..somehow, i dreamed of him...on the 7th day after he pass away..he came with smile at me and gave me a letter..he told me in da letter that he is happy overthere, no need to worry about him..he wants me not to grief and sad for so long, he always wan to see me be happy like baby..he wants me to take good care of myself, be strong and stand up look forward a better life..then just can take care of others..e.g. parents.. he was wearing his blue polo T shirt with his dark green jean...look good..he was smiling at me..once i finished read the letter..i wanna to keep it..but i couldn't keep it..the letter just went disappeared with him...sayang..thanks for da loving letter you wrote and comfy make me feel better and strong..dun worry, i will be strong n your brave will send me a guardian angel to guide me all the way rite? your soul and your love always be with me...*muaks** only GOD knows how much i love you....

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Goodbye, my love!

Goodbye my will always in my memory and my heart! till we will meet again... Posted by Picasa

God loves him more...lead him a happy life ...

29 June 2005 Hon Wee has been called home be with God at 10.15pm. Goodbye, my love!
I received total 5 calls from Hon Wee on 29 June 05 which he told me he miss me so much wanna hear my voice, and i didnt think much and chat with him while.
I received last called from Hon Wee at 8.30pm that he wanna go to my house, i was rushing home to see him for dinner. But he didnt manage to save his last dinner for me!;(
I was heart broken when i found him fainted on the floor outside the gate, everything dropped on floor and no one notice him. At first i thought he was tired and sleeping, but when i saw his mouth full of bubles and face turned blue. I was so panic..faster carried his head up and checked him and did CPR and screamed for help. Everyone from neighbouthood came helped me to carry him, all of us called ambulance, ambulance didnt come on time. One doctor came to rescue him, but we still need send him to nearest clinic. I was so panic till canot drive, thanks god that one indian gentlemen helped me. We reached Pusat Lawatan Islamic 24 hours, doctor refused to help. We have no choice need to rush to Sunway Emergency...I was crying..worried..panic..kept praying for him..kiss him..shake him..talked to him..but he didnt wake up..i saw his tear flowed from his could this all happened to him? in Sunway Hospital, doctor were trying hard for 30min to rescue him, nurse told me he was in very serious condition asked me wait outside..after that doctor announced the bad news! i was so shocked and disappointed why they canot rescue world seems collapsed in that time..i rushed into the room and hug him..gave him my last goodbye tear just don't listen to me keep flowing..He's gone without any last word and before his dad reach the hospital.. i just can't believe that it was happened to him and was just a like dream..a nightmare to the same day morning i told him to take good care of himself, take medicine..kiss him before i step out for work..but evening i couldn't see him anymore..i lost him forever ...oh least the last moment he was in my arms.. da happiness is too bubles.. but no regret to have him in my least now..he's in the peace and happy life be with GOD..till we will meet again.. I gonna to miss him so much throughout my life...always remember the happiness Hon Wee gave to me..
Also, i would like to thank my buddy Lynne and Gary who support me all the way as well as those frenz (mary, wei mun, lisa, etc)who cares about me ..i'm glad that to have such a wonderful frenz in my life and really treasure their frenship...=) Never forget to thank my mama n papa who came all the way to comfort support stand by me go through the grief...
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Happy Birthday to Hon Wee...16 June 2005!

Happy birthday To my beloved Sayang...16 June 2005!!! We celebrated Hon Wee's 32nd birthday at Azur, Putrajaya Shangri-La. We had Tapas Bar set menu, Azur staff and kitchen staff gave him a surprise b'day tiramisu cake with b'day song. He was so happy. But in the future we can't do it for him anymore. He always be in my memory, i will cherish our every sweet moment, good quality memory we had been together. We all love him so much, but God loves him more, God will know better what to give to him and glad that he is with God and rest in peace now. It's all God's will. Hon Wee, please don't worry about me, i will be your brave and good gal, be strong to face the life and keep go on. You will send me an angel to guide me right? always bless me and proctect me...i will remember you always b my Sunshine & Hero. Posted by Picasa