Monday, June 18, 2007

WTF??!!! damn 'wu liao' 无聊的人

This afternoon while i was driving, i've got a phone call, i saw the number was calling from penang. Somehow i still picked up the phone call.

Jo: Hello?!

K: Hello, it's me! How are you?

Jo: Huh? Who are you? hm..i'm fine.

K: I'm kenny from Penang!

Jo: Sorry, which Kenny? Do i know you?

K: Aiya, why you forget about me? I'm your net friend, Kenny from Penang ah! I'm coming to KL for meeting, do you free to meet up?? ya-da..ya-da... he continuous his blablabla...

Jo: I don't think i will be free for whole week, my weekend already fully booked. hm...Excuse me, I don't think i know you. Where u get my number from?

K: Huh? you are the one who gave it to me! U forgotten already? aren't you Wendy24?

Jo: Sorry, i didn't give out my phone number to anyone in these 2 mths. By the way, i'm not Wendy24! Where you get to know the Wendy24? So far i only have friends who is kenny from sarawak and KL, dun have any kenny from Penang yet!

K: U are not Wendy24? then who are you? I knew her from Mirc.

Jo: Mirc? okay, which channel?

K: #KLCC & #Penang.

Jo: Hm.. Sorry i didn't on Mirc for weeks and never join these 2 channels. BTW, i'm the operator for few major channels in Mirc and i never use Wendy24 this nick before.

K: Ops.. I'm sorry! But i got your number from Wendy24.

Jo: It's ok, i think someone try to abuse my phone number. You are dialing right number but talk to the wrong person.

K: Oh. it's ok, BTW, what's your name. I'm Kenny from Penang, this year 28 years old. I'm a dog trainer.

Jo: huh? what's trainer?

K: Dog trainer. D-O-G!

Jo: okay, interesting job!

K: what's your name?

Jo: Called me Jo-Ann!

K: Nice to meet you Jo-Ann! Do you mind to make a new friend?

Jo: Hm.. it's okay. I'm busy right now, driving, can i talk to you some another time? Bye!!

K: Okay!Bye!

I just hung up the phone! What da Fuck!?? the caller so LAME lah! and who is the mother fucker bitch to abuse my number??!! *please bear with me with my vulgar words*
SUPER DUBER DAMN 'WU LIAO'! The caller should 'thanks god thanks ground' 谢天谢地that today my mood is incredible good, if not i already XXXX him on the phone kao kao ! oh yeah, mum said must be a lady 斯文, okay lah, i shall control myself bit not to be so rude loh!! muahahahahahaa.....


Veorence Jeannie said...

Orh.. this is the funny person who called u up tat u told me huh.. hahha.... u really patient haha...

Jo said...

veo dardar..yeah loh..this is the one i told u loh tat i will blog about this..muahhahaa...
from this point, do u think i make a change o not?hahahaha