Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Eat Out with Sista gang

Mary & Lynne, these 2 big sisters called me out for gathering as usual, of coz eat out session and shopping loh..We had missed out 1 monthly gathering due to busy schedule. Mary told me gonna bring me try the best fish head noodle in town, we have to go there before 1pm. Lynne was so nice, fetched all of us went together. The shop is located at Taman Desa, it was so chaotic, we need to stand and wait for table to be seated. We placed our ordered, i was so eager want to try how yummy is the fish head noodle which attracts so many people visit the place again and again.
Honestly, i don't find how special is the fish head noodle, the soup taste as same as other, served in big bowl! no doubt that the fish head and fillets are extremely big freshly bite and dip with special chilli dip! If you love fish head noodle, must try it out to reach your good organism! oh yeah. the worker there not allow me to snap picture loh, so i've to 'curi-curi' snapped 'em quietly , somehow one guy always want to catch me loh..aiseh!

After yummy lunch, we headed to Mid Valley, aww..shit! it was a wrong move, coz so crowded and hard to get a parking lot. Mary wanted to watch Surf Up, unfortunately ticket all sold out, bad luck! We end up with eating ice cream over there and people watching. hahahahaa....Oh yeah, we did a little shopping too. Mind you, It's mega sales period, if don't mind something seems very bad to our government woh *grin*...we need to support bit right with little contribution. *gulp*

I was bit exhausted, was having sore leg which not allow me to walk more than that. *surrender lah* Out of sudden, Mary & Lynne craved for Durian, let's go hunt for durian! Thus, Lynne drove her car to hunt for Durian!!! Wow! We manage found a durian stall at the road side, just indulge ourselves with 5 durian. *burp* excuse me..hehehe...

Voila! it's time to go home smack my bed bug tho...:P

the captain order, RM6 per bowl
fish head noodle with clear soup
Fish head and fish ball noodle with milk soup
Wow! chocolate fountain is HOT in town now!

99% fruits ice cream
Delicious gelato ice cream ~ mango flavour~ It's so RICH!
Mary & Lynne were 'picking' on durian! :P
The durian stall
This red shirt uncle bought lots of durian for take away
My durian!! u must have it since it's durian's season now!

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