Friday, June 15, 2007

Good Happiness

Stacy introduced us to try out this Good Happiness cafe located at Plaza Low Yat for dinner.
The menu looks good with variety choice, the when the food served the look totally different from the picture featured. I feel bit been cheated liao..the portion bit small loh...Wondering the chef that day the mood was bad or not, the food tasted so salty! salt is decreasing price or in big sales?!! OMG! somehow the environment is cozy and nice, the sofa with a bolster to let you hug! ^_^
On the day we saw DIGI roadshow there, i was trying hard to look for CUTE FAT YELLOW MAN! I manage to spot the YELLOW MAN from far away. funny!

Good Happiness...look, what we had over there??
Menu standie
Decoration...a jar of peach
The interior design
Wah! Maverick so happy with the bolster...^_^
Sweetie Stacy
I spotted the yellow man!!

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MavAero said...

Gosh~ is that yellowman touching that lady's boob in the last photo!? LOL