Saturday, February 04, 2012

Paint my wall with love ~Sancora Italia Series

Fall in love with Sancora Italia Series paint, the fashion for walls! Gratitude to Lynne who introduced me this awesome stuff and kudos to my beloved papa who paint his love for my wall. Sancora paint transformed my dull plain wall into stylish artistic wall, just like a dress, dressing up my wall into art piece, awesome stuff!! It become a favourite spot for photoshooting.
The Sancora Italia Series paint set come with 2 kind of paints, one is the primer (base) and one is special paint with particles for final coating to create the special effect with textured finishing like a wall paper. The painting job required an unique application, to be done by motion of crossing / 45 slanted / alternating with their special brush. Paint Application 1. Use masking tape to cover areas of the wall not to be painted. 2. Apply on 2 coats of SANCora® ITALIA Primer. 3. Ensure the SANCora® ITALIA UNO Primer is completely dry before continuing. 4. Using a SANCora® ITALIA Brush, apply the SANCora® ITALIA UNO Neutral Coat paint in alternating and crossing intervals over a 1-2 metre square. Use a dry brush to regulate the painting area. 5. After about 5-10 minutesuse the SANCora® ITALIA Spatula to smooth over the paint and obtain your desired effect. 6. Move on to the next 1-2 metre square, repeat steps 4 & 5. 7. Once all painting has been completed, remove masking tape. You may visit their shop located at Puchong, spoil by choice of colours. You may choose grey, green, blue, gold, red, purple, orange as your primer (base) and match with another desired colour. Perfectly match!!! I picked grey & orange set. It turns out amazingly effect, from different angle view as different layer of colour reflection. If you like to own a piece of fashion wall, must try Sancora paint series ! doubtless to wow your sock off!