Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Life Makeover

  • Don't let fear drag you down! You have the health, intelligence, talent, skills to do whatever you want, and what you don't have, you can always learn.

  • Do keep focus on what makes you happy and inspired, and work out how to turn that into a challenging career to further enhance your life.

  • Be open and flip your perspective. The skills you learnt in your office job might transfer to another field, which could lead to a whole new adventure.

  • Look at every hurdle as a fresh start.

  • Talk to people. You never know who will reveal a fresh direction.

  • Listen to your instincts. This isn't about a rule book; it's about trusting that your head/ heart combo knows what's best.

  • Learnt that life is very unpredictable and you've got to learn to adapt and not lock yourself into anything. But the same time, if you're flexible, smart and willing to throw yourself open to the world, it's amazing what can come your way.

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