Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Such a long time never go for supper at night, i don't have such habit either.
Last Sunday, Jason, Mav & I were chating in MSN, both of them were yelling that they were starving, hungry...and craving for food. Suddenly a crazy idea popped up, they want go for supper at Rawang. Firstly i thought they just kidding me, OH NO! Both of them were serious about it, wanna go look for Jason at Rawang and hunt for food there. We took approximate 1 hr journey reached there, i told Jason i want to eat this and that, we went around the town, aww...WTH!!?? why all my favourite food stalls all closed? Don't want to do my business?#@$%$^$^!! Drove here closed, drove here closed!! Normally, those stalls won't close that early, something went wrong? They knew i am coming so refuse to open stall? *sob* Finally end up a chinese 'tai pai tong', manage to get 'bak ku teh' for Mav. hahahaa... Tired can!! hunt around for yummy food but i couldn't get woh!!! So full~~~ so late i had bak ku teh and rice, aww....go home 'smash' the bug on my bed. hahahaha... Thanks Mav for the ride and Jason Mashi for a great companied for the night. We had a glorious time. *Yawn*

dried bak ku teh & soup type bak ku teh
I grabbed the fat pork sliced oh..
Jason Diva bz cam whore-ing
Hot piping char kway teow
I don't know what is this...called as Taiwan fruits ice shaving.
Eh...?? chewing...chewing...Why mav's face looks so serious?

Don't care lah! just eat!!

AMMM......a big mouthful kway teow for Jason


Chyn^^ said...

Jo, got dried bak ku teh de meh? i never try b4, Sabah de just soup only..heheh~~

Jo said...

chyn, hahaa..why u asked the same question as Mav one?
got lah..got wet soup and dried bakuteh here leh..sedap! but this one taste so-so, next trip i wan to bring mav go try another one yummy one!

Chyn^^ said...

Hmm..isit? Mav also ask u same question? Wah, so nice leh, so jealous lah, Mav u nice lah, can go eat yummy de bakuteh..hehe..i know KL somewhere de bakuteh very nice lah, last time my mom go KL have try it, haih..sayang i no follow them, but nvm lah, next time i move there work still can try too..kekeke~~~